SML V6C53 A Lot of New Information

After introducing Li Ming and the two younger women, Rong Xiang waved for him to follow her over to meet the other three. Apparently, other than these five people he had just met and Rong Xiang herself, of course, there were only four more people currently working at the organization.

“It might seem very little but usually, it’s enough to have two or three people here at a time. Of course, Sundays and any school holidays are a bit of an exception. It’s when the students have more time and even though not everyone is passionate about learning, these kids also know that this is a good opportunity for them so they come here. At that time, the house might be full and we’ll need everyone to come together so there’ll be enough hands on deck to be there for all of them.”

Qiao Ya nodded wildly. “True! In that regard, you really came at the right time, brother Li.”

Li Ming and Rong Xiang had joined her and Shang Ning in the preparation of the materials. The three women were using the opportunity to fill him in on some more details regarding their work. By now, he had heard a lot more about what they were doing in the day-to-day operation of the organization, how the work was organized between everyone, and also how Qiao Ya and Shang Ning had gotten into this line of work.

He really felt a lot more prepared not just for what was awaiting him today but also for working here in the next few weeks or months. Also, if things continued as they had today, then he didn’t think that it would just stop there. Everyone seemed willing to share their experiences and insights freely.

Qiao Ya might be young but this was the third internship she was on by now and even though there hadn’t been much time yet, she still gave him a rough introduction to all of them after hearing that he wanted to switch careers and was looking for something similar as her.

Shang Ning was the same. She was actually one of the employees of the organization even though she didn’t have a full-time position. She hadn’t explained that further but from the looks of it, she didn’t intend to change that. Before this, she had already worked at one other organization for a few years so contrary to Rong Xiang and Qiao Ya who were new to this, she could draw actual comparisons to other jobs in the charity sector. Even if she herself had only had two so far, she had also talked with her previous co-workers, after all. In this regard, her perspective might even be the most interesting to him.

Of course, all of this information hadn’t been told to him just to be helpful and welcoming. No, as early as when Rong Xiang and he started to help with sorting the materials, Qiao Ya and Shang Ning had roped him into giving an overview of his own work experience when the children arrived later.

In their words, the older students were actively preparing to enter the workforce and could use more insights no matter what and the younger ones could still profit from having role models. Since his career was rather straightforward but also had some options for comparison, it was just perfect in their eyes. Thus, their own stories were told in an exemplary way that he could use to decide on what to share later on.

Naturally, Li Ming didn’t mind. He had roughly explained his experience every time he started a new course with Zhu Yi so he had a good grasp on how to give a concise overview and where to fill in a few more details. And if those more experienced than him thought it would be beneficial for the students, he definitely wouldn’t disagree.

If there were more students today, then just like Qiao Ya had said, it was even better. He could introduce himself to everyone while telling them about his experience. Thinking about it for a bit, he slowly nodded. “I guess this way, it’ll be easier working with them in the upcoming weeks as well. If most of them already recognize me, I won’t have to do as many re-introductions.” He wouldn’t mind either way but it did seem easier indeed.

Shang Ning also nodded. “Yes, it’s really not bad. Maybe Director Du also thought of this when he asked you to come over today. Anyway, don’t worry about it. There will be some who don’t care about it but they can do something else in the meantime. And for those who are curious, it’s also alright to make your boundaries clear. If there’s something you don’t want to answer, you don’t have to. Just be honest. That is always important.”

Li Ming nodded but he didn’t think that there would be anything he wasn’t willing to share. Anyway, this was just about his job history, right? And maybe they would like to hear a bit more about the process of how he had gotten the idea of becoming a security guard or why he was switching over now.

In fact, considering that he had thought about precisely those questions extensively recently, he felt that today should be a walk in the park. He really couldn’t have found a better day to start out. This way, he could slowly get used to the new role by doing something he was familiar with before switching over to unfamiliar territory.

Rong Xiang glanced at her watch and clicked her tongue. “Aiya, I think we need to hurry up a bit. With all the talking at the side, time sure is flying by.”

Li Ming nodded. Even though the group now had one more pair of helping hands, it didn’t make much of a difference when that pair still needed to be directed all of the time. “Hopefully, I’ll be of more help after I’ve been able to observe for a few days. Right now, I sure feel like I am making more trouble than anything.”

Before Rong Xiang could answer, Shang Ning already slapped his back. “Don’t worry. Anyway, we all started once. When Xiao Ya came here two weeks ago, she was actually doing worse.”

Qiao Ya pursed her lips and huffed. “Sister Shang! How can you pull out my black material just like this?!”

Shang Ning just laughed and waved for her to hurry up. “Don’t delay the time anymore! Everyone will get here soon. We’d better finish before then.”

Thus, everyone hurriedly got back to work to finish up the preparations.

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