RMN C542 Investigating the Energy

Yan Jian Hong wanted to cheer her up but when it seemed like his words had the opposite effect, he finally sighed and gave up. He couldn’t change what abilities they had or do much about the situation they were in. If Long Shu Fen felt unhappy with it, then he could only let her come to terms with it on her own.

Coming to this realization, he didn’t try any further and instead turned back to Luo Lin and Shen Lei. After explaining his findings, Luo Lin had closed his eyes again and was trying to replicate the ability he had copied from his junior martial brother.

He had already figured out that his spiritual sense worked just fine in this place and because of how familiar he was with Shen Lei, even if they couldn’t connect their spiritual energy, they should be able to make it work. The main problem was that he couldn’t use spiritual energy to form the projection. Instead, what he had to use was this unfamiliar energy he was now feeling around them.

Luo Lin didn’t rush ahead. When it came to spiritual energy, he had learned from his Master and the senior martial brothers in the sect how to use it. He had also learned about what could go wrong. This time, there was nobody who could warn him about things like that so he had to be more careful.

Yes, most likely, there was nothing to fear. After all, the energy seemed related to their abilities. The four guardians might have been using it without even noticing since the time they realized they had abilities in the first place. But recently, so much had happened that he just didn’t want to take the risk. If observing for a while longer could make this safer, then he had to do so.

Thus, Luo Lin didn’t rush ahead and just continued to sense their surroundings. He focused all he had on the energy, trying to find how it differed from the spiritual energy he was familiar with and where it might come from. Some time passed by and he tugged at Shen Lei’s hand, wanting him to walk forward.

His lover turned to look at him but didn’t speak up when he saw that Luo Lin’s eyes were still closed. He simply followed him further away from the guardians and toward the other side of the room that blue butterfly had created for this experiment.

When Luo Lin stopped, so did Shen Lei. He also would have liked to try and observe with his spiritual sense but he was afraid that he might interfere with Luo Lin’s actions so he only stood next to him, silently holding his hand.

Luo Lin focused on what should be the wall in front of them. At first, he hadn’t noticed. His spiritual sense allowed him to distinguish between types of energy very well but even after so many years of cultivating, he wasn’t able to identify the energy in the distance too well.

Part of this was that the way his spiritual sense manifested simply wasn’t very well-suited to doing so. The other part of the reason was that he didn’t have much experience. He had mostly lived in the sect and if he went out, he usually did so while clinging to a senior who would protect him with his life. Where would he have the need to distinguish the level of any attackers in the distance?

Now, in this kind of room, the amount of the foreign energy seemed evenly distributed. He hadn’t paid too much attention to it at first because he had to get familiar with it slowly. But then, after walking a few steps, he realized that no matter how far they went, there didn’t seem to be a stronger fragrance anywhere.

This idea remained the same until they got close to the wall. Here, the energy was suddenly thicker. It wasn’t by much but when focusing on it, it was notable. He didn’t have a clear guess yet as to why this was the case or if it was just a coincidence maybe.

Luo Lin tugged at Shen Lei’s hand again and stretched out the other one to touch the wall. The room was round so he carefully walked along the wall, keeping his spiritual sense focused on the energy next to them. He didn’t know how far they had walked until Shen Lei finally spoke up.

“We’re back at the beginning.”

Luo Lin opened his eyes and nodded. “The energy is stronger here at the side of the room. Everywhere else, it seems to be the same.”

Tong Chen gave a hum. “That might be because that is where blue butterfly had to use the most energy to create details for the room. Can you change something about the place where he is standing to let him observe the changes?” To be honest, he himself wasn’t sure if he could sense the difference in energy at all. If it was that easy, they wouldn’t have needed until now to make sure of it.

Come to think of it, he wondered if Luo Lin was able to do it because his ability was special. After all, copying abilities required finding them first, right? So maybe this energy was indeed the root of the abilities and they left an imprint on people just like the cultivation techniques of the sects did. In that case, it made sense that Luo Lin was able to sense the energy and maybe he could even sense the imprint. This was something they should try out later.

For the moment, he didn’t bring it up and just waited for blue butterfly and Luo Lin to experiment more with the energy. Anyway, the deeper their understanding, the easier it’d be to work with it later. So no matter how they proceeded, it couldn’t hurt.

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