OMF V10C125 A Secret of the Heavenly Family

Qiu Ling was lost in thought for a moment but finally forced himself to nod. “Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten.”

Jing He looked at his mother in a daze, unable to accept for a moment that Qiu Ling had already been told. This curse on their family, in fact, he himself had never been told officially. He had only found out by accident and couldn’t even be sure that he was aware of all aspects.

He had never brought it up though, not wanting his parents to know that he had heard. This knowledge had influenced how he behaved for the rest of his life though. Now, Qiu Ling had been told just like that and might have been given the full account of what this curse entailed?

Bai Fen turned to look at her son with a complicated expression after getting Qiu Ling’s promise. She hadn’t said too much just now but she knew that she also had to tell Jing He and in full detail at that. “Jing He, this is something you also ought to know. How about taking a walk?”

Jing He looked at his mother and then at Qiu Ling, not sure what to do.

Qiu Ling reached over and took his hand, squeezing it gently. “It’s alright. Go and have a chat. I …” His mind churned and finally, his gaze slipped toward Qiang Yan. “I will have a chat with your uncle in the meantime.” Anyway, he could use the opportunity to ask for some advice.

Jing He nodded and got to his feet, inclining his head toward his uncle who had stayed silent until now as well. Then, he followed his mother out into the garden.

Qiu Ling turned to Qiang Yan and faintly raised his brows.

Qiang Yan sighed in response and picked up the teacup that had already gone cold, heating it up again before taking a sip. “He wasn’t formally told although I suspect he might have figured some of it out.”

“He wasn’t told?” Qiu Ling blinked his eyes in confusion. Jing He’s expression had seemed a little wrong just now but he had thought that he might just be shy about having their future offspring brought up like that. He was still young after all and their having children was something that shouldn’t be considered for quite some time.

Qiang Yan sighed even more deeply at this time. “You might not realize but this curse on the Heavenly family isn’t exactly widespread knowledge. In fact, other than the family members themselves, nobody should be aware in the whole of the Nine Heavens. And they aren’t advertising this matter either.”

Qiu Ling gave a hum. This much was obvious. “Still, shouldn’t at least Jing He be told?”

Qiang Yan narrowed his eyes, his expression unreadable. “That is precisely the thing though: They don’t talk about it unless they have to. In fact, some of them don’t even if they should.”

Even though he wasn’t saying much, his expression spoke leagues about what was on his mind. Qiu Ling really didn’t need much imagination to figure out the rest of the story. “His mother wasn’t told, was she?”

“No, not until her first child had already died.”

Qiu Ling clicked his tongue. His impression of the Heavenly Emperor had never been good but at this time, he couldn’t help but curse him as a scumbag in his mind. How could you marry a person but keep this kind of matter from them? Wasn’t that just like setting them up for a life of misery? “She couldn’t have taken that well.”

Qiang Yan gave a wry smile. Of course, his sister hadn’t taken it well. If not for being pregnant with Jing He, she absolutely would have left Rong Su right then and there. To this day, their previous relationship had never fully recovered.

He couldn’t blame his sister either. A lie by omission was still a lie and Rong Su had even kept such a big thing from her, finally costing a life. Naturally, Bai Fen couldn’t just forgive and forget. This outcome, Rong Su was responsible for it all by himself. He really didn’t deserve any sympathy.

Qiang Yan tried not to think about the past and instead focus on the present. “This is why she wants you to know so the mistakes of the past won’t repeat themselves. Only if you know can this be prevented.”

“Then why wasn’t Jing He warned?” Actually, he wasn’t surprised that he had been formally told when he got engaged to Jing He. It seemed to be about the right time. After all, telling him before they were official, when there was still a chance of breaking up, wouldn’t do.

This timing ensured keeping this a secret while still allowing him a choice. If he wasn’t able to take it, he could retreat but because they had been close enough, he was unlikely to ever spread this information,

But Jing He was the son of the Heavenly Emperor, the only one who could continue the bloodline of the Heavenly family which was strictly hereditary. How could he not be fully aware of this until the day he got engaged? It didn’t make sense.

Qiang Yan could only sigh. “Bai Fen and Rong Su talked about it. This curse is heavy and just being the Son of Heaven is enough of a burden. They had hoped that Jing He could grow up without this added weight on his shoulders.

“Originally, they wanted to tell him after he came of age. But then …” His expression was a little complicated. “Jing He was a loner for so long, not getting close to anyone. He didn’t even have friends, not to mention a lover. It seemed a bit … overly hasty to tell him before there was a suitable candidate. They were also afraid that it would make it more difficult for him to make a decision regarding his future spouse. Thus, they still kept it for a while longer.”

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