OMF V10C149 Not Happy At All

Xiang Yu pursed his lips, not happy at all with this greeting. He knew that he was supposed to give Xin Lan time to get over the loss of Hua Lin Yu but it had been several weeks and even if not, it wasn’t like he had done anything to him! He didn’t deserve this. He really didn’t think so. If it was anybody else, he absolutely would have killed them for daring to speak to him this way.

Xiang Yu raised his hand and looked at it, wondering if it wouldn’t be better to do the same with Xin Lan. Anyway, he wasn’t even a real dragon. If he was, they wouldn’t be in this situation. So most likely, this man wasn’t worth it at all.

He was of half a mind to at least try half-heartedly but then thought of Leng Jin Yu’s troubled expression when he asked him to go and find Xin Lan. Well, it seemed at least for now, he really couldn’t kill this fake dragon.

He huffed and then went to grab the bottle of wine from Xin Lan’s hands, throwing it out of the window.

Xin Lan finally opened his eyes, his brows furrowing tightly. “What do you think you’re doing?” He didn’t bother to get to his feet. Anyway, this was a fallen god. Other than Tian, they were probably the only people he couldn’t win against. Although in the case of this one … he wouldn’t be too sure. This one definitely had more than one screw loose.

Xiang Yu gave him a reproachful look. “Come with me.”

Xin Lan raised his brows. “Why would I? In case you didn’t understand yet: I don’t want to see you or speak to you and I definitely don’t want to follow you anywhere. So don’t waste your breath and just go. I’m not interested in whatever it is you have to say or want to do.”

He felt that he could roughly guess what this was about. Anyway, this Xiang Yu clearly thought of himself as the same as Hua Lin Yu. He probably thought that they could pick up where they left off after a few weeks. But he wouldn’t let that happen. Nobody could take Hua Lin Yu’s place. Not his original incarnation and not anybody else either. Hua Lin Yu was special. Compared to anybody else he had ever met, he had a special place in his heart and nothing would change about that.

Xiang Yu pursed his lips again but tried not to get angry even though he already felt like whacking Xin Lan over the head with something. “It’s about Jinde.”

At this, Xin Lan finally gave him a second look. “Jinde?” This wasn’t what he had expected. “What about him?” He didn’t want to deal with Xiang Yu or anyone, really, but Jinde could be considered his oldest friend or even the only one he had left. If something was wrong with him, he naturally wouldn’t ignore it even if he wasn’t in a good situation himself.

Xiang Yu clenched his hands into fists. How come this guy didn’t even want to see him and told him to fuck off before he even said anything but was suddenly all ears when it was about Jinde? Was it that he just disliked him or had his feelings before all been a lie? He knew that Xin Lan had felt differently about Jinde before so … so maybe he still loved him after all and their relationship in the mortal realm could only be counted as a short episode in between?

Xin Lan furrowed his brows and got to his feet, grabbing Xiang Yu by the shoulder. “What about Jinde?”

Xiang Yu stared at the offensive hand on his shoulder, wondering whether he should hack it off, slap the other person in the face, or just ignore it for now. If it had been anybody else, the first option would have seemed like the best but he also didn’t want Xin Lan to lose a hand.

He turned to look at his face and his gaze was attracted by the scars on the left side. Back then, when he died in his trial as Hua Lin Yu, Xin Lan’s face had been bloody as if there were new wounds. Still, it was nothing like the destroyed face that it should have been. So, Xin Lan had had his face healed but risked injuring it again to get to him in time. Thinking of that, he really couldn’t bear to slap him either.

Xiang Yu pursed his lips, feeling aggrieved. What a stupid dragon! He really didn’t care about him at all, did he? If he did, then he really didn’t know how to show it. He wanted to complain but thinking of Leng Jin Yu and what he had promised, he finally put his own grievances aside. “His son died and now, his other child is about to die too. Leng Jin Yu doesn’t know what to do and Qiu Ling also didn’t have any luck. So you go and talk to him!”

Xin Lan’s brows furrowed. “His son died?” Please excuse him but … Jinde’s son could only refer to either Jin Ling or Qiu Ling, depending on how literally the ‘son’-part was meant, right? One of them had died? Well, seeing as Qiu Ling had apparently tried to get involved, this should mean that Jinde’s literal son had died? And now …

Xin Lan rubbed his forehead, not sure if it was him who was slow to catch on or if Xiang Yu just sucked at explaining. Either way, he at least gathered that this was indeed something that should be solved as soon as possible. “Where is he now?”

Xiang Yu didn’t bother explaining and directly opened a portal to the courtyard where Leng Jin Yu stood next to the shell with a despondent expression. Clearly, the situation wasn’t good no matter how you looked at it.

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