SML V6C56 Making an Alternate Plan

The teenager looked at him in a strange way and then turned to Rong Xiang as if to see what she thought.

Rong Xiang just shrugged her shoulders though. “I’m sure he’d come by to have a look. And it is a bit unkind not to believe me when I’ve repeatedly told you that I’m very happy with my boyfriend and he treats me well.”

The teenager pursed his lips but then still huffed. “If you invite him here, he’ll be forewarned. How could that be authentic?” He even went so far as to cross his arms in front of his chest as if afraid that they wouldn’t be able to tell that he wasn’t on board with the idea.

Rong Xiang could only sigh faintly. This kind of obstinacy really wasn’t good but since she started working here, she hadn’t found a way to deal with it yet. That Li Ming had even managed to get this far could already be called progress.

In fact, Li Ming wasn’t willing to give up just yet. Yes, this might not be his actual task here but he had seen from his own experiences in the last three years how negatively it could affect you if you were unable to let go of something in the past.

You needed to be able to look forward, to learn from your experiences but not be bogged down by them. He felt that this was still a valuable life lesson, even if it wasn’t the type of thing the organization wanted to teach the children.

Thinking for a moment, Li Ming tried making another suggestion but this time, he went at it in a roundabout way. “Well, it’s not good to just refuse but not come up with another plan.”

He relaxed and finally restored the previous smile to his face. “Sister Rong already said it’s a bit hurtful not to be believed. But it’s also not that strange to have your doubts if you have seen something similar play out in the past. What’s important is to find a way for both of you to deal with this, right?”

The teenager gave an unwilling hum, probably realizing that after shooting off his mouth, he wouldn’t get out of this today.

Li Ming wasn’t discouraged. “You don’t trust others’ words so you need to verify it yourself. If we invite him, you think it’d tip him off. Then, how do you think you could verify this in a way that would convince you?”

This time, the teenager didn’t want to be outdone. “Of course, by taking a look while he’s not aware! If he doesn’t know, he can’t pretend.”

Li Ming gave a hum. “Then you should probably drop by the gym where he gives his courses. Or do you just want to continue to accuse him?”

“How could I just do that? Don’t you need a membership for that?”

Li Ming had to admit that that was right. But … “Probably not if your sister Rong takes you there just to have a look first?” He turned to look at her to see if this would be alright.

On the one hand, he wasn’t sure if she could really go in. It seemed likely considering that Zhu Yi worked there so if she just came to get him after work, it shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, the people working there knew him and likely knew about his girlfriend as well, considering that the two had wanted to do the courses together.

On the other hand, the bigger problem was the question of whether she could just take one of these children on a short trip like that. He hadn’t thought so much at the beginning because he had believed that just inviting Zhu Yi to drop by the organization would be alright. Now, it had turned into this. If it wasn’t alright, he’d have really caused problems.

Rong Xiang smiled faintly. “The idea isn’t bad but why go to so much trouble?” She turned to look at the teenager, her smile turning brighter. “Brother Li is right. It really can’t go on like this.

“Since you’re afraid of either of us giving hints up front, how about I call my boyfriend in front of you and ask him to get me after work today? This way, you’ll know I didn’t say anything to tip him off but you can still take a look when he arrives.”

Actually, she was pretty sure that he wouldn’t be worried any longer as soon as he saw Zhu Yi. After all, her boyfriend looked especially harmless to the point where the people registering for the self-defense course sometimes didn’t take him seriously before he showed off his skills. He definitely didn’t look like the type who would hit his girlfriend even if it was the kind of girlfriend that looked especially defenseless because she was disabled.

The teenager still looked a bit unhappy that he was suddenly being questioned like this after Li Ming arrived but, finally, his wish to make sure Rong Xiang was alright prevailed. “Alright, then let’s do that.” Anyway, he really wanted to see that guy!

Rong Xiang chuckled and pulled out her phone, waving it in the air. “Alright, after everyone has asked their questions about brother Li’s work, the two of us can go and make the call. Now, let’s get back to proper business.” She motioned for Li Ming to go ahead and he nodded.

“Right. So, being a security guard and an instructor for self-defense classes. Which one would you like to know more about? You can ask me anything you want. Otherwise, I can also just tell you some interesting tidbits.”

This time, after seeing how Li Ming talked to the two people who had dared to speak up before, the children already felt more comfortable asking questions. Thus, the original effect of Li Ming’s short self-introduction was finally achieved, and a round of questioning began that really made him talk about his two jobs for close to half an hour.

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