RMN C523 Not as Easily Duped

Zhi Guan retracted his gaze but Yang Wu Huang still felt on edge. He also knew that Yun Bei Fen’s first senior martial brother likely couldn’t stand him. The fact that he of all people had come to save him was surprising enough. Now, could he really trust him?

He furtively glanced around, wondering if there wasn’t a chance to escape on his own. Anyway, he was out of the dungeons now, and even though he had been imprisoned for quite some time, he actually hadn’t been tortured or even harmed lightly. At most, he had to live with the derision of the demonic practitioners and some scare tactics. Thus, he was still in a good condition and with their current disguise, it wasn’t like anyone would recognize them.

Just as he was thinking this, he caught the gaze of one of the demonic practitioners. Yang Wu Huang froze and hurriedly looked away but it was already too late.

The demonic practitioner jabbed the one next to him in the side with his elbow and motioned over to the two of them. The group of three that had originally been standing around talking quietly slowly made their way over, giving Yang Wu Huang a look from head to toe.

The one that had noticed him first finally spoke up. “You are looking especially shifty, my friend. You wouldn’t happen to be a disciple from the other side in disguise, would you?”

Yang Wu Huang wanted to loudly protest but next to him, Zhi Guan already huffed.

“Does he look like he is smart enough for that?” He had his arms crossed in front of his chest while leaning against the wall and gave Yang Wu Huang an especially frightening look as if he could swallow him whole.

The demonic practitioner raised an eyebrow. “Oh?” To be honest, he didn’t believe that they weren’t from the other side just because Zhi Guan spoke up. Nobody knew how many disciples there were. So far, the news from outside spoke of one guy and by now, the guards that had been guarding the dungeon had also reported that one disciple was missing. So it was entirely possible that there were only two of them. Considering how suspicious this one guy had just looked, he felt like there was a chance that they might have gotten the right ones by accident.

Zhi Guan didn’t bother about the demonic practitioner though. Instead, he still stared at Yang Wu Huang. “You better pray that my sister doesn’t tire of you. Whenever she does, I swear I’ll make you regret ever being born.” He tilted his head, his eyes narrowing into slits. “Or maybe I’ll just use the opportunity today and dispose of you outside. Who wants to prove it wasn’t those guys from the righteous side?”

Yang Wu Huang tensed. He wasn’t necessarily quick to catch on and his acting wasn’t that good in the first place. Otherwise, he would have been a lot more popular in the Teng Yong Sect with how he always pretended to be a good person. But the thing was … he didn’t feel like Zhi Guan was acting at all.

Even though there was definitely no sister he knew of, the extreme dislike seemed real. It was a weird act echoing what he had already been thinking about anyway, just that Zhi Guan seemed even more like he would do something to him to take revenge.

Seeing that gaze, Yang Wu Huang actually took half a step back, afraid of what would happen next. Anyway, even if he tried to push down his fear of Zhi Guan and look at this logically, he seemed to be in a tough situation.

According to Yang Wu Huang’s own values, abandoning another disciple to save your own hide was absolutely possible even if they were of the same sect. In this case, there was already enmity between them as well. So if Zhi Guan really felt that his chances of getting out of here alive would be higher if he got rid of him … well, if it was him, he knew what he’d do.

The demonic practitioners watched the act between the two of them. One of them couldn’t help but whistle, feeling like they had finally stumbled over something interesting that could drive off the boredom of having to wait before they could all leave. “Seems like somebody doesn’t know what’s good for them!”

The disciple that had originally caught Yang Wu Huang’s weird behavior narrowed his eyes. This outburst of anger and that act of fear indeed seemed quite real. It also matched the shifty behavior of that guy before. Still, he felt that something was wrong. He couldn’t say what exactly it was but he didn’t intend to just believe them.

He rubbed his fingers, his own eyes narrowing as well. “Your sister, you say?” This was the only information that had been revealed so far. If he wanted to figure out the truth, this was the clue that should be followed.

Zhi Guan huffed. “Why? You know her?”

The disciple turned to look at him in confusion. “Why would I know her? I don’t even know you!”

Zhi Guan glanced at the robes of the three disciples. Apparently, they were all from the same sect. In fact, even worse, these were disciples of the Wu Yun Sect which was the one in the lead on the demonic side.

Zhi Guan’s expression changed and he finally cleared his throat. “My name is Zhi Lin.” He looked away and then motioned over to Yang Wu Huang. “Just forget what you just heard. Even if I’m angry, I also won’t make trouble in this kind of situation. I can reign myself in for the benefit of the overall situation.”

The disciple that had just questioned him gave a hum. That reaction just now … it was indeed what the disciples of the Wu Yun Sect were used to. Since they were the ones leading this whole operation, others would naturally show respect to them. This guy probably just hadn’t really registered who they were.

Realizing this, his suspicion slightly decreased. Still, he wasn’t yet completely at ease. After all, not every disciple on the demonic side was as easily duped as the ones Zhi Guan had come by before.

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