RMN C519 Can’t Let Go!

Shang Qiang nodded when Tong Chen reminded him and directly grabbed Yun Bei Fen to pull him out of Mei Chao Bing’s arms. He had come out as soon as this guy returned with blue butterfly and quietly listened, feeling that this was best left to Tong Chen to figure out. Before that, he had managed to sort through all the arrays he felt he could teach Yun Bei Fen though. Thus, they could directly start and deal with that until those other disciples returned.

Mei Chao Bing wasn’t sure what was going on but seeing that the other person was one of the four guardians, he let go of Yun Bei Fen. Anyway, there shouldn’t be any danger and it had sounded like they even intended to pass on some knowledge. Wasn’t that a great opportunity?

Unfortunately, Yun Bei Fen thought differently. He naturally wanted to grow stronger and he knew that he needed to learn more for that but … he also didn’t want to leave Mei Chao Bing’s side! “Mei Chao Bing!” He called out and hurriedly grabbed his waist more tightly so he couldn’t be plucked off and carried away by other people.

The white jade raised his brows, feeling that this behavior was too shameful. “What’s with this? Weren’t you perfectly alright learning from the red priest earlier? Why are you suddenly making so much trouble when it’s my turn?!” He had also wanted to give it a try before but somehow, Yan Jian Hong had stolen the first spot from him. Now, it turned out that his knowledge of arrays would likely be much more useful to pass on but they had wasted so much time. How could this boy still be like this?!

Yun Bei Fen turned his head and looked at the white jade with a scrunched-up face. “But my senior martial brother Mei is back. He just arrived as well!”

Shang Qiang looked at him with an exasperated expression. “So you don’t want to learn any longer?”

At the side, Elder Baili quietly facepalmed. Inside, he couldn’t help but feel a little pacified though. Just look at this! It wasn’t that all the sects’ guardians were better as teachers than he was. No, that kind of patience and understanding seemed only inherent to the red priest. This white jade was clearly just as useless as him! Ah, no … actually, he was even more useless. He still hadn’t figured out how to coax the child, after all.

Seeing as he was the Elder with more experience in this case, Baili Chao stepped forward and cleared his throat, getting the attention of the three people.

Yun Bei Fen looked up at him with an aggrieved expression, feeling that his Master might want to join hands with the guardian to separate him from Mei Chao Bing. His Master was always nagging him to do this and that and not only focus on Mei Chao Bing all day so it was entirely possible. It was really mean though!

Elder Baili tried to ignore his little disciple’s accusing gaze and instead turned to look at Mei Chao Bing and then the white jade. “How about just going together? Anyway, Yang Wu Huang should expect to see the two of them together so this would also be more believable.

“It could also provide guardian white jade with a smokescreen. He surely wouldn’t expect a third person to be in the room after all. When my first disciple brings him back, these two can just come out to pretend to want to see what is going on while the guardian can remain inside and then enter guardian blue butterfly’s dreamscape.”

White jade didn’t mind either way. He only cared whether this disciple would be willing to follow in this case. He turned to look at the two of them and then widened his eyes in surprise. Suddenly, the aggrieved little disciples had turned obedient at once, nodding cutely while hugging his senior martial brother. Or, no, actually, it looked a lot more as if he was rubbing his senior martial brother’s chest affectionately …

Shang Qiang shook his head to get rid of that idea and then turned around while waving his hand. “I don’t care. Let’s just start. We don’t have that much time any longer.”

Elder Baili gave a hum and then urged Mei Chao Bing and Yun Bei Fen to follow already. As for himself, he returned to his own room, not wanting to disturb the other two guardians that were in the process of entering the dreamscape.

Yun Bei Fen also didn’t complain any longer. He followed Mei Chao Bing obediently, clinging onto him every step of the way. Don’t kid him! He finally had Mei Chao Bing back and he was well aware that it would only be for a short amount of time. Maybe in a few hours, his beloved senior martial brother would have to leave again already. He had to use every minute that he had!

As a result, when white jade sat down at the table to teach the little one, he looked up only to find Mei Chao Bing sitting opposite him with Yun Bei Fen on his lap, arms wrapped around each other. “You guys …” White jade’s brows furrowed tightly. Was this an atmosphere to learn in?

Mei Chao Bing could only look at the guardian with a faint hint of embarrassment. But then, he also couldn’t bring himself to push Yun Bei Fen away so he could only try to pretend that all of this was normal.

Yun Bei Fen naturally didn’t see anything wrong with this either. Hadn’t he always clung to Mei Chao Bing like this after they confirmed their relationship? Between fiances, this didn’t seem strange at all, did it?

Thus, he only looked at white jade curiously, finally blinking his eyes when the other didn’t move. “Didn’t you want to teach me something?”

His meaning was clear: Since you were so eager, then finally go ahead and don’t waste my time! Otherwise, I want to cuddle my senior martial brother alone! At the very least, this was the meaning Shang Qiang somehow understood, making his lips twitch.

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