RMN C525 Highly Skilled

The disciple smiled and then pulled out a fan, patting his palm while his eyes and lips curved happily. “Right, I didn’t introduce myself yet. My name is Song Yu Zheng. This one is Lu Wei and the one that just brought your … acquaintance over there is called Wen Xiang.” He pointed in their direction with the closed fan but his gaze never left Zhi Guan.

“Nice to meet you.” Zhi Guan nodded but didn’t say more. Honestly, in the Teng Yong Sect, he had never paid much attention to niceties. Neither had he done so when he went out on missions. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand these things but he usually couldn’t be bothered with them. If you had the time for chitchat, you might as well train a few more moves. Over time, this attitude had just become ingrained in his bones.

Song Yu Zheng just laughed as if he didn’t mind this matter. “We joined the sect together back then and have always been working together since. Now being able to be part of our group for a while, you’d better not disappoint me!”

Zhi Guan looked closely at Song Yu Zheng’s eyes. His expression didn’t look serious at all even though it was half-hidden behind the veil as if he was just making small talk. It even reminded him a bit of the way his third junior martial brother sometimes looked when meeting new people. He didn’t dare to let his guard down though. This Song Yu Zheng clearly wasn’t simple. No matter how he laughed and twirled that fan, he couldn’t hide his actual strength.

Zhi Guan gave a hum and lowered his gaze, looking more closely at that fan. “Is that your weapon?” The righteous side often preferred swords but there were other weapons around as well. He had personally never taken an interest in them but he was aware of other disciples who had so he was somewhat familiar with them.

When it came to fans, there weren’t many people who liked to use them. For most, they were an actual accessory, not a weapon. But the one in Song Yu Zheng’s hands was different. Judging by the material, this wasn’t just used for defense and the attacks shouldn’t only be of a spiritual nature. No, this fan could probably even be used for physical attacks. There was a glint to the edges that told him that it was certainly sharp enough for that.

Song Yu Zheng moved next to Zhi Guan and leaned against the wall as well. “What tipped you off?”

Zhi Guan looked back up at his face, wondering what this guy was up to. He had taken that fan out so casually but he didn’t believe it was a coincidence. No, this should be a test. He was trying to see … how perceptive he was?

Zhi Guan couldn’t be sure but it seemed like it for the time being. Maybe there was something he didn’t know though. After all, even though he was familiar with the Yu Shen Sect’s sword arts thanks to his interest in the matter, he wasn’t an actual disciple from the demonic side. There had to be a lot he wasn’t aware of. If Song Yu Zheng used that to lay a trap for him … well, he’d be in trouble.

He gave a hum and then just casually pointed at the fan. “It doesn’t look like it’s just an accessory.”

Song Yu Zheng leaned a little closer. “No? Why would you think so? Is it not fashionable enough?”

Zhi Guan looked at his eyes which had narrowed faintly and had no idea how to react. Did he look like the type who knew what was fashionable? His third junior martial brother probably could have told but … well, he wasn’t the same type as Song Yu Zheng so that might not have helped either.

Thinking of this, Zhi Guan sized Song Yu Zheng up further. He was as tall as him but he had a more slender build. With a fan in hand, he might look rather elegant? But then … “Is that important?” Zhi Guan couldn’t help himself and looked back up into his eyes. To him, fashion sense or whatever, it really wasn’t important. He knew his third junior martial brother cared a lot so he would sometimes bring something back he wanted but he couldn’t muster any interest.

Song Yu Zheng smiled brightly behind the veil. “And here I thought all the people in the Yu Shen Sect were interested in this.”

Zhi Guan tilted his head. There were definitely some sects who followed a certain trend regarding what their disciples were like. This was the same on either side of this war. As for whether it was true for the Yu Shen Sect … he’d be damned if he knew!

Behind the veil, Zhi Guan also smiled faintly. He had thought so from the beginning but this current predicament proved that this Song Yu Zheng was smart. Everything he said was a test but it was so subtle in the beginning that he hadn’t caught on until it was too late.

Now, it would be difficult to extricate himself. But then, he also had experience with missions and he considered himself to have a good head as well even if he usually didn’t care much about anything other than sword arts.

“I couldn’t tell you. Personally, I’ve only ever been interested in honing my skills so I don’t pay attention to these things when it concerns random disciples. But one of my juniors is indeed very interested in this. I remember picking up a hairpin for him once. Sadly, it really was just an ornament. He should really learn from you.” He put on a troubled expression as if he really felt that his junior wasn’t living up to his standards.

As for Song Yu Zheng, he finally laughed and pulled back. This Zhi Lin or whatever he was called, he didn’t trust him one bit but he had to say that his evaluation of him was rather high. If his skills with the sword were as high as those of his tongue … he would be a valuable person if he really stood on their side.

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