RMN C520 Some Basic Arrays

Even though Shang Qiang felt that this disciple was not principled enough, he still pulled out a stack of papers and pushed it to the other side of the table. This was the result of his sorting out the basic knowledge the disciples of their Li Ren Sect would learn.

Basically, he had drawn all of the basic arrays that didn’t need one to be flexible and adjust anything. As long as Yun Bei Fen learned them just as they were, he’d be able to use them if his ability really worked as they thought right now. Naturally, the papers alone wouldn’t allow him to do that though.

“I’ve drawn all the arrays you should try to learn. You can use these for reference in the future in case you forget something. Now, I’ll demonstrate how to do them one by one.”

He looked at Yun Bei Fen seriously and raised his index finger. “When it comes to drawing arrays, you can either directly draw them with spiritual energy or draw them and then imbue spiritual energy at a specific point. I’ll show you both versions.” Saying so, Shang Qiang picked the array that was drawn on the paper on top of the stack, and slowly drew it on the top of the table as thin lines of spiritual energy.

Yun Bei Fen watched curiously but inwardly, he couldn’t help but think that this time might be wasted. He wouldn’t have a problem remembering the arrays themselves. Anyway, while he might not understand much, his memory usually wasn’t bad when it came to these things. The problem was that even after practicing with the red priest earlier, his command of spiritual energy had only faintly improved. He would never be able to draw an array with such thin and continuous lines.

Actually, watching white jade draw on the table, he understood a bit more why people had given him the name. He originally hadn’t felt much when he saw his face. After all, he had spent almost every day seeing Luo Lin since he entered the Teng Yong Sect fifteen years ago.

No matter what kind of beautiful person you showed him, he wouldn’t have a big reaction anymore. Between the guardian in front of him and his third senior martial brother, he even felt that the latter was prettier and would fit the name of ‘jade’ better.

When drawing though, white jade looked very elegant, the movements of his hands able to draw a person in. Even his third senior martial brother might not be a match in that regard although he definitely also had a certain elegance to his movements.

Either way, Yun Bei Fen watched closely and felt that it looked really pretty. It was a pity he wouldn’t be able to repeat it. But then, maybe he didn’t have to! He looked at white jade and blinked his eyes in anticipation. “So, how does the other version work?” Anyway, if there was another way, then he still had hope! He shouldn’t give up before having seen everything.

White jade narrowed his eyes in annoyance. Was this child not even going to try? He sighed but still pulled a small box out of his spatial bag and then followed it with another bag. Opening the latter, he poured some sand into the box until the ground was covered.

Yun Bei Fen watched curiously, feeling that this was rather odd. Would he have to carry a box and sand with him if he wanted to use the other version? That seemed a bit impractical …

Before Yun Bei Fen could ask, white jade already reached out and drew the same array into the sand. This time, he didn’t use any spiritual energy though, and simply drew the array like a picture before looking up. “As I said, the spiritual energy can be imbued later on. For this, it’s important that the array has a physical form though. Thus, you can’t do this on a hard surface unless you have something to carve it in there.”

“Oh! So that is why you can’t do it on the table and need the sand.” He suddenly felt enlightened. In that case, he likely wouldn’t need to carry the sand. He just had to find a good spot.

White jade nodded. “Exactly. Now, what’s important if you do it like this is that you need to pick a good place to imbue the spiritual energy. The form of the array will help to distribute it.” He frowned, wondering if he should explain this more. The disciples of their Li Ren Sect were taught the basics early on and there was definitely some benefit in knowing them. But they didn’t have much time left and he wasn’t sure if it would even do anything for Yun Bei Fen.

This child clearly wasn’t too smart. Sure, he could explain the theory behind but it might take a long time, and then how would he teach him the other arrays? Thinking about it this way, it seemed it would be best to ignore this. In the worst case, the theory could still be taught later on.

He nodded to himself, then pointed at a spot in the middle of the array. “Let’s just say you want to find a spot where some lines cross. It’s good if it’s somewhere in the center and has a certain balance on all sides. It will also work if it’s on the outer lines though. I’ll point out some good spots for each of the arrays so try to remember them.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded. He didn’t understand why exactly some spots were better than others or how it worked but if the guardian said it was important, he would naturally remember it.

White jade nodded and then started to point out three spots where he could imbue energy.

Mei Chao Bing watched the interaction with a thoughtful expression and finally pulled a brush out of his spatial bag, as well as some colored ink. “Guardian, since there are many arrays, might I suggest marking these spots down for future reference? Even if Fen’er can remember a lot, I’m not sure he’ll be able to remember everything at once.”

White jade looked at him in surprise but finally nodded. “Sure. You do it. I’ll continue to explain.” With that, he rubbed over the sand and then motioned at it. “You try it, child. If it looks even half-decent, I’ll show you the next one.” Anyway, he didn’t need him to master the array at once. He just needed him to have a basic understanding and remember the shape. Everything else could be perfected later even when he was alone.

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