SML V6C62 What a Mess!

Mister Du was indeed the first person to arrive. Seeing Qiao Ya at the door, he came rushing over and looked around. “Where is the person?”

Qiao Ya motioned at the door but then kept Mister Du behind to explain the ins and outs of the situation, including how they had called the customer of the private investigator and how the person turned out to have something to do with Li Ming.

Mister Du raked a hand through his hair and exhaled deeply. “What a mess!” He had been in charge of the organization for more than a decade. Even though sometimes, things would go wrong, there had never been something like this! From the time he got Rong Xiang’s message to the time he finally arrived at the door, his heart had been racing and he had felt cold sweat beading his brow. Was he getting too old for this job?

He shook his head at himself and then focused on the issue at hand again. “So in the end, this mostly relies on that customer. Do we know when he’ll be here?”

Qiao Ya shook her head. “He didn’t say. But the kind of person that would hire a private investigator clearly isn’t normal. It should be some rich person so he wouldn’t live around here.”

Mister Du nodded his head. “That’s true, that’s true.” He furrowed his brows and then turned to look at the street. He would rather go inside and talk with everyone first to put his mind at ease but without that customer being there to explain the matter, he didn’t think it would have much use. Thus, they could only wait.

Qiao Ya sent Rong Xiang a message that Mister Du had arrived and also told her that they would stay outside until that customer arrived.

Inside, Ruan Xia leaned back and closed his eyes, fully intending to wait until Mo Fang and Si Tao arrived. Anyway, since those two seemed willing to clear up this matter, he wouldn’t say more than he already had. Otherwise, he would just open himself up to potential troubles.

At the same time, Li Ming had tightly furrowed his brows, trying to make sense of what was going on. From the sound of it, Mo Fang was looking for a person. But who? And why? It seemed that Si Tao was in on the matter though so it at least shouldn’t be anything too crazy.

He fleetingly thought of the time they had met at Si Tao’s restaurant a few weeks ago. At that time, Mo Fang had seemed a lot different from the person he had been three years ago. So maybe his worry right now was unnecessary anyway. Mo Fang likely wasn’t that type of person anymore. There might be a sensible reason as to why he was doing this. At the very least, it didn’t seem to have to do anything with him. That did make him feel hopeful.

Almost half an hour went by until a car came down the street, accurately stopping in front of the building where Qiao Ya and Mister Du were waiting. Seeing the flashy vehicle, the eyes of the two people widened even though they had expected that customer to be rich.

A moment later, the door on the side of the co-driver seat opened and Mo Fang got out. He nodded at Si Tao and then walked around the car toward Qiao Ya and Mister Du while Si Tao went to park the car so he could accompany him inside.

Mo Fang glanced at Mister Du and then looked at Qiao Ya more closely, thinking of the photo he had originally handed Ruan Xia. Maybe this was the person he had been looking for.

Qiao Ya squinted at him, wondering if this guy was trustworthy at all. The first impression based on what had happened wasn’t good but he did look really harmless. She hesitated for a moment and finally spoke up first. “You are the customer of that private investigator?”

Mo Fang nodded. “I am. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused. I’ll explain everything if it’s alright.”

Qiao Ya turned to Mister Du. Anyway, she had no speaking rights. She had only taken the lead just now because she had been there when it happened.

Mister Du glanced over to where Si Tao was getting out of the car before turning back to Mo Fang. “That person over there …”

Mo Fang also looked over. “Oh, he is a good friend of mine and offered to send me over. If it’s alright, could he come along?” He also realized that the current situation wasn’t good. Mister Ruan had likely made these people suspicious and then there was Li Ming who absolutely didn’t trust him. Si Tao’s presence would probably help everyone with calming down.

Si Tao had already arrived next to Mo Fang and nodded at the two of them. “Hello. I’m also very sorry. That private investigator was originally introduced by me so you could say I also bear some of the responsibility.”

Mister Du gave a hum and then motioned inside. “Well, how about coming inside first so we can all talk slowly? I am the one in charge of the organization here but I also just arrived so I am not completely up to date either.”

Mo Fang and Si Tao nodded and followed Mister Du and Qiao Ya inside, reaching the room where the others were sitting in a tense atmosphere.

Mo Fang’s gaze slipped to Li Ming and then to Zhu Yi next to him. He still remembered the latter from the time he had gone to see Li Ming at the gym while he was working. Looking at the other two people, he had a faint guess in his heart and went to sit down next to Mister Ruan who had finally opened his eyes when he came in.

“Mister Mo, I’m sorry that this has happened. I will take full responsibility.” Even though he hoped that nothing would happen, he still needed to reassure his customer first.

Mo Fang shook his head though. Turning away, he instead pulled out a photo and handed it to Qiao Ya. “Before I start, can I ask you if you recognize this woman? Could it be that she is … your mother?”

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