RMN C526 An Upcoming Test

After repeatedly testing Zhi Guan, Song Yu Zheng fell silent. Anyway, whatever they said could give him information about the current situation or the plans of their side if he really was from a righteous sect. He naturally didn’t want that. Thus, communication should be kept to a minimum for the time being. After he observed him a while longer, he’d make up his mind about this guy’s origin.

It had to be said that when it came to the demonic side, it was no wonder that the Wu Yun Sect had taken the lead in the war after all the sects came together. They were the sect with the longest tradition among the surviving demonic sects, their standards for accepting disciples were the highest, and their requirements for advancing to the status of an Elder were more stringent than in the four great righteous sects. As a result, the quality of every single disciple was naturally high.

Zhi Guan could easily fool the disciples from the smaller demonic sects to get them to run around like headless flies or let him into the building but when meeting someone from the Wu Yun Sect, things were more difficult.

This was especially the case for people like Song Yu Zheng and his two followers. Even though he wasn’t aware of their specific status, their bearing suggested that it shouldn’t be low. Yes, maybe this was just an act they were putting on in front of these smaller sects to uphold the prestige of the Wu Yun Sect but he doubted it.

No, from everything he had seen so far, he had managed to run into some of the more talented disciples. Well, calling it ‘running into them’ wasn’t quite right. It seemed that it had been that pig teammate Yang Wu Huang who managed to draw them over by acting suspiciously. Now, he’d have to see how to get these three off his back.

Simply putting on an act could delay being discovered for now but there would undoubtedly be further suspicions and tests. Song Yu Zheng’s previous actions had already proven that. If he didn’t convince him fast enough, he’d be in trouble. And yes, the key to this matter was definitely Song Yu Zheng. The other two weren’t bad but he was obviously the one who called the shots. Only when he had put his doubts to rest satisfactorily could this matter be called solved.

Zhi Guan leaned against the wall in what could be described as a lazy pose but he was actually tense while thinking about all of this. He had gotten through the initial situation rather easily but the first test after that had already shown some difficulty. The next ones wouldn’t be any easier.

Right now, he had a rough guess of what might be next on the agenda: Song Yu Zheng only stood a step away from him and he was still holding that fan. After everything so far, it was likely he’d attack him as soon as he thought that he wasn’t paying attention. What he wanted to do was to catch him off-guard so he’d accidentally pull out the wrong weapon or use the wrong skill set. Even if that couldn’t be achieved, blowing the veil off his face and making sure of his looks would also be welcome.

Zhi Guan turned to look in the other direction while his mind probed into his spatial bag. He usually carried a few swords with him but since he didn’t like the ones the Yu She Sect used that much, it was difficult to say if he actually had one with him. It might be that it had been left back at the Teng Yong Sect.

If that were the case, he’d be in trouble. After all, he had forgotten to take one of the weapons of those disciples along. Although then again, if he had done so, then even being able to take out the sword might not have made Song Yu Zheng doubt him any less. So maybe forgetting about this was also his good luck.

Zhi Guan rummaged around with his spiritual sense before finally discovering the sword in the back. He held back from heaving a sigh of relief and dragged the sword further to the front of the items he carried, swapping the weapon he usually used for it. If he was really attacked, he had to take out this weapon and use the Yu She Sect’s sword arts. That might be the one way to completely dispel Song Yu Zheng’s doubts about him. If not … then he was likely unable to do it at all.

Zhi Guan didn’t ponder the issue further and instead tried to see if he could spot where the other disciple had taken Yang Wu Huang. He didn’t necessarily care about the guy but he was still important to their plan. Although …

He turned back around and gave Song Yu Zheng a deep look. This guy’s level wasn’t low. Even in the Wu Yun Sect with its harsh requirements, he should have a good position. Chances were that he had some inside information. If he followed him for a while longer …

Song Yu Zheng turned his head and raised his brows. “Is something the matter?”

Zhi Guan gave a faint hum that didn’t mean anything. He had no idea what they were even doing here and his background information about the Yu She Sect was limited. If he said too much in an attempt to weasel some information out of Song Yu Zheng, he’d likely just prove himself to be a disciple from the righteous side. Naturally, he couldn’t keep quiet though.

Zhi Guan thought about something that wasn’t related to any sect and could easily bridge the gap between them. The first thing to flash through his mind was his third junior martial brother. He seemed able to converse with anyone no matter which sect or side they were from. As for what he’d say in a situation like this … “So, are you in a relationship?”

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