OCN C44 Jiayou, Qian Huang!

As it turned out, Qian Huang was quite right. At first, Yang Shu Na really only gave them some ideas on how they could imagine the live stream to go. But then, those ideas became a little more specific and they were not quite in line with what they wanted.

“We have better equipment here and also more experienced cameramen, so you won’t have to rely on yourself for that.”

She smiled as if she was really doing them a favor there but Qian Huang’s expression immediately darkened. Bright Yellow Water was a package deal. Whether it was Xiao Ming or Qian Huang they had both made it clear to the producer at the very beginning. If they wanted to make use of this channel, then all three of them would have to be involved. They definitely couldn’t just push out Li Shui and expect them to take this lying down.

Li Shui could also see that the other two were unwilling to just accept this but he hurriedly reached out and pulled at Qian Huang’s shirt. “Ah, that’s not so bad, is it? Anyway, I can just focus on eating.” He signaled him with his eyes, trying to indicate that he didn’t mind. In any case, it wasn’t that strange that the producer would want to have a hand in it. After all, this was his project.

Xiao Ming pondered for a moment and finally, his expression lit up. Smiling at Yang Shu Na, he decided to strike a compromise. “It is really thoughtful of you to arrange things like this. I’m just afraid that since we will need quite a bit of time, Li Shui will be bored and him just sitting at the edge of the screen also wouldn’t look good.

“How about this? Li Shui has always been interested in filming. Maybe it would be possible for him to accompany your cameramen and have a talk with them? That way, we could also strike a good balance between how it is usually done on our stream so it won’t seem strange to our established viewers but also not diverge from the expectations of the producer too much.”

Yang Shu Na hadn’t expected something like this but after thinking for a moment, she couldn’t find anything wrong with it. In any case, the only important person to them was Xiao Ming. Qian Huang still had a bit of value since he was the one who usually interacted with the fans so his presence was also quite high. But Li Shui just couldn’t keep up with the two of them. He was mostly behind the camera and wouldn’t even talk. Save for him eating, there really wasn’t much to see.

Thus, they had determined that he really wouldn’t add any value and it was better to have somebody from their team and the host accompany Xiao Ming and Qian Huang for this stream. But they also didn’t want to make matters difficult with the other two so it was still better to accept this kind of idea that wouldn’t compromise the producer’s image of the show or cause any trouble.

Realizing this, Yang Shu Na nodded. “Of course! That is a great idea. I will go and arrange everything in a minute then. As for everything else I’ve said, do you have any more questions?”

Xiao Ming and Qian Huang exchanged a glance and shook their heads, feeling that there really wasn’t anything they could say. Anyway, it was already pretty clear that the producer had made up his mind on how he wanted this to look. So saying more might just make things difficult for themselves. It was better to just leave it be, accept what they had been told, and try to follow it to the best of their abilities. In any case, this was also a special kind of live stream, so there really wasn’t anything to complain about. It didn’t necessarily have to be exactly like the ones they usually did.

Yang Shu Na was satisfied when the two of them didn’t cause a ruckus and just accepted their terms. With a better feeling toward the group, she nodded toward Li Shui. “Then, I will go and talk to the cameramen to make sure this won’t impede their work. Would you like to come with me immediately to speak with them?”

Li Shui didn’t bother to make many words about the issue and just nodded, waving at Xiao Ming and Qian Huang before he followed her over. In any case, he really didn’t have that much to do for the stream if he wasn’t allowed to film, and being able to speak with one of the cameramen sounded like something he would like to do. That had really been quick thinking on Xiao Ming’s part.

While the two of them walked away, Si Shi Wu went over to Xiao Ming and Qian Huang, trying to increase their good feelings. If he managed to do that, he might be able to use it for his master’s advantage later on. “I hope you don’t feel slighted by the suggestion for the process she just made. If you want to change it back to the usual way of your live streams, we definitely can. I don’t think anybody will make trouble.”

The host looked at Si Shi Wu, slightly furrowing the brows. He definitely didn’t think that they could just do that. Maybe it would have been better if the assistant stayed close by. If these three people really got up to something it would be a problem. Well, this Ai Gui Jin could still be forgiven but for Xiao Ming and Qian Huang to do something like that, it really would be a big problem.

Si Shi Wu noticed what was up but didn’t say anything about it. He silently noted it down in his heart though, intending to make Si Yi aware of this matter later on when he went back to the villa.

Xiao Ming shook his head and then looked at Qian Huang. “I don’t mind, what about you?”

Qian Huang gave a wry smile and shook his head. “I’m afraid I’ll be exposed but what can I do? I think that it is pretty good. It does seem more authentic this way.”

Xiao Ming nodded. “Alright. Anyway, I wish you luck!”

Qian Huang smiled even more wryly. As it turned out, Xiao Ming wasn’t the one who should have worried about today. He was the one who should have been afraid. But now, it was already too late. In any case, losing a bit of face or whatever, he could live with it as long as the money the show paid was enough.

Meanwhile, Yang Shu Na had settled everything with the cameramen and Li Shui and returned to their side to give them the sign that everything had been arranged. “As soon as you are ready, just signal the cameramen and we can start. Do you need anything else?”

Xiao Ming and Qian Huang exchanged a glance and the latter took out his phone. “This should be enough for the comments but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to switch to a notebook if you could give us one.”

Yang Shu Na nodded and then immediately rushed off to find one, bringing it back in just a minute. Qian Huang put it at the side of the counter, opened the channel, and hurriedly sent an announcement on Weibo before he returned to the middle of the counter where the other three had already taken up their positions.

The host glanced at them and then immediately signaled the cameraman before saying anything else, officially starting the live stream.

Xiao Ming was a little surprised and missed a beat before he managed to focus. The nervousness hit him at once and his smile seemed a little forced when he made his greetings. “Welcome everyone, to today’s live stream of Bright Yellow Water. As you can see, we are not at the same place as usual and our lineup is also a bit different.

“As you can probably guess already, Qian Huang and I currently are in a kitchen on the premises of the Xia Yue hotel where the casting of ‘Golden Spoon’ will be held tomorrow. While Li Shui is taking a break today, there are two people who have joined us today, namely the host of ‘Golden Spoon’, Mister Ren, as well as the starred chef, Ai Gui Jin from the restaurant ‘Shi Wu’.”

Si Shi Wu inclined his head toward the camera, not saying anything while the host immediately used the opportunity to get in a few words.

“Hello, everyone! Just one more day until the casting of ‘Golden Spoon’ will start. I hope everyone is already looking forward to the competition between the best hobby cooks of our beautiful nation.

“Today, we will not only show you the sight of the casting and the subsequent episodes of the show but also give you the first taste of what the contestants will face in ‘Golden Spoon’. I hope you are already curious to see what we have prepared. You can also find more information on the website of the show, including an interview with Mister Yu, the first judge of ‘Golden Spoon’.”

At the side, Qian Huang lowered his eyes, trying not to give the host a vicious glance. Just hearing ‘first judge’ made him angry again. There wasn’t a first and second judge. Both Xiao Ming and Mister Yu had the same position on the show. Also, this was their live stream. So how come this host was saying even more than Xiao Ming? He was a little afraid that the rest of the live stream would be quite similar. Unfortunately, he couldn’t squabble about it in front of the camera.

Xiao Ming also had a few thoughts of his own but he didn’t say anything and just smiled, his nervousness actually dying down. In any case, if the host was speaking so much, then there were fewer opportunities for him to do anything wrong. And this wouldn’t just be the case today but on the episodes of the show as well.

So he didn’t actually have to worry. Considering that, he didn’t feel any pressure anymore when he took over from the host again. “Well, let’s get started then. First off, let’s take a look around the kitchen. But contrary to usual, I’m not the one who will be working today. Just like in ‘Golden Spoon’, I will just assume the role of the judge, as will Mister Ai as today’s guest juror. As for today’s contestant …” He turned to Qian Huang and a beautiful smile blossomed on his lips. “Are you ready, Mister Qiang? Then please get into position and make yourself familiar with the things that have been provided for you. The choice of the recipe is up to you and can start cooking whenever you are ready.”

Qian Huang’s lips twitched. In front of the camera that the show used, he actually felt a bit of the pressure that Xiao Ming always felt when they did their own live streams, and it absolutely didn’t help that he was supposed to cook today. Thus, he could only give Xiao Ming a look of mock anger before he indeed started to look around. “Well, then I guess I should first decide what to make so I will know what I need. Since I usually don’t have to cook at home, I’m not very knowledgeable. So please excuse me if I make a mess. It’s certainly not my intention.”

Xiao Ming laughed, remembering very well just how it had turned out when Qian Huang and Li Shui previously tried to cook. “Don’t worry too much. There are three people right next to you and a team behind the scenes. Even if you have everything go up in flames, I’m sure we’ll manage to contain them.”

The host glanced at the two of them, not quite happy with what was being said while Ai Gui Jin just smiled and then glanced at the notebook that had been placed to the side. Just like usual, the screen was focused on the comment section, allowing them to take a look at what the viewers were thinking. Glancing at it, his lips quirked up. “Since Mister Qian will be busy as a contestant today and my job as the judge only comes in later, how about I pretend to be the assistant for now and read the comments? Actually, there are quite a few already.” He craned his neck a little to make it more obvious that he was looking at the comment section while the camera focused on him.

Xiao Ming looked over and felt a bit embarrassed that they had actually forgotten about that. “Ah, but only do so if you really feel like it, Mister Ai. I could also keep an eye on it.” In any case, he had often seen Qian Huang do this so he should be able to do it without trouble.

Si Shi Wu just waved though. “No, no, don’t worry. You’d better focus on your apprentice. Even if we can contain a fire, it’s still better to not let it come to that in the first place.”

Xiao Ming couldn’t help but chuckle and then glanced at Qian Huang. “I guess that’s also true. Well then, jiayou, Qian Huang!”

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