SML V6C71 Not Unreasonable

Mo Fang had said what needed to be said and had also shared a few details. Since Qiao Ya had only found out about the whole matter on this day, he didn’t want to burden her with everything all at once. Even by now, there was probably too much to think about. Since he thought so, the four of them only finished their meal before deciding to call it a day.

Si Tao looked at everyone and finally decided to be generous and drive everyone home. Of course, not to mention that Qiao Ya was young and had stayed outside because of them for this long, he also wanted to have a chat with Mo Fang after this was over. After all, matters had changed for good today.

They dropped off Qiao Ya first and Si Tao glanced at Li Ming in the rearview mirror. He had come along even up until now because he didn’t want to leave Qiao Ya alone but, actually, all three of them knew that the situation was awkward enough.

Si Tao finally coughed and raised his brows. “So, do you want me to drop you off somewhere as well? I don’t mind doing it!” He raised his hands to reassure Li Ming even though he wasn’t sure what would be better.

Li Ming smiled faintly. “I guess you could let me out at the nearest station. Otherwise, there’s no need to drive me directly to my door.”

Si Tao gave a hum and started the car again. Anyway, this was up to Li Ming.

Next to him, Mo Fang looked at his hands and finally couldn’t help but turn around in his seat, looking at Li Ming as well as he could from his position. “Today … it really had nothing to do with you. I promise you that. It was really a coincidence that the two of you were working together. In fact, I didn’t know until I heard your voice on the phone.”

Li Ming looked at him with a complicated expression. To be honest, this day had changed his attitude toward Mo Fang a little. Looking at him now, he could still only think that he was really pitiful. So seeing him like this made him feel as if he was bullying him.

Of course, he also knew this was nonsense. His cautiousness in regard to Mo Fang hadn’t come from nowhere. Back then, Mo Fang had basically been stalking him until he finally gave up his job. Sure, he finally got the memo when he lost it on him in the gym but the issue had still left him in a bad state. It shouldn’t have needed to get to that point.

Even now, he didn’t doubt that Mo Fang had been wrong from beginning to end. When it came to their relationship, maybe some of his behavior had contributed to the fact that it could get to that point but everything that had happened after their breakup had been Mo Fang’s one-sided doing. There was no denying that.

But even though this was the case, he couldn’t help but feel a bit soft-hearted. The one who had done those things had been the Mo Fang from three years ago. The one who was currently sitting in front of him … he was hardly the same person any longer.

Li Ming rubbed his forehead and shook his head. “It’s alright. I … I know that.”

Mo Fang simply gave a hum and turned back to the front. He didn’t try to press the issue even though he wasn’t sure if Li Ming believed him. Anyway, they had agreed not to let their lives intersect and he would honor that promise.

The three of them drove in silence after this short exchange until Si Tao found a spot where he could spot close to the nearest station. “Alright, we’re here. I hope this place is convenient for you to get back home … or wherever you wanted to go. If not, I can also drive you somewhere else.”

Li Ming shook his head and opened the seatbelt. Turning to the door, he finally stopped before opening it and turned to look at the back of the seat in front of him. He hesitated for a moment but finally still spoke up. “Mo Fang … I know you’ve changed.”

Mo Fang turned his head, surprised that Li Ming would actually speak to him if he didn’t have to. The words he said were even more surprising to the point where he didn’t know what else to say.

Li Ming lowered his gaze, not wanting to look at him. “It’s been three years. We’ve both … moved on and made new experiences that have changed us. My avoiding you is just based on too much happening between the two of us in the past. It has nothing to do with who you are as a person now. So … don’t take it to heart.

“If … if we run into each other in the future, you don’t have to purposefully leave. You don’t have to apologize either. I’m not such an unreasonable person that I would deny that we might run into each other on accident while living in the same city. If not for today’s weird circumstances, I never would have thought more about it.”

Mo Fang smiled faintly. “Thank you. I … I’m happy you can see it that way. I’ll … I’ll keep it in mind.” And yet, he would probably still try to avoid Li Ming just in case. He didn’t want to cause any further issues and not meeting wasn’t actually such a difficult thing.

Li Ming gave a hum and then nodded at the two of them again before getting out of the car. Walking to the nearby station, he still felt a bit odd about this whole thing but then, he didn’t want to think about it further. This matter … even though it had shocked him, it had nothing to do with him. He might feel for Mo Fang but that was it. There was no reason to think more deeply.

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