OMF V10C120 Just Wait a Little Longer

Jing He stared at him with wide eyes. Qiu Ling was really too assertive. Just saying something like this … Naturally, it wasn’t wrong but he never would have been so bold as to say it. Still, he also couldn’t bring himself to lie and pretend this wasn’t the case. In the end, Jing He lowered his head, neither daring to advance nor retreat. He could only leave all the decisions to Qiu Ling. But then, that was how it should be.

Qiu Ling wished Jing He would say something but he could hardly force him. He reached up and brushed through his hair, giving yet another hum. “Ah, I missed this.” He gently pulled him closer, his fingers curling around the satiny strands.

If he were to compare both incarnations of Jing He’s soul, he could find some similarities but also many differences. The way Jing He looked and how his hair felt when running his fingers through it was definitely one of the latter. It might be superficial to pay much attention to it but … well, he liked it. Regarding Jing He’s appearance, there was simply not a spot he found unsatisfactory.

No, this kind of perfection was almost unreal. It was as if he were in a beautiful dream, only seeing what he wished for the most. Otherwise, how could such a perfect being exist?

Jing He raised his head and looked at Qiu Ling in a daze. They had certainly hugged in the past but usually, it hadn’t felt like this. Those hugs had either been short moments where Qiu Ling seemingly subconsciously reached out to him or something that could only be called an obvious attempt at seduction.

Right now though, it felt … different. He didn’t know what to call it even after thinking about it for a while. The main difference seemed to be that Qiu Ling was holding him for a longer time and yet never moved to do anything else. There were no kisses, no caresses, no intimate placements of his hands. It seemed as if he truly just wanted to hold him.

Jing He wasn’t sure what to do with this for a while. He felt anxious at this sudden change but then, he reflected on what had just happened. Could it be … because they were about to make their relationship official with one side of his family, Qiu Ling was now thinking differently?

Yes, after his mother and uncle knew, there wouldn’t be a need to desperately pursue him any longer. At that time, it would be safe to say that the pursuit had come to an end and they would enter a stable relationship. Of course, without his father’s approval, it couldn’t quite be called an official relationship yet and couldn’t even be announced but in a sense, they would be much closer to that goal.

Realizing that the future he was hoping for was almost in his grasp, even Jing He couldn’t resist for once. He relaxed in Qiu Ling’s arms, letting the hug continue. He even dared to reach up when Qiu Ling continued to stay silent, the fingertips of one hand gently brushing against the embroidered belt that accentuated Qiu Ling’s waist while the fingers on his other hand faintly curled around the fabric at his chest.

He took a deep breath and was greeted by the scent that usually accompanied Qiu Ling. There didn’t seem to be anything special about it. Clearly, he wasn’t the type to use a specific incense or oil. He just smelled clean and fresh but it was this scent that inspired a sense of security and gave him comfort.

Jing He closed his eyes and leaned more of his weight on Qiu Ling. When it came to his fiance, this much should be alright. Yes, there was nothing outrageous about this. It was just a comforting hug before a difficult conversation.

Qiu Ling had been preoccupied with his own thoughts of wonder at finally having Jing He back at his side. When time passed and his beloved actually leaned in his arms, he woke up though. His eyes widened and he looked at the person in shock. This … seemed different from usual?

He wasn’t sure what to make of it but he certainly wouldn’t complain. Instead, he continued to hold him, not mentioning going over immediately. No, if he could embrace him for a while longer, they might as well go a little later.

Qiu Ling was happy and couldn’t help but give a hum after a bit more time had passed. He lowered his head, his lips almost touching the tip of Jing He’s ear. “You know, this is nice. I wish we could do this more often.”

Jing He shuddered lightly when he felt Qiu Ling’s breath on his skin. His lips parted but he wasn’t sure what to say. He also thought it was nice and maybe it wouldn’t be wrong to admit it. Not when they were about to make it official.

But then, while they had agreed to do so, it wasn’t like they had already done it. Thus, it might be better to wait a little while longer. Yes, just s bit, until they had truly told his mother and uncle. After all, who knew what could happen on the way? Maybe they would be delayed and then, finally, they couldn’t tell the two of them today at all. What then?

He knew he might be thinking too much. After all, it was only a hug. That shouldn’t be too much. But then, their relationship had long been ambiguous. It might be better not to allow for any more worrying behavior to occur. Anyway, if everything went well, then it would indeed not be long anymore until there would be nothing wrong with this. Why not wait until then? After ten years, he could wait a few more hours or even a few more days. It mattered little to him.

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