RMN C522 Getting Difficult

While everyone on that side had been working hard, Zhi Guan and Yang Wu Huang had made their way over to the main entrance of the demonic practitioners’ headquarters just as they had planned. Unfortunately, it seemed like their bad luck was about to run out.

When they got close, they found a huge group of people gathered in the main hall. Zhi Guan motioned for Yang Wu Huang to stop where he was and then quietly stood to the side, observing what everyone was doing.

The demonic practitioners didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere. Just like them, they were wearing the robes of their specific sects and a veil to cover their mouth and nose so it was impossible to recognize anyone. They had also gathered in twos or threes, at most standing in a small group of five people. Most of them were quiet but some were also talking in hushed voices.

Zhi Guan leaned against the wall and closed his eyes halfway, pretending to rest while he was actually listening in on their conversations.

“It seems they found one of our disciples hidden underground and stripped of his robe. It’s really no wonder the leading disciples are cranking up the security. Who knows where that group of people went by now? They could be mixed in anywhere.”

“Mn. The veils don’t help either. I wonder if that was part of their ploy in the first place.”

Another disciple clicked his tongue. “Then you’re not up to date. The disciple they found was indeed unconscious and they found some traces of the material those guys from the righteous side are said to have used. There is definitely more to it than this just being a smokescreen.”

“Well, it might be both though. We can’t trust any news right now.”

Zhi Guan didn’t glance in the direction of the disciples even after hearing that. If he paid too much attention, they might become suspicious. Just hearing their words was enough anyway. It seemed that the demonic side had already caught onto what was happening. From here on out, it wouldn’t be as easy to move ahead.

Zhi Guan’s brows slightly furrowed. Come to think of it, it had been quite simple to get inside. Was it really just that his acting was impeccable? Or could it be that he was actually the one who had stepped into a trap? He hadn’t forgotten how he had been let inside the time he came to rescue Kui Min. That had definitely premeditated so who was to say that it was any different this time around?

Zhi Guan forced his expression back to a neutral one when he thought of that. He couldn’t let anyone catch on to even the slightest of traces that something was wrong with him.

His gaze slipped toward the gate. There were at least three dozen people between the place where they stood and that end of the hall. And even if they managed to make it there, there would be guards directly outside the gate, not to mention all the other disciples out there conducting the search for the group of disciples that had supposedly snuck in. Also, he couldn’t be sure that there wasn’t a room full of reinforcements close by. It had been some time since he checked the flower map, after all.

Zhi Guan narrowed his eyes and then retracted his gaze. What was surprising was that the gate hadn’t opened even once since they arrived. So … what exactly were they waiting for? To go out on a regular patrol? Or to help with the search for the righteous practitioners that had broken in? Or could it be there was something else completely?

Zhi Guan focused on the conversations around him again but the few disciples that were talking only focused on the topic of the break-in. Based on that, it seemed like they were indeed all here because of that. Even though he couldn’t guarantee it, the likelihood of that being the case was high.

Zhi Guan hesitated for a moment but finally decided to just risk it. Anyway, he didn’t know his way around this place. While the flower map could help, it was only able to show him where disciples of the demonic sects were gathered at a certain moment in time. He could infer some things from that but he couldn’t use it to find a way outside. Thus, he could only rely on his own intuition and ability to deduct the state of things from the clues he found around him.

For a moment, he couldn’t help but think of blue butterfly again. With her ability, getting out of here wouldn’t have been a problem. But seeing as there was a certain risk that the demonic practitioners had found a way to counter that ability, it naturally couldn’t be risked.

Anyway, he had never been one to sneak around. Since he had dared to come here to break out one of their disciples, then he would naturally go through with it until the end. There was no way he’d turn back and give up just like that. It was just a pity that the person he was doing this for wasn’t worth it at all.

Zhi Guan glanced at Yang Wu Huang, feeling that this person was really troublesome. In fact, if anything happened, it would probably be because of him. Unfortunately, he was currently needed for their plan. Otherwise, just leaving him here might not have been the worst decision in the current situation. They could still try to save him after the overall war had been won.

Next to him, Yang Wu Huang tensed after he noticed Zhi Guan’s gaze. He had no idea what Yun Bei Fen’s first senior martial brother was thinking but somehow, he didn’t like the expression in his eyes. He opened his mouth to ask but remembering Zhi Guan’s earlier warning, he finally stayed silent. Anyway, considering that they were both on enemy territory right now, this guy shouldn’t do anything outrageous, right?

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