RMN C541 A Useless Ability

The guardians who had been watching Mei Chao Bing and Yun Bei Fen originally had immediately paid attention to the Shen Luo couple when Shen Lei appeared and the two finally started to give Luo Lin’s latest copied ability a try. Seeing his head tilt faintly, they immediately realized that something was up.

“What’s the matter?” The one to speak up first was blue butterfly. This matter concerned all of them but since they were in her dreamscape and might be able to figure out something new about it, she couldn’t help but be excited.

Luo Lin opened his eyes and looked at the guardians with a complicated expression. He wasn’t sure how to explain what he had sensed just now. Well, not in a way that would give much information, at the very least. In the end, he could only describe it as is and leave it to the guardians to figure it out.

Tong Chen immediately nodded when Luo Lin finished. “This means our guess was right: The dreamscape is connected to another dimension. All abilities likely are. In that case, it should indeed be able to use the abilities in the dreamscape as well or use the energy from that dimension outside of the dreamscape even.”

Blue butterfly could only nod even though she felt somewhat uncomfortable. Her ability wasn’t the kind that was very useful in a fight. It couldn’t strengthen her defense in the way that white jade’s could and while she could use it as an attack that would always be a last resort, the kind she’d rather not give a go ever again in her life. After all, she had seen twice already what kind of result doing so would bring.

In a sense, the only benefit of this ability in a fight was that she could disappear from in front of an enemy at the drop of a hat, reappear somewhere else, and sneak attack. It wasn’t bad but compared to Shang Qiang who could act as a shield for others and Yan Jian Hong who was like carrying around a bag of pills and potions that could activate by themselves during a fight and save your life in critical moments, it was simply trash.

Part of this was because, among the four of them, Tong Chen’s ability to fight had never been bad. Even without relying on an ability, he could take care of their enemies without trouble. Often, he was the one who would charge ahead and keep the enemies occupied while Yan Jian Hong would support him from the back. When the enemy noticed the role he played, Shang Qiang would jump in and defend him so nobody could pass by. The problem: Where did that leave her?

The dreamscape was convenient to travel in but she couldn’t pull the others in as long as their state of mind wasn’t right and only Tong Chen was able to enter the right state fast. Even for him, it wasn’t instantaneous though. He’d need a few minutes. It simply was no help to him in a fight.

Despite that, she had never felt like she was useless. When they were young and not yet known as the guardians of the four great righteous sects, the others had relied on her to get to faraway places in a short amount of time. They’d be the first to arrive at the entrance of those secret realms that suddenly appeared or managed to make their way over to the spot where a magical treasure appeared, heightening their chances at fortuitous encounters.

It might not be crucial in a fight but it was damn convenient and there had always been the understanding that should they be unable to beat an enemy or get into a dangerous situation, they only needed to stall long enough for the others to enter her dreamscape with their bodies for everyone to be kept safe. Even in the worst case, she could at least save Tong Chen and Yan Jian Hong this way while Shang Qiang kept everyone back for them.

This had always been her understanding of her ability. But these days, she was suffering one blow after the other. First, there was Zhi Guan who could simply step into her dreamscape if he wanted to without her being able to do anything against it. Now, it seemed like others might be able to use their abilities in her dreamscape.

Taking all of this together … didn’t this mean that if they met a foe who was able to replicate Zhi Guan’s feat of entering her dreamscape because of his high perception and also had an ability, they’d be done for? She really didn’t like that thought!

Tong Chen was currently focused on Luo Lin and Shen Lei but Yan Jian Hong perceived that something was wrong. He smiled faintly and reached out to pat Long Shu Fen’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. We all learn every day. In a way, isn’t it exciting to have something new to explore?”

Blue butterfly pursed her lips and scoffed. “Easy to say if it’s not your ability that’s slowly becoming useless.”

Yan Jian Hong glanced at her and shook his head. “How is it becoming useless? Currently, it’s your ability that is allowing us to have these children experiment. If not for that, we wouldn’t be as well prepared for the upcoming fight. And I’m not just talking about the one against the demonic faction.”

Blue butterfly looked up and faintly raised her brows. As the one who had gone to the southern chasm, she naturally hadn’t forgotten about that issue. Still, it didn’t reassure her much. “My ability likely won’t be able to play a part in either fight.”

Yan Jian Hong nodded. “Yes, and at the same time, I’m afraid mine will have to be used way too much. I can’t help but think your position is rather envious right now.”

Blue butterfly’s brows immediately furrowed. Yan Jian Hong’s ability relied on his blood which had a limited supply. Giving it out in large quantities … there was a real chance to overdraw himself and lose his own life. Of course, this really wasn’t an ability that should be used often so she’d also rather see it if he didn’t.

But knowing this made her feel only more that she was useless. If she could help in more ways, Yan Jian Hong wouldn’t have to work as hard. Unfortunately, she didn’t even know where to begin trying.

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