RMN C535 No Rest for the Time Being

It took a moment to organize everything: When it came to this experiment, there was a difference between how the dreamscape was entered. If you used your own body, there would naturally be a reserve of spiritual energy you could use but in a dream state, this wasn’t the case. Thus, this was the way they needed to test this.

Shen Lei accompanied Luo Lin back into the room and the two of them lay down together. “Just relax. Anyway, it’s just giving it a test over there. Even if it doesn’t work, we’ll find another way.”

Luo Lin nodded. “I hope it works though. Fen’er doesn’t know many skills. Even if he is slowly learning, he can’t catch up fast enough. Not with how the situation in the border region is right now.”

Shen Lei nodded. In fact, the activity of the demonic practitioners in the border region might be the least of their worries. Yes, even this was dangerous for Yun Bei Fen but there was still a chance to win. He had heard Mei Chao Bing’s report earlier though and from what he understood, they would have to confront what should be an even mightier foe afterward. At that time, could Yun Bei Fen hold on?

He didn’t say these worries out loud, not wanting to worry Luo Lin even more when the two of them should fall asleep. Instead, he pulled him into his arms and gently rubbed his back. “We will find a way. If not, then we’ll pay some more attention ourselves. We won’t let anything happen to your little junior.”

Luo Lin nodded and craned his neck, kissing Shen Lei’s lips. “Thank you.”

Shen Lei gave a faint hum but didn’t say more. He thought for a moment but then kissed Luo Lin’s forehead. “Let’s sleep.” He wrapped him more tightly in his arms, trying to calm his own mind so he could fall asleep.

Luo Lin originally hadn’t held much hope that he would be able to fall asleep fast but, actually, he and Shen Lei had been up all night and for much of the day before and he felt incredibly peaceful in his lover’s arms. Before he knew it, his eyes had closed and his breath evened out and he found himself in blue butterfly’s dreamscape.

Luo Lin looked around and blinked his eyes. He couldn’t see Shen Lei, likely meaning that his lover hadn’t been able to fall asleep yet. He didn’t worry about it too much and raised his hands. Using his ability without spiritual energy … Was that really possible?

It didn’t seem likely. His whole life since entering the sect, spiritual energy had always been at the core of every concept. Whether it was sensing it, taking it in, circulating it, ejecting it … all of it relied on spiritual energy. How could there be abilities that didn’t use it?

Thinking of his experiences so far, he felt that this was even more impossible. He had needed to use spiritual energy to activate the red priest’s blood and he had also needed to use his spiritual energy while copying the ability of the guardians and his little junior. So, didn’t all of it rely on spiritual energy?

He felt that this should be the case but since the black warrior saw another possibility, he also wasn’t sure. That person should know a lot more than him so maybe it was indeed possible.

He hesitated for a moment but then tried to use white jade’s ability. It was the most obvious one so if it worked, he wouldn’t miss it. Right now, Shen Lei wasn’t next to him so he had little hope that it would actually work. So far, he had always needed his lover’s presence or even his touch to use any of the copied abilities. But then, maybe it was indeed different while in the dreamscape?

Luo Lin narrowed his eyes, watching his skin closely. After a few moments, there was still no change. Well, there was no spiritual energy and his lover wasn’t beside him so this was just as expected.

He sighed and lowered his hands, feeling a bit torn. His ability was great but, at the same time, it was also troublesome. He really wasn’t sure if he should be happy or sad about having this type. But then, just having any ability was already good. Maybe it could play a role later on just by adding to Shen Lei’s strength.

Speaking of his lover, Shen Lei was having difficulty falling asleep outside. He gently held Luo Lin and realized that his little fairy had already fallen asleep in a few moments. He looked at his face and couldn’t help but stroke his cheek.

Luo Lin looked exhausted. He probably shouldn’t feel surprised about this. Since coming to the border region, it had been one thing after another and Luo Lin had only come in the first place because he thought his lover had died. How could he be relaxed?

Even now that he was asleep, he was also in the dreamscape of the Jian Chu Sect’s guardian, having to experiment further with his ability. Was this really true rest?

Shen Lei sighed. In the future, he should make it up to Luo Lin somehow. But until then, it seemed like their life would continue like this for a while. It wasn’t easy but they had to hold on.

He glanced toward the door, thinking of Zhi Guan who hadn’t returned yet. If he didn’t make it back … He shook his head at himself as soon as the thought came up. No, he couldn’t think like this. So far, even though there had been setbacks, most of them had made it out alive. And especially when it came to Zhi Guan, he shouldn’t worry. Among the disciples of their generation, he was one of the strongest. Even while in the other side’s headquarters, he wouldn’t be easily defeated. He had to believe in that.

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