SML V6C68 Too Pitiful

Qiao Ya smiled as well. “That really sounds great.” She couldn’t imagine what kind of troubles her mother had had and it was too late to ask her now. But still, it was good that her brother had had a good life over there. At the very least, he wouldn’t have grown up feeling resentful or like he was missing something. “Then … what was his life like?

“Other than his family, I mean. What did he like to do? What was his job? What about his friends?” She looked at Mo Fang eagerly but then also turned embarrassed. “I’m sorry. My questions are all over the place. It’s just … I don’t even know where to start so I’m just going with everything that comes to mind.”

“It’s okay.” Mo Fang smiled as well. “It’s … it’s nice talking about him. And he would have loved having a younger sister that is eager to get to know him.” He took a deep breath and then pondered. “Well, where should I start?

“Ah Ting … he was always the more serious type. He studied business and started his own company. His parents were … moderately wealthy so he had some help there but it was also a lot of work from what I’ve heard. When I met him, he had already made it past the early struggles and was really doing well for himself.”

Qiao Ya’s eyes widened. “So my brother was, like, a real-life rich CEO?”

Mo Fang laughed. “Yes, I guess you could say that.” Thinking of Yu Ting’s usual stern expression, he couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. There might be even more truth to Qiao Ya’s words than she thought. Unless you were close to him, Yu Ting really was the kind of person that fit the stereotype. But then, he had liked that about him. Somebody who didn’t give his affection easily …

Mo Fang sighed and tried not to think about it further. “Anyway, as the boss, you can imagine how busy he was. He spent a lot of time at work. Because of that, his friends were either from the same circle of those young entrepreneurs or those he already knew while attending university.”

Qiao Ya gave a hum. That really sounded like her idea of a CEO. Suddenly, she couldn’t help but look at Mo Fang with an odd expression. “So … what do you do?” He wouldn’t also be a crazy rich boss of a start-up or something, right?

Mo Fang laughed at her expression. “Don’t worry. I was just a small model. Nothing special.”

Both Si Tao and Li Ming looked at him but refrained from saying anything. Li Ming might not be up to date on Mo Fang’s life but he felt like that description wasn’t all that accurate. It seemed that even back at home, he had had at least some success? On the other hand, Si Tao was naturally aware that Mo Fang had managed to achieve a lot more after relocating to Europe and focusing on his career for real.

Qiao Ya didn’t think so complicated. “Eh, just being a model is awesome. I mean, I guess I can’t say I’m surprised. You absolutely have the looks. No wonder my brother liked you …”

Mo Fang lowered his head and smiled wryly. Yes, most people would definitely think that Yu Ting had only liked him for his looks. Even after telling Qiao Ya that he had originally rejected him because his life was too much of a mess, that was still what she thought to be the main driving force of their relationship.

Li Ming also lowered his head, his brows furrowing. He understood where Qiao Ya was coming from and considering that all of this was news to her, he also didn’t feel that she was too insensitive by saying this. Most likely, she simply wasn’t able to keep everything in mind yet. And being a model relied on looks so that was what her mind went to.

It was just … hearing her say that and seeing Mo Fang’s reaction, he felt like he had gotten a glimpse of why Mo Fang had turned out the way he did. Back then, he hadn’t really understood. Si Tao had tried to explain it and while he had somewhat managed to wrap his head around the idea, it was only now that he saw this play out that he really got it: Yes, being as beautiful as Mo Fang definitely came with the downside of never being taken seriously as a person and only ever being reduced to his looks.

Come to think of it, when he met Linghu Jiahao the other day, his behavior had been odd. It was as if … now that Mo Fang had matured after everything he had gone through, the fatal attraction from before was completely lost. So, no matter how charitable he’d like to think of it, he probably couldn’t pretend that the attraction had really been more than skin deep.

Li Ming glanced at Mo Fang who had already managed to put a smile back on his lips even if it still looked a bit tense. He … was actually really pitiful. Whether it was what had happened to his fiance now or even everything that had happened with the men he dated in the past, none of it seemed to have been easier.

It was just that one was a deep wound that had suddenly been caused by external circumstances while the other was like small cuts he received every day just by living as himself. At the end of the day, he suffered from both even if one of them cut deeper and even directly reached the heart. And the worst might be that most people — even those close to him — might not be able to see all those smaller wounds. Yes, if that wasn’t pitiful, then what was?

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