RMN C544 Good News Ahead

For a short moment, Luo Lin felt like asking to change targets but then, he still kept the thought to himself. He should try it first. If it was still too difficult after a while, then he could still back down and start with somebody else.

Making up his mind, he put all his focus on the person in front of him. At first, he still only sensed the spiritual energy. Tilting his head, he tried to find something beneath but couldn’t sense any difference. The scent of the spiritual energy was simply too heavy to detect anything else. It certainly didn’t help that the dimensional energy didn’t seem too strong in the first place.

Luo Lin’s eyes opened when he thought of this. The dimensional energy wasn’t strong … but its strength seemed to be based on something judging by what he had observed in the dreamscape. It was a bit difficult for him to put into words but it could be that there was a certain base amount everywhere just like with spiritual energy while it would be heavier where it was actively used.

If he was right, then this was why the dimensional energy was the strongest around the walls: In the middle of the room, the energy wasn’t disturbed but the walls had to be kept up by utilizing blue butterfly’s ability and the dimensional energy. Thus, this was where the energy felt the heaviest to him. He wasn’t quite sure how an ornamental wall fit into that yet but maybe he could figure that out later. Either way, it seemed that actively using the energy could make it more pronounced.

Looking at the black warrior, Luo Lin felt more optimistic about this. “Guardian, could you use your ability for me? It’s difficult to detect the energy right now but I think it might be more obvious to me if it is being actively used.”

Tong Chen inclined his head. “Of course.” Originally, his ability had only randomly activated but after so many years of probing into the possibilities, he had become proficient enough to draw some visions out deliberately.

He thought for a moment and then focused on the two disciples in front of him. Even though most of his recent visions had been about Mei Chao Bing and he felt that he should be the key to solving this whole situation, it was slowly becoming apparent that this was also based on Mei Chao Bing’s connections. It couldn’t hurt to try to glean something from the future of this couple.

For a moment, everything stayed calm. Then, the sensations from the dreamscape fell back as if they had moved far into the distance. Instead, he picked up on something else.

His body felt warm as if the sun was shining brightly. He could hear steps close by, the sound that of cloth shoes on a paved pathway. Snippets of conversations were blown over by the wind as was the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the trees.

The sounds were all familiar to him: This was how the sects sounded. There wasn’t as much noise as in the mortal cities and yet, there was the clear presence of many people all around. Considering who this was about, it might be in the Teng Yong Sect itself. At the very least, he felt nothing that suggested the demonic faction’s side. After all, the conversations of who he presumed to be the disciples were lighthearted as if there was no danger to be wary of at all.

Tong Chen tilted his head and tried to make out something more specific. Since he had tried to perceive a vision of the future of Luo Lin and Shen Lei, he should either hear something about them or find the two themselves in this vision. So far, there didn’t seem to be anything though.

He hesitated for a moment and then focused his mind on the areas further away. He could never exactly pinpoint the important spots in his visions but they were usually close to where he started out. Sometimes, they might even move toward him.

This time, the result wasn’t actually important. No, the important matter was simply using his ability so Luo Lin would have some time to check the dimensional energy. Thus, he didn’t worry too much and picked a direction that felt suitable. It was the one that most of the voices were traveling in so it could be that the disciples were gathering for something.

Soon enough, Tong Chen felt that he understood. The path he followed was still familiar to him from when he had been younger and not yet tied to the platform in the off-limits area of the sect. Without a fail, these were the pathways leading through the Teng Yong Sect.

As for where everyone was going … it seemed to be the mountain where the palace of the Sect Master was located. Most likely, something important was indeed going on there at this time. Considering what he had tried to conceive a vision about, it should be about both or at least one of the two disciples in front of him.

Tong Chen didn’t think too much and simply followed the path. He didn’t really have a body in these visions unless they were of an occasion he would actually be at. Thus, when he wanted to see what was happening at the Sect Master’s palace, his spirit seemed to fly through the sect grounds, arriving at the place he wanted to visit in but a flash.

The hall of the palace wasn’t quiet either but this time, he heard the full conversations around him, not just snippets of them. His lips curved up when he did and he did not bother to intrude further upon the moment and instead chose for his consciousness to return to the dreamscape. Anyway, it was enough to know that some good news was ahead of this couple.

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