RMN C527 A Terrible Person

Song Yu Zheng almost dropped his fan while Lu Wei stared at Zhi Guan with his mouth gaping open before hurriedly glancing at his friend. This kind of question, how could you randomly ask it? Especially when you had just met the person!

Song Yu Zheng managed to pull himself out of his daze after just a moment and pointed at Zhi Guan’s face with his fan. “Don’t even think about it. I’m not gay.” Inwardly, he couldn’t help but lament. This guy … he was too terrible! If he was really on their side, it would be great. If he wasn’t … sussing him out would become difficult, not to mention killing him.

He pursed his lips, thinking that if this guy turned out to be from their side after all, they should try to poach him from the Yu She Sect. This kind of talent was wasted on a small fry like them!

Being able to come up with a question like this at such a time, it really had to be applauded. It was able to completely stun your opponent and there might even be long-term effects. After all, if either of them believed that this question had really been out of personal interest, they’d treat him differently. That would open up opportunities for sure.

At the same time, Zhi Guan felt that this guy was thinking too much. He wasn’t into men either, alright? He was just trying to make conversation so Song Yu Zheng wouldn’t be able to use the opportunity and ask him further questions! Unfortunately, he had been misunderstood like this now.

Zhi Guan really wasn’t sure if he should pity himself. Before, he had tried to trick these guys and they had stayed suspicious. Now, he was just trying to fill the silence but they thought too much. It really wasn’t easy to deal with a person like this.

At this time, Wen Xiang finally returned. Seeing Lu Wei’s strange expression, he gave him a questioning look. The next moment, those two huddled together and whispered. Naturally, both Zhi Guan and Song Yu Zheng could hear every word since they only stood a few steps away.

Song Yu Zheng’s lips twitched before he focused on Zhi Guan again. “Should I congratulate you for starting this kind of topic out of the blue?”

Zhi Guan raised his brows in return. “Is it out of the blue? Weren’t we talking about my sister earlier? Although I assume I could have asked about siblings then.” He lowered his gaze in a thoughtful way as if he had really just thought of that.

Song Yu Zheng gave a faint huff. Indeed a terrible person! If he hadn’t grown up in the Wu Yun Sect, he’d almost believe he had just made a blunder. “What’s with the sudden interest in my person? I haven’t even asked about yourself yet!”

Zhi Guan gave a hum. “True. I don’t mind telling you though: I only have that one sister and there is no lover. Just look at what kind of guy she ended up with! Most people just aren’t worth it. I’d rather focus on learning our sect’s skills.”

“Do you?” Song Yu Zheng opened his fan with a whoosh and aimed at the veil covering Zhi Guan’s face.

Zhi Guan leaned to the side, pulling the prepared sword out of his spatial bag.

The people around immediately turned toward them, watching the scene with doubt. If someone fought now, chances were high that it had to do with the people from the righteous sect. So maybe one of them was an intruder?

Unfortunately, they were all bound to be disappointed. One of them used the standard techniques of the Yu She Sect after evading the first few attacks and the other one was wearing a robe from the Wu Yun Sect and waving a fan. It didn’t need much imagination to guess just who he was.

Even though it turned out that the person in question wasn’t the intruder, these were still a disciple of the Wu Yun Sect and a disciple of the Yu She Sect fighting! Nobody doubted the outcome, seeing as the quality of the Wu Yun Sect’s disciples was well-known and this person was even a familiar name on the demonic side. Still, they all watched on. After all, while they might have come together to win this war side-by-side, that didn’t mean that they were all on the same page. The disciples from the other sects would definitely like to see somebody else get into trouble.

Zhi Guan parried a few moves, his attitude serious. This Song Yu Zheng’s fan play really wasn’t bad. Coincidentally, it turned out that the weapon of the Yu She Sect was rather well-suited to fight against him. It was a pity that he was so constricted by the current situation. If he could have, he would have loved to fight some more against him!

Song Yu Zheng’s expression hovered between excitement and wariness as well. He had just wanted to see which weapon and technique this guy would use when suddenly attacked and since the question had seemed provocative enough, it had seemed like a good chance to try. Now, he was actually using the right ones!

He wasn’t sure if that should make him believe this guy’s story though. He was very proficient with the weapon in his hand for sure so it would make sense but … Somebody this talented with his weapon and a quick mind to boot wouldn’t have to while away his days in the Yu She Sect. He could do more with his life.

With what he had shown so far, it was unlikely he wasn’t aware of that. So why … why was he still in the Yu She Sect if he was indeed their disciple? Suddenly, Song Yu Zheng felt the need to figure this out.

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