OCN C42 All Thanks to Him?

The video started off with Qian Huang’s face, making Xiao Ming and Li Shui exchange a horrified look. Not only had the mysterious video file started to play on its own, it even showed Qian Huang. Just what was up with this? The worst thing was that this was definitely not a part of one of their live stream videos but something that had been filmed with a phone, probably the one that Qian Huang was holding himself.

Qian Huang’s expression in the video was complicated. He seemed to be typing something and then, the screen changed, showing the messages interface on Weibo.

Bright Yellow Water: [So do you like Xiao Ming or not?]

The message was being typed out letter by letter and both their eyes widened. What kind of question was this? And who had it been sent to? The latter question could probably be answered easily because next, a very familiar username appeared.

Nin Sha: [Like.]

Xiao Ming’s heartbeat thundered in his ears and he didn’t know how to react. He had often seen Nin Sha proclaim his feelings in the comment section of the live streams but many viewers would do so. This was different. This was a confession of actual feelings that could not be misunderstood for the feelings of a fan.

Li Shui wanted to say something but the screen already changed back to Qian Huang’s expression that showed his brows furrowed and his lips twitching. Clearly, he felt a bit vexed with that response. Then, the video turned black, clearly having reached its end.

Xiao Ming end Li Shui continued to look at the screen, neither knowing what to say. Finally, they exchanged another glance.

“What was that?”

Li Shui could only shrug his shoulders. “I have no idea either. But looks like Qian Huang had some kind of secret conversation going on with Nin Sha.” To be honest, he wasn’t surprised at that. While they had never really talked about how they imagined their future partners to be, he and Qian Huang had absolutely talked about how they thought Xiao Ming’s future partner should be.

And Nin Sha as the person who always tried to woo Xiao Ming in the comment section was definitely somebody they had talked about quite a bit. They just couldn’t help themselves. Seeing that there was somebody who showed interest in Xiao Ming, they felt the need to make sure that it was a decent person. They couldn’t let just anyone try to get together with Xiao Ming after all, could they?

Xiao Ming thought for a moment and then opened Weibo, looking at the messages on their official account. There was indeed a thread with Nin Sha but the last few messages weren’t displayed. At the very least, there wasn’t the question that Qian Huang had asked in the video.

Xiao Ming raised his brows, feeling that there was something he had to talk about with Qian Huang. Right now wasn’t the right moment though. He shook his head, switched his phone off, and put it back in his pocket. “In any case, let’s just pick up the ingredients and then hurry back. It’s better to speak about this with Qian Huang directly instead of guessing by ourselves.”

“Oh.” Li Shui nodded and the two of them hurried up, finally rushing back to the apartment.

Qian Huang who had no idea what had just happened greeted them happily. “I already looked through the kitchen. I’m sure you’ll love it!”

Xiao Ming furrowed his brows and then walked over to Qian Huang, pulling out his phone and clicking on the video file.

Qian Huang was confused at first. But seeing the messages shown in the video, his eyes widened.

Xiao Ming raised his brows at him, his expression questioning. “Will I love it just as much as Nin Sha likes me?”

Qian Huang gave a wry smile. “I was just curious.”

Xiao Ming continued to look at him, not giving away whether he was angry or not.

Qian Huang immediately got worried. “You wouldn’t be angry, would you? Anyway, haven’t we joked about this before? I just thought that since I was already messaging him, it shouldn’t be a problem to make sure.”

Xiao Ming switched off the screen and put his phone down, finally sitting down at the table. “Why not tell me then? You even went so far as to delete the messages from Weibo. Isn’t that because you didn’t want me to know?”

Qian Huang sat down with a guilty conscience, really not sure how to justify his own behavior. “I thought you wouldn’t like it. So … I just kept quiet about it.”

Xiao Ming’s expression eased. To be honest, he had expected something like this. “Don’t worry. I’m not angry. I was just … a little surprised, that is all. In any case, there’s nothing that we couldn’t talk about. So in the future, just tell me. Even if you’re embarrassed, there’s really no need to be like this. Have I ever gotten angry with you?”

Qian Huang shook his head. “I think I can better imagine Li Shui getting angry than you. You don’t have a temper at all.” He reached out and nudged Xiao Ming’s shoulder, actually feeling a bit distressed on his behalf. In general, having an even temper was a good thing but it might also be too much sometimes. If somebody did something wrong, could he really not bring himself to be angry at least a little bit? Then in the future, they would definitely have to pay more attention to make sure that he wouldn’t be taken advantage of.

Li Shui also came to sit down and looked at Xiao Ming, nudging his other arm. “Tell him how you got the file.”

Xiao Ming nodded and then turned to tell Qian Huang about what had happened in the store.

When Qian Huang heard, his expression turned grave. “So somebody approached you and sent you this video?” In fact, he should have realized that something was wrong with this. Those were private messages that he had sent to Nin Sha. This meant that it could only have been him who sent over the evidence. But as it stood, there was also a video of him. And that was definitely one that he hadn’t taken himself. So … somebody else had done this. “This … do you think that guy might be stalking you?”

Xiao Ming’s expression was difficult. “It shouldn’t be. In any case, we aren’t that famous.”

Qian Huang shook his head. “That type of thing doesn’t need you to be famous. In any case, he suddenly appeared in front of you. That’s not anything good. And then this information … Why would he give that to you? And where did he even get it from?”

Xiao Ming nodded, also feeling that it was a little weird. “Then again, that video is of you, not me. Even though it has to do with me, somebody that was after me wouldn’t really monitor the two of you, right? So I’m not sure if we can really say that this person might be stalking me. There might be some other explanation for this.”

Qian Huang nodded but he wasn’t completely sure. Naturally, it would be better if he was wrong but he really didn’t dare to just assume that there wasn’t any truth to his words. In any case, the information had to come from somewhere. He took out his own phone and looked at it with a complicated expression. To think that he had been watched without knowing … it really wasn’t a good feeling.

At that time, Li Shui couldn’t help but pipe up. “Say, doesn’t this feel awfully familiar?”

Xiao Ming end Qian Huang looked at him strangely, not understanding what he was saying.

“What do you mean? I don’t think we’ve ever had a stalker before.” And thank god they didn’t. That was really one more worry he didn’t want to add to the list of the ones they already had.

Li Shui shook his head though. “That’s not what I mean. It’s what he said: That a friend of his is a fan of our channel. Isn’t that the same thing that this Ai Gui Jin from that restaurant said? That his friend was a fan of our channel? And then it turned out to be Nin Sha?”

Qian Huang stared at him and then grabbed Xiao Ming’s phone again, once again clicking on the video file and watching it. A message that had been sent to Nin Sha and a friend that was watching their channel … that really sounded like something that had to do with this self-certified number one fan of theirs.

Xiao Ming slightly furrowed his brows and finally spoke up as well, albeit hesitantly. “Before he said that he wanted to give me a gift, he stressed that his friend really liked me. It was almost as if once saying this, he was suddenly reminded that he had this video. And then he decided to send it to me. So if Nin Sha is the person he was talking about …”

Qian Huang slowly nodded. “Yeah, then it would make sense. That guy definitely really likes you. It might seem a bit strange since you’ve never met but after watching the channel for five years, I guess I can understand how feelings might form. It’s not completely impossible. And it seems that he’s told everyone he knows about you so … well, I really don’t know what to say.” Clearly, that Nin Sha was not quite right in the head.

Xiao Ming’s expression was also complicated. “Well, there’s a lot of friends. I wonder who exactly will turn up next.”

Li Shui looked from one person to the other, not sure if he should speak up. “Actually … do you think that Nin Sha had anything to do with that Shi Ru Qiu?”

The other two men stared at him, unable to say anything. After everything that had happened, it definitely wouldn’t be strange at all but they weren’t quite sure how Li Shui had arrived at that conjecture.

“What makes you say so?”

Li Shui motioned at Qian Huang’s phone. “When Xiao Ming checked the messages before, I noticed that the first message that he sent before you deleted the other ones was ‘I’m sorry’ and I think that the date should’ve been the one after the day when that Shi Ru Qiu published his text. He could’ve been speaking about the whole issue but maybe he actually meant the text itself. He was sorry that something like that was being spread about us. Because he could probably imagine that it was something that we wouldn’t necessarily want out in the open. Especially Xiao Ming.”

Xiao Ming couldn’t help but nod slowly. “Clearly, Nin Sha’s identity isn’t a simple one. He knows people like that actress to Tao Jin and her husband, a star chef, what would a famous author be? It’s entirely possible. It would also explain why somebody like Shi Ru Qiu would even pay attention to this.

“Yes, it could be that he coincidentally saw the channel because of the announcement of ‘Golden Spoon’ but how likely is that really? Rather than that, if Nin Sha told him about us, then he would have a completely different perspective on things and might have had some interest in finding out more.

“Also, I checked, and that short story he mentioned at the end of the text was a romantic comedy. It’s about a modern-day ninja falling in love with a food anchor. And considering Nin Sha’s username … Who is this about if not Nin Sha himself? Of course, it could all just be a coincidence but by now, I’m not sure if there are ever coincidences where Nin Sha is concerned.”

Qian Huang nodded. “Yes, if you say it like this, I believe it as well. It is definitely not impossible.” Although that still left the question of just why all of this was happening.

Was Nin Sha trying to help them? It could be possible. In any case, that guy had also given quite a lot of gifts in the past, helping them survive. What was asking a few friends for a favor? It wouldn’t hurt them to send a quick post on Weibo or write a text. To them, this was practically nothing. But to the ‘Bright Yellow Water’ channel, it meant the world. If Nin Sha was really as much in love with Xiao Ming as he said, then he would definitely do something like this to help them out. That just was what you did for the person you liked.

“Well, if what we’re thinking is true, then I guess we don’t need to worry about this guy.” He lifted his phone and waved it, even though he still felt a little strange about it. Putting it back on the table with the screen down, he finally leaned back. “I’d say let’s not think about it too much. Now, we should just focus on the show. I’m pretty sure that we will get to see Nin Sha this weekend anyway. After all, he definitely won’t miss out on the casting and an opportunity to see you if he’s really in love with you.”

Yes, there was no way that they wouldn’t get to know Nin Sha soon. ‘Golden Spoon’ was really that kind of opportunity.

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