RMN C534 Unable to Ask

Luo Lin blinked his eyes in surprise. To be honest, his relationship with Yan Hong Min was a bit strained. Since the day he joined the sect, that guy had only ever been playing pranks on people which really wasn’t something Luo Lin appreciated. Also, he knew that Yan Hong Min was looking down on him.

When he originally came to the sect, he hadn’t known anything about cultivation. Sure, much of his life had been spent traveling with his mother, trying to find a place to live. Of course, he had also heard about cultivators while they stayed at this place or that. But how it actually worked or what would be expected of him, he had no idea.

Actually, when Baili Chao took him away from home, he had thought that his stepfather was giving up on him because of his mother. He hadn’t understood what it meant to be a disciple. Instead, he had believed that he was being sold off and would end up as a concubine or worse. After all, wasn’t this what his mother had always been talking about?

When he realized that his Master had absolutely no interest in him that way and instead felt exasperated that he would even think of that for a moment, he was at a loss. Then, he was introduced to his first senior martial brother.

In Luo Lin’s mind, it suddenly made sense: Elder Baili was so old, maybe there was no interest in these things left. So instead, he should have been looking for somebody to be with his first disciple. It was a pity that Zhi Guan’s reaction was completely different from his expectations as well.

Being handed a weapon and taught sword arts for the first time in his life, Luo Lin didn’t know what to do. In the end, he just followed along. But of course, it wasn’t that easy to get rid of his original impression. So when one of the disciples in the sect finally showed him interest in the expected way, he didn’t even think to reject him.

That was the day he learned what couple cultivation was. Later, it became his preferred method of cultivating because there was never a lack of men coming to his door and usually, they would sort themselves out so that only the strongest would actually make it to his doorstep.

Cultivating this way was really too easy. His level advanced much faster than that of any other disciple. Especially much faster than that of his second senior martial brother who spent most of his time fiddling with his inventions instead of cultivating diligently.

Of course, Yan Hong Min hadn’t taken this disparity in their progress well. When he realized how Luo Lin managed to advance so fast, he wouldn’t let go of any opportunity to make fun of him. Naturally, Luo Lin wouldn’t have a good impression of him.

It was only when Yun Bei Fen joined them that they buried the hatchet and started to get along better for the sake of their little junior. Since then, more than a decade had gone by but that didn’t mean that the old grievances had been forgotten. Yes, they could get along but they were doing so for Yun Bei Fen’s sake not because they suddenly liked each other.

Thinking of this, Luo Lin really didn’t think there was much of a chance that Yan Hong Min would help him. He still nodded though, not wanting to put his kind of personal matter out there in front of the guardians.

Since this question was answered, white jade couldn’t help but speak up regarding his previous thoughts. “If this ability relies on spiritual energy, then there’s no use thinking about it further. A disciple at the foundation establishment level could never use this well. His reserves would run out even faster than usual without making his attack power much higher.”

Tong Chen gave a hum but he felt a bit doubtful. “No matter whether it is our abilities or the one that disciple Luo is using to copy others, they are mostly not tied to spiritual energy. Yes, we might need to use an initial amount to activate them each time but that amount is small. Why would it be any different for disciple Yun?”

His brows furrowed tightly. They didn’t know much about abilities because there were only the four of them whose experiences they could go off. But just based on this, why would Yun Bei Fen’s ability be different? It didn’t make any sense.

Blue butterfly pursed her lips. “Back in my dreamscape, he somehow marked the places he needed to reach unknowingly. That action should be the key. Usually, you can’t use spiritual energy in the dreamscape so it might not actually be that. Maybe it’s indeed as we thought the other day: This is him touching the other dimension and using the energy from there. You might be able to substitute this energy with spiritual energy but it will be draining in comparison.”

Tong Chen once again gave a hum. This made sense from a certain standpoint. The question was why Luo Lin hadn’t succeeded in doing the same. Could it be that this was because he had copied the ability? Or was it that he could do the same and simply hadn’t figured it out yet because he hadn’t been in the dreamscape before?

Speaking of which … “Can you copy blue butterfly’s dreamscape? And if you do, can you use any of your copied abilities in there?” If this was the case, then that would be proof that spiritual energy indeed wasn’t needed. If they could make sure of that, they would be one big step closer to a true understanding of the abilities.

Luo Lin blinked his eyes, suddenly feeling that this much attention was unexpected. But then, he was still willing to give it a try. After all, this was also for his own benefit.

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