RMN C524 Not Simple

The disciple of the Wu Yun Sect gave a hum and then put on a thoughtful expression. “Well, it’s good that you have that kind of intention. Still, cooperating will be more difficult if your relationship is that bad. How about this? Why don’t you join our team?” He directly ignored Yang Wu Huang and instead looked at Zhi Guan.

In any case, if they followed this idea, there were only benefits in it for them. If his suspicion was right and these two were indeed disciples from the righteous side, they could take their time to figure this guy out and then subdue him. If they managed to turn him in, the Elders and older disciples would definitely praise them and they might even get a reward.

If it turned out that he was indeed a disciple of their side after interacting for a while, then it didn’t matter much. Anyway, this guy was clearly stronger than the other one. When working together, he wouldn’t get in the way and could even give their team an edge. That way, they might also gain merit.

Zhi Guan looked at the disciple with a hint of surprise. He could see what he was doing. It was a bold move considering that they didn’t know his actual strength and also wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on both of them. But then, this was good. If they split up, while he couldn’t guarantee what would happen to Yang Wu Huang, they wouldn’t be as obvious. Maybe that could help them get out of here.

He thought for a bit, his expression only a little complicated. “Will this be alright with your group?” He glanced at the other two disciples, inwardly calculating how strong they might be. From the looks of it, the one that had spoken before was the strongest and should roughly be of the same level as he was. The other two … they should be weaker but not by much. If they teamed up against him, he’d have a rough time winning.

The disciple simply smiled. “Oh, don’t worry about it. We’re only three people anyway. Also, isn’t the Dong Hai Sect especially well-versed in arrays? That’s a valuable skill to have!”

Zhi Guan blinked his eyes. “I’m from the Yu She Sect. We focus on sword arts.” He didn’t change his expression when he said so and didn’t check the robe again either.

Before he took the robes from the disciples, he had observed the patrols for a long time. Of course, there had been many disciples from different sects, some of which he wasn’t familiar with. As luck would have it, when he finally found a group to attack, the disciple whose robe he ended up with had been from a sect that focused on sword practice.

This way, he could indeed pretend to be one of their experienced disciples. After all, he himself had always focused on learning the way of the sword and while he had mostly learned the sword arts of the Teng Yong Sect, he had also learned a lot of different techniques while outside.

As for the skills of the Yu She Sect … well, to be honest, he might be somewhat familiar with them. They weren’t his favorite set of sword arts because you needed a special type of sword for them that differed from the one he usually used but he had studied them despite that. After all, he was trying to master the sword completely. Learning every skill he could and deducing the truth of the sword from that were a given.

The disciple of the Wu Yun Sect laughed. “Oh, right, that was my fault. With so many sects coming together, it’s difficult to keep everyone apart. Either way, it doesn’t matter. The Yu She Sect’s skills are also welcome. Right, guys?” He turned to the disciple next to him and raised his brows.

“Sure!” The disciple gave him a look as well, guessing some of his friend’s thoughts. He turned back to Zhi Guan and smiled behind the veil. “I’m actually not bad with the sword myself. If there’s time later on, we should definitely exchange some pointers.”

Zhi Guan gave a hum and inclined his head. Actually, he’d really like to do that. No matter who it was or which sect they came from, as long as they followed the way of the sword, he’d love to try his hand in a fight against them!

The first disciple laughed again. “Oh, I see that the two of you will get along really well.” He turned to the third disciple in his group and blinked his eyes. “Why don’t you go and find a group for that guy then?”

He motioned over at Yang Wu Huang who was following the whole exchange with a wary expression. Compared to Zhi Guan who seemed completely at home, his behavior was definitely much more suspicious. Although then again, if there really was a conflict with the other person in his team, it wouldn’t be too strange. Especially if the people from the Wu Yun Sect who approached them seemed to get along with the person who wanted to kill him.

The third disciple smiled and waved at Yang Wu Huang. “Come on then. I’ll do you the favor and introduce you to another group from our Wu Yun Sect. You definitely won’t suffer any losses if you’re with them.”

Yang Wu Huang glanced at Zhi Guan, not sure if this was a blessing in disguise or not. In the end, he didn’t have a choice anyway. He could only nod and follow the disciple further into the hall.

Zhi Guan’s gaze followed him and he gave a hum before shaking his head and turning back to the two remaining disciples of the Wu Yun Sect. “Thank you. Now, I at least won’t have to see his ugly face.”

The first disciple continued to smile. “Sure thing. Anyway, we’re all on the same side so we should work together against our common enemy. What use is in-fighting at this stage? You can still get back to that after we’ve won this round.”

Zhi Guan nodded as if he was of the same opinion. Inwardly, he cautioned himself though. This guy … he definitely wasn’t simple.

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