SML V6C63 It Ended in a Tragedy

Qiao Ya stared at the photo in a daze. Finally, she looked back up at Mo Fang who was looking at her intently. “Why do you ask?”

Next to Mo Fang, Ruan Xia straightened up and looked at his customer. “It is her. I have investigated closely. There’s no doubt about it, Mister Mo.”

Mo Fang nodded and took back the photo, looking at it himself. In fact, he had already guessed as much when he saw Qiao Ya in front of the door. While they didn’t look exactly alike, she still resembled the woman in the picture by six or seven points. Thanks to their similar age, it was even more obvious.

It seemed … after all this time, he had managed to do what Yu Ting hadn’t had the time to do anymore. He … he didn’t know how to feel about this. He knew he should be relieved. Anyway, Yu Ting’s lifelong wish had finally been achieved. In a way, he certainly was. It was just … it was still too late.

He took a deep breath, trying not to lose his bearing in front of everyone. If he had been able to make contact with her slowly and broach the topic in the way he had originally hoped, this would have been so much easier. Now, there were a lot of unrelated people there and the overall situation was even that awkward. He actually didn’t want to talk about his personal matters under such conditions but it couldn’t be helped. He needed to give at least a rough explanation.

Mo Fang grabbed the pendant around his neck for support and then pulled out his phone. Opening the gallery, he clicked on the last picture of Yu Ting he had taken and then turned the phone to Qiao Ya. “The person in that photo is called Yu Ting. My fiance … and your half-brother.”

Qiao Ya stared at the photo blankly. Actually, her mother had died when she was only five years old. She still remembered her but she actually didn’t know much. Everything that she did know had been told to her by her father or her maternal grandparents. She definitely hadn’t known that she had a half-brother. She never would have expected it either.

While Qiao Ya was preoccupied with learning about this kind of secret in her family, Li Ming’s expression turned solemn. He had only taken a glance at the photo and recognized this guy as the one he had previously seen on Mo Fang’s Weibo the day he and Zhao Chen had had the double date with Si Tao and Tong Lan.

What really caught his attention was the pendant in Mo Fang’s hand though: It was some kind of oval-shaped gem with two depressions beneath each other that both held a ring. Judging by the style and what Mo Fang had just said, these should be engagement rings. The problem was that there were two of them. In that case, one of these wasn’t Mo Fang’s and as for why he would wear both his and his fiance’s ring … Li Ming could only see one explanation.

He closed his eyes and silently cursed. Mo Fang had broken his heart, yes, but seeing him in a situation like this wasn’t something he wanted. No, it would be much better if they could both move on and be happy with somebody else. Now, it seemed that Mo Fang had tried just that but it had ended in a tragedy.

Opening his eyes again, Li Ming glanced at the other people. He was sure that both that Mister Ruan and Si Tao knew about the story behind Mo Fang’s search. As for Zhu Yi, Rong Xiang, Qiao Ya, Mister Du, and the teenager, neither of them seemed to have realized it yet.

Li Ming clenched his hands into fists and cleared his throat, catching everyone’s attention. He turned to Mo Fang, his gaze complicated. “So what you want to say is that you hired a private investigator to find your fiance’s family member. He managed to figure out that Qiao Ya was currently working here so he came by today. He took a photo as proof to show you and after that, you would have contacted her.”

Mo Fang nodded, giving Li Ming a grateful look for making a long story short for him. “Yes, that was the plan.” He turned to Qiao Ya and the others, still seeming a bit embarrassed. “I am sorry about how this has turned out. I didn’t want to scare anyone or cause any trouble. If I had known that this would happen, I would have told Mister Ruan that he shouldn’t take any photos.”

Ruan Xia also cleared his throat at this point to get in a few words. “I am also sorry. I didn’t want to say anything before because, well, as you heard, this concerns my customer’s private life. It just didn’t seem like it was my story to tell. I originally took the photo of Miss Qiao as proof since you do look a lot like your mother after all.

“As for the photos of everyone else and the organization …” He looked a bit sheepish and glanced at Mo Fang. “Well, seeing that this was about a family member, I thought Mister Mo would appreciate knowing a bit more about Miss Qiao’s circumstances. I am of course willing to tell Miss Qiao more about this later if she wishes. I have been investigating this for several weeks already.”

Qiao Ya nodded immediately and then also turned to look at Mo Fang.

She wanted to ask but Li Ming cleared his throat again, interrupting her before she could say anything. “Mister Du, since this has been cleared up, what should we do now? I feel like the relationship between sister Qiao and Mo Fang is their private matter so it might not be good for the rest of us to be there for any further talks. So now, that only leaves the decision regarding Mister Ruan taking photos of your employees and the children.”

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