RMN C543 Sniffing Out Dimensional Energy

Blue butterfly didn’t need to be asked twice. She added a small part to the room directly in front of where Luo Lin stood and then took a corner away for good measure, even going so far as to add a wall extending from where it had stood originally.

Luo Lin blinked his eyes in surprise when a wall suddenly appeared in front of him but then closed his eyes again and focused. Reaching out and touching the wall, he couldn’t detect a stronger energy there. Instead, it seemed the same as the rest of the room. But then, this wall should be more of a decoration that was added for visual purposes. It wasn’t hollow inside to connect to anything out there so that might explain the lower energy.

Luo Lin didn’t think too much about it and instead walked to the part blue butterfly had added to the room. It was like a small chamber that had been added on one side but still resembled the original room a lot. Arriving at the outer wall of this chamber, Luo Lin sensed again and found no difference from before: The energy was still stronger toward the edge of the room where the wall limited it.

He opened his eyes and looked at the wall in front of him in deep thought. He wasn’t necessarily good at figuring things like this out. After all, he didn’t have much experience when it came to missions.

He wanted to contribute though and not just by experimenting with his own ability or spiritual sense. Maybe it was stupid to think this way but if not for the red priest’s ability, he would have lost Shen Lei. Thus, he always felt that he should somehow pay them back. Of course, he also wanted revenge on the other side. Mei Chao Bing might have killed that bastard Qu Yijun already but there was still his Master and those other senior martial brothers. He wouldn’t forgive them that easily!

Luo Lin furrowed his brows and then turned to look at blue butterfly. “Senior, may I trouble you to make this into an actual room? I mean one that is separated from the main room specifically. Walls or doors are both alright.”

Blue butterfly nodded, put up two walls at the side, and then added a door in the middle for good measure. Luo Lin had stayed silent during his previous observation so she wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to do. In that case, she felt that it was better to give him more variety.

Luo Lin inclined his head in thanks and then turned to the walls and door, walking past them on the side of the main room before entering the small chamber on the other side and checking from there.

Shen Lei trailed behind his lover, still holding his hand. He also wasn’t sure what exactly Luo Lin was doing but seeing his serious expression, he didn’t ask either. If Luo Lin needed his help, he would absolutely speak up. If not, then he shouldn’t disturb him.

Finally, the two of them emerged from the chamber again. Luo Lin’s expression was still as serious as before as he turned to the guardians and reported his findings. “Any walls or doors on the inside don’t affect how the energy is distributed. It is only around the walls on the outside that I can detect a difference. To be honest, that one isn’t too big either. I’m sorry I can’t tell you more.”

Tong Chen shook his head. “That is already a lot more than we knew before.” He thought for a moment and then made his way over to stand in front of Luo Lin and Shen Lei. “Can you tell anything different about us?”

Luo Lin was confused at first but then looked at him with wide eyes when he understood what he meant. The foreign energy he had detected in the room came from a different dimension as far as they had theorized so far. By interacting with this dimension, the guardians were able to use their abilities. The same should go for him and Yun Bei Fen, as well as anyone else who possessed one.

This might also mean that they, who interacted with the dimension, were also showing a trace of that energy alongside their spiritual energy. It might be impossible to tell in the outside world because the more familiar spiritual energy would interfere with his perception of this … dimensional energy but here in blue butterfly’s dreamscape, it might be different.

Well, at least the guardians had entered with their actual bodies so it might still be difficult but it was worth a try and he could check his little junior to make sure afterward.

Luo Lin closed his eyes and focused his spiritual sense on the man in front of him. Actually, it was more difficult to tell energy from up close where it concerned people because their own scent would interfere with his spiritual sense.

Even if the spiritual sense wasn’t actually perceived with his nose but was just transmitted as a similar stimulus, he would sometimes still get confused by keeping both apart. Right now, they weren’t outside though where everything was layered on top of one another, making it hard for him to tell what came from where. He also happened to be more than familiar with his own smell and that of Shen Lei so it was easy to pick out anything different.

When it came to the black warrior, he first noticed the scent that corresponded to his level as a cultivator. For a moment, it actually made him go dizzy and he clung to Shen Lei’s arm. Come to think of it, the guardians were older than even his Master and their level was incomparable. Noticing the dimensional energy on them might prove difficult even if it was somewhere beneath their regular spiritual energy.

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