OMF V10C135 A Lengthy Process to Follow

Rong Su grumbled to himself. He really didn’t think that they were keeping their son from anything important. Whether it was finding a partner or going out to faraway places, neither was all that good in his eyes. Wasn’t it better to obediently stay at home and spend some time with his family?

But looking at Bai Fen’s expression, she really was serious about this. He couldn’t just say no. After all, he also didn’t want to anger his wife. So in the end, he could only purse his lips and agree for now. “Fine, I’ll think about it.” How long he would take to think about it was a different question though. He definitely wouldn’t hurry up!

Bai Fen nodded and leaned back. She knew that she couldn’t force her husband. She could only bring the topic up for now and let him stew on it for a while. Even if he didn’t make any specific plans, just keeping it at the back of his head was better than nothing. With how stubborn he was, she really didn’t expect to get more than that out of a first conversation.

Bai Fen glanced at where the documents had been lying before and gave a hum. “So, do you still need to do something else? Otherwise, let’s play a game of weiqi or something.”

She really didn’t think that they could have a good conversation right now after she just broached the topic of Jing He’s future like that. So if she stayed, it would be best to have something else to do. As for Jing He’s matter, she’d bring that up again a few days later and see if anything had changed. Most likely, it wouldn’t be the case but it would be a good opportunity to share some of her own thoughts and get her husband to think more about this.

Rong Su was naturally eager when his wife suggested for her to stay. He immediately got to his feet with a bright smile. “Of course not! I will always have time to spend with you. Just let me get the board.” With that, he immediately turned around and rushed away. Of course, he was also happy that the topic had finally ended. If he was lucky, maybe his wife would forget about this for a few years.

Bai Fen watched him walk to get the board and sighed to herself. She really wished that this was something the two of them or maybe even the three of them could discuss calmly and without anyone pushing their opinion too much. But with her husband’s overbearing temper and Jing He’s inability to stand up to his father, this was simply not possible so she’d have to work on this bit by bit.

Come to think of it, with this kind of approach, it was a big question how long it would take until Rong Su even accepted Jing He getting a partner. Most likely, it wouldn’t happen fast. Even if she continuously worked on this every few days so he’d have time to ponder in-between but still not make it drag on for too long, it was estimated that it would at least be a few months if not a whole year. And that was even before bringing up Qiu Ling …

Rong Su already returned with the board and Bai Fen had to consciously control her expression to make sure she didn’t grimace. She didn’t even want to imagine the time she suggested Qiu Ling as a possible son-in-law for them. Surely, even if Rong Su was willing to accept anyone else by then, he’d have a hard time entertaining the idea of it being Qiu Ling. For that … maybe another ten years would have to pass by. And the worst thing was that she couldn’t do much about it even though she really wanted to help.

Bai Fen felt depressed thinking about this but since she couldn’t change it at that time, she could only push the thought aside and seriously start to play a game of weiqi with her husband. Anyway, some things simply needed time. And it wasn’t like she had to worry about her son and Qiu Ling breaking up in the meantime because they couldn’t take the strain this had on their relationship. No, they had proven that they were patient enough.

With her having cheered up and Rong Su being happy that he didn’t need to talk about his son’s love life any longer, the two of them actually spend an enjoyable time together. After one game, Bai Fen couldn’t bring herself to continue though. “I believe you still have some documents to tend to so I won’t disturb you any longer. Think about what I said earlier. We can talk about it in a few days.”

Rong Su nodded and then watched his wife leave before he sighed. Think about it and talk about it in a few days? It seemed like Bai Fen wasn’t willing to just let this go. He really wasn’t happy with that.

He pursed his lips and stored the weiqi board again before sitting down at the table with his brows furrowed. Jing He had just returned from his trial so this really wasn’t a time to bother with all these things. It really made him wonder why Bai Fen was so insistent. Could it be that something had happened?

His brows slowly rose when he thought of how his son’s trial had gone and what he was likely to remember first. In fact, shouldn’t it be the time he had spent with that bastard in the dragon realm? Who knew what had happened to his poor son’s mortal reincarnation at that time? Maybe Jing He had been distraught and confessed to his mother so now Bai Fen was trying to somehow take care of this matter!

Rong Su got to his feet and smoothed out his sleeves. He couldn’t be sure but if this was the case, he naturally couldn’t sit around and do nothing. If his son was distressed, then as his father, he had to go and reassure him!

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