RMN C528 A Prized Disciple

Zhi Guan was happy enough to compare notes against Song Yu Zheng. As expected, this guy was good. It wasn’t just his ability to scheme and weasel information out of another person, his fighting prowess wasn’t low either. He definitely knew how to expertly use that fan to both attack and defend.

Fans weren’t very common as weapons so Zhi Guan had never really had the chance to try his hand against a person of this caliber wielding one. Thus, he was incredibly excited to finally get the chance. Even if he messed up elsewhere or didn’t manage to bring Yang Wu Huang back to the town in the border region, he would still feel that this trip had had some gains.

Just when he said so Song Yu Zheng stepped back and closed his fan, smiling behind his veil. “Not bad, not bad. I’m reassured that you won’t cause problems for the three of us.”

Zhi Guan looked at him in a daze, feeling that this guy was unprofessional. “You don’t want to continue fighting?” But he didn’t feel that they had compared enough moves! Don’t even mention his other sword arts, he hadn’t even tried all of the moves from the Yu She Sect on him!

Song Yu Zheng raised his brows in surprise. “Why? You want to continue fighting?”

Zhi Guan pondered if this would expose him but finally decided that he didn’t care. Anyway, if there was a chance to have the rest of this fight, he should take it. Thus, he nodded straightforwardly.

Song Yu Zheng actually laughed and walked back over, patting Zhi Guan’s shoulder. “Later. We’ll have to set off soon or we won’t make it to the palace until the morning.”

Zhi Guan pursed his lips and finally put the sword away. He wasn’t quite reconciled but Song Yu Zheng’s words also reminded him that the current situation wasn’t quite suitable. There was still much to do, after all.

For example, his ears immediately pricked up when he heard ‘to the palace’. It seemed that the disciples that had gathered here were not going to be on the lookout for the intruders from the other side but were actually going somewhere else. As for where that was … his mind immediately flashed the image of the underground palace that their side had discovered a while ago.

They hadn’t been able to figure out what the purpose of that place was but it had seemed like there should be more to it. Maybe now would be the perfect chance to figure out what exactly the story behind it was. He definitely couldn’t compromise such a chance no matter how much he’d love to fight Song Yu Zheng!

Zhi Guan had made up his mind but still didn’t want to give up completely. Thus, he looked at Song Yu Zheng deeply. “Later, then.”

Song Yu Zheng simply laughed. “Very well.” To be honest, he was also thrilled about encountering someone of this quality from the Yu She Sect. Those moves just now had definitely been a level or two above what he had seen from their disciples so far. Fighting against him seriously might actually benefit him as well in honing his craft.

The two of them had come to an agreement so they got along a lot more harmoniously. In fact, Song Yu Zheng felt that this person next to him indeed shouldn’t be a righteous sect cultivator. It just didn’t make sense.

Usually, when a spy was sent to the other side, there were two options: Either you inserted the person into the other sect from the very beginning or you taught them the basics of your own sect and then send them over to the other side. Both approaches came with their own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a disciple that started out on the other side directly would be more easily integrated and less easily doubted. Unfortunately, they were also more likely to double-cross you and become a spy for the other side instead.

It wasn’t strange. After all, their foundation on their side was shallow and relied only on the benefits they could give and the threats they could make. On the other hand, they formed connections with friends and maybe even lovers on the other side and were painstakingly taught by their Master if they happened upon a good Elder. How could one compare to the other?

In that regard, disciples that had first learned with them were less likely to betray them but would live at constant risk of being exposed. After all, they did know those skills from their side and might accidentally expose themselves in a moment of high risk or when emotions were running high.

No matter what, Zhi Guan didn’t fit the bill either way. What he had shown just now weren’t just rudimentary skills taught to a disciple supposed to be sent away soon. Even though those spies would later train their own arts in secret, their level usually stayed far behind their peers. They absolutely weren’t like this guy.

No, Zhi Guan was clearly different. If he wasn’t wrong, then he should be one of the most prized disciples of the Yu She Sect. No wonder he had been sent out now that the first batch of disciples was allowed to move to the palace. While there were definitely some cannon-fodder disciples among this batch, some were also the good ones. With his skills, there was no denying which part of the group he belonged to.

Thinking of this, Song Yu Zheng leaned closer again. “Say, that guy you were with before … what’s his standing in the sect?”

Zhi Guan gave a hum as if he had to think. What he was actually thinking about was whether this was a new test but he couldn’t figure it out. Anyway, it should be. Thus, his response had to be well-thought-out. He gave it a moment and finally sighed. “Better than I’d like. He knows how to speak so he’s popular.”

Song Yu Zheng hummed as well. “Then, do any of the Elders in charge know about your conflict?”

This time, Zhi Guan didn’t hesitate at all. “Should be. I’ve never made a secret out of it. Although I guess it only recently came to light so … it might not be all of them yet.” Anyway, there were always such scandals in the sect. If Song Yu Zheng asked about it, he’d definitely find out that some guy’s sister had been hoodwinked by a bad guy. He didn’t doubt that for a single moment.

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