SML V6C61 Whose Crazy Ex?

On the other end of the phone, Mo Fang was in a daze. Crazy ex … unfortunately, there were too many men who might think of him this way. So right now, the only thing he could say for sure was that the person on the other end definitely wasn’t Mister Ruan.

He glanced at Si Tao who was sitting behind his desk on the other side of the room and silently turned the speaker on. Anyway, the private investigator had been recommended by him and Si Tao had been accompanying him a lot these few weeks. He felt that he might want to know.

Si Tao also looked up from his work and then came over. “What’s going on?” He only spoke quietly but with both sides being focused on the phones, it still carried over.

The muscles around Li Ming’s eye twitched. “I’d like to know about that. Who exactly did you hire a private investigator to follow around?” He wasn’t usually a conceited person and he didn’t like to think that Mo Fang was that obsessed with him either but … well, he was Mo Fang’s ex and this private investigator hired by his ex-boyfriend had turned up at the organization to take photos quite coincidentally on the day he started to work there. What else was he supposed to think?

Mo Fang stared blankly at his phone. So it turned out that the particular person who thought of him as the crazy ex in this situation was Li Ming. Well, he couldn’t fault him.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying not to mess this up. “I know how this looks but it’s not what you think. This … Is Mister Ruan there?”

Ruan Xia felt like things were becoming worse instead of better after calling his customer but since it had already come to this … “I’m here, yes. Unfortunately, I was caught by the security guard while investigating so I had to call in front of them.” He didn’t mention any further specifics, hoping that Mo Fang would somehow manage to explain. Although, it sure didn’t seem like that would be of any help.

He glanced at Li Ming’s expression which really didn’t seem good no matter how he looked at it and then glanced up at the sky. How had the tragic story he had been following suddenly turned into this kind of dog blood drama where another ex was involved? And from the off-hand comment the kid behind him had made when the call was connected, it even seemed to be a situation where the ex wasn’t on good terms. Would this make them more likely to call the police? Unfortunately, it really seemed so.

On the other end of the phone, Si Tao cleared his throat to make his presence known again. “Are you guys at the hotel?” Anyway, that was where Li Ming worked, right? Although if he had known that the person they were looking for was at one of his hotels, they really wouldn’t have needed to go to so much trouble …

Ruan Xia was startled and looked back at the phone. “Hotel? No.” He hastily reported the name and the address of the organization.

Mo Fang quietly listened. He really wasn’t sure what to make of all of this but he currently couldn’t care about that either. Instead, what he really wanted to know … “Then, have you found the person?”

Ruan Xia gave a hum. “Yes, I did. That is why I originally came here. I had actually just taken a few photos and then wanted to go back to the office to report to you. Who could have known …”

Mo Fang didn’t care much. “Are they still there?”

“Yes.” Ruan Xia perked up. It seemed that his customer wouldn’t just let him deal with this on his own. Well, it wasn’t strange. The type of person that came to him for sentimental reasons was usually somebody who still had a heart and wasn’t just after profit. Those types of customers could be trusted.

Mo Fang closed his eyes and took another deep breath. “Alright. Then … if it’s alright, the two of us will come over. I’ll explain everything when I’m there.”

Li Ming still wasn’t sure what to make of this whole matter but from Mo Fang’s question just now, he realized that this didn’t seem to be an attempt at professionally stalking him as he had originally thought. He finally calmed down and sighed. “Alright. We’ll go inside so as to not attract too much attention. It wouldn’t be good for the organization.”

“Of course. We’ll be there as soon as we can.”

The two sides ended the call. On the side of the organization, Li Ming motioned back to the building they had come from. “Then if we may invite Mister Ruan inside?”

Ruan Xia nodded and walked ahead. He didn’t think of trying to escape. For one, Rong Xiang still had his camera and they had also seen his business card which had his name and address. If they wanted to make trouble, they could. Especially since they had now also gotten into contact with his customer and seemed to know him personally. Anyway, since a plan was in place now, he wasn’t too worried any longer. With personal relationships being involved, it was usually much easier to deal with anything that cropped up.

The six people made their way into the building and sat down in one of the bigger rooms. Even the teenager who originally shouldn’t have had anything to do with this stayed around, alternately looking at Ruan Xia and Zhu Yi.

Rong Xiang tapped the top of the table and finally turned to look at Qiao Ya. “Can you go to the door to wait for Mister Du? He should arrive first but he doesn’t know yet that we’re inside.”

Qiao Ya nodded. Anyway, while they could have sent a text message, somebody still needed to get him up to date. Plus, if that mysterious customer who seemed to have dated brother Li appeared, it would be best to greet him together with the big boss of their organization. After all, whether it was her or sister Rong, neither of them had been at the organization for long. It just seemed wrong for them to want to deal with this.

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