RMN C533 No Future Use

Seeing Luo Lin’s and Shen Lei’s expressions, the others couldn’t help but wonder how exactly they had figured out this ability and what it was able to do.

Tong Chen who was able to perceive everyone’s positions through his spiritual sense wasn’t able to tell the minute details of their expressions so he only focused on what he had witnessed just now. “It seems the ability allows the user to project something.

“In this case, because disciple Luo’s copied ability only works with the help of his partner, he can likely only project a copy of his figure. For the real ability, it might be possible to project any person or even something else entirely. That would be necessary to check.”

He turned to where Yun Bei Fen had jumped into Mei Chao Bing’s arms as soon as he got the opportunity but failed to speak up. He couldn’t help himself. He had watched earlier as Yun Bei Fen had tried to learn from Yan Jian Hong for hours without much of a result. Clearly, his general comprehension ability and his understanding of spiritual energy specifically were low. Could this person really pull off the use of such an ability?

White jade also rubbed his forehead. This disciple wasn’t bad when it came to learning those brainless arrays but he had also felt vexed when he saw him work with Yan Jian Hong earlier. He totally thought that there was no way for him to master his ability. What a waste! This was a pretty useful one that could be utilized in many different ways. How come the one who was born with it was this little one who couldn’t think straight for two minutes?

He sighed and shook his head, finally holding back from saying his thoughts out loud. Instead, he turned to Luo Lin. Anyway, they were already here and had some more time. They might as well talk about it in more detail and hope for the best. Maybe using the ability was surprisingly easy. “How exactly does it work?”

Luo Lin pursed his lips and hugged Shen Lei’s waist. “Well …” To be honest, they had only discovered it on accident. But then, maybe that should be said about all the abilities he had managed to copy a part of so far. Thankfully, they had at least tested it a few times though. By now, he felt somewhat proficient in using it. “For spiritual attacks, you need to use as much spiritual energy as the attack you want to copy. For physical attacks, it’s a bit less, just enough to move the projection.”

Tong Chen immediately caught onto the important part. “You need to use spiritual energy to move the image you project? All the time?”

Luo Lin nodded and gave a hum. “It seems that way, yes. Actually, this ability is pretty draining.” Thankfully, since he was doing this together with Shen Lei, they could circulate the spiritual energy together which heightened the reserves they had at their disposal. There was even a chance for one of them to take in spiritual energy while the other ejected it.

Actually, it was quite practical. But then, they had used it for their private fun. If they were outside in a fight, this could only be something they used to surprise their enemy and catch them off-guard. Otherwise, it was pretty useless.

Luo Lin smiled wryly when he thought of this. His ability to copy others was pretty good. The problem was that the restrictions were too much. He couldn’t get the whole ability, it only worked in tandem with Shen Lei, and then there might even be more details that needed to be kept in mind. It was safe to say that the actual use of his ability might be pretty low.

The worst part was that this ability barely had a direction for the future. When it came to the four guardians or Yun Bei Fen, they could explore their abilities and find more uses while working with them. There might even be a chance to level it up like a skill when they became more proficient with it.

But what about him? The underlying ability was copying other abilities. For that, he needed to come into contact with others that had an ability though. But how to do that? Sure, he could get in touch with a lot of people when they were back at the sect. Basically, it wouldn’t be impossible to test all of the disciples of the Teng Yong Sect. But how many of these people would have an ability? And how could he tell?

So far, he had always known about the ability beforehand so he had also known to look out for anything he could now do that he hadn’t been able to do before. But what about later? How would he know when he managed to chance upon another ability? And how would he know how to use it?

In fact, he had been with so many men over the years, using spiritual energy as they cultivated together, chances were that at least one or two should have had an ability that he could have copied. But he didn’t know and he didn’t know how to find out. This was really giving him a headache.

He thought for a moment and then turned to the black warrior. “Guardian … is there really no way to tell who has an ability? Otherwise, I’m not exactly sure how to use this ability in the future.”

Tong Chen nodded. He had also thought of this after they found out what Luo Lin’s ability was. “I don’t know of any way to tell but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The other side might have found a way. And even if not … it seems your second senior martial brother is quite inventive? You should have a chat with him after you go back. Maybe he can find a way.”

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