RMN C540 An Unknown Fragrance

Mei Chao Bing guided Yun Bei fen to try again, patiently trying to explain his own thoughts while having his little bunny recount his experience in as much detail as he could. Halfway through their third attempt, Shen Lei finally arrived.

He looked somewhat embarrassed seeing everyone gathered and his fiance’s little junior working hard. He really hadn’t planned to hold up everything but he just hadn’t been able to fall asleep.

Lowering his head, Shen Lei could only clear his throat and apologize while hurrying over to Luo Lin’s side. He directly pulled him into his arms, watching eagerly as Luo Lin’s lips curved into a smile.

Outside of the dreamscape, his thoughts had been focused on how rough Luo Lin had had it recently and finally even on how difficult life had had to be even before that. The longer he thought about it, the less comfortable he felt, and the less he was able to fall asleep. He just hated seeing his lover like this.

He still remembered the time when they had been ambushed and he thought he would die for sure. At that time, his only regret had been that he didn’t make the depths of his feelings clear to Luo Lin and that he had never received a response to the question that had been in his heart for so long.

Later, he woke up to his lover’s tear-stained face, his life saved and leaving him with an opportunity to make up for those regrets. Since then, everything had changed. Well, everything but his feelings, of course. He still wanted to give the world to this person and ensure his lifelong happiness.

Of course, seeing Luo Lin smile now, the turmoil in his heart calmed down. He gently rubbed his back and then leaned down, kissing his temple. “I’m here.” He could make everyone wait, even the guardians of the four great righteous sects, but when it came to his lover, he naturally had to apologize more profusely. He never wanted Luo Lin to worry about his whereabouts after all.

Luo Lin nodded and wrapped his arms around Shen Lei’s waist. “Then are you ready to give it a try? Little junior has been practicing hard already. The two of us shouldn’t fall behind.”

Shen Lei nodded and then stepped back, only continuing to hold Luo Lin’s hand so they could launch his new-found ability more easily. They had already tried it out several times before and gotten familiar with the way it worked. As long as they touched physically and their minds were connected through their spiritual sense as well, they could launch the projection without trouble. Of course, outside of the dreamscape, the projection was made up of spiritual energy so that needed to be expended as well.

This time would be their first try in the dreamscape. Touching physically wasn’t a problem in general although there was a slight difference. After all, this time, they had entered this place without their physical bodies and were only in a dream state. Would this still count?

They didn’t know and if this didn’t work out, then it also wouldn’t be clear what exactly had made this copied ability break down: Would it be the lack of spiritual energy or the lack of physical touch? They wouldn’t be able to say but then, they could only try whatever was possible.

Luo Lin took a deep breath and closed his eyes. First, he connected his spiritual sense to Shen Lei’s. While spiritual energy was stored in the body, the spiritual sense was tied to the soul instead. In a way, you could even say that it was the soul itself that you used to observe your surroundings. That was why the way cultivators perceived energy was so different. For Luo Lin, the dreamscape around them started to emit a faint fragrance.

He tilted his head, a little confused. As somebody who usually used dual cultivation to rise through the levels, he was very attuned to the slightest differences in energy. He could tell apart not just the different levels but even the smaller stages between them based on his experience.

Sometimes, he could even smell a different nuance based on what type of spiritual energy he had come across. To him, a righteous cultivator smelled different from a demonic practitioner and also different from a spiritual beast or even just the nature around them.

In fact, nobody knew this but one of Luo Lin’s offhand remarks at one of the gatherings with cultivators from other sects was what had inspired his second senior martial brother’s theory of cultivation techniques leaving some kind of mark on the person. This was also how he had finally come up with the flower map. After all, if his third junior martial brother was literally able to sniff out a cultivator’s origin, there was no way he couldn’t replicate that with one of his inventions, right?

Either way, at this time, Luo Lin swept the dreamscape around him with his spiritual sense. Normally, he shouldn’t have smelled anything other than the spiritual energy of the guardians. After all, the dreamscape was a place devoid of spiritual energy unless you brought it in alongside your body.

The only one who should be able to use it normally was blue butterfly as the creator of this space since this was her ability after all. She couldn’t suffer from the same drawback as everyone else or this would just be too disadvantageous to her.

To Luo Lin’s surprise though, the whole place was filled with a faint fragrance though, not much unlike what he would smell back home in the Teng Yong Sect. The only difference was that this was a fragrance he had never smelled before.

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