RMN C518 Not a Believable Message

For a long time, nobody said a word. Yun Bei Fen didn’t dare to make any guesses about whether what the black warrior said was right or wrong. It did seem like he should hope it wasn’t but how much he should worry about this … he wasn’t too sure about that.

As for everyone else, they couldn’t help but pondered what kind of future this would lead to if the black warrior’s words turned out to be true. In short, it wouldn’t be good. Putting it in a slightly more detailed manner, this would mean that they would have to confront an even stronger foe than before after already exhausting much of their strength. Even one of the four great righteous sects falling wouldn’t be impossible under such circumstances.

The red priest finally furrowed his brows. “I’m afraid we can’t keep this silent.”

The black warrior didn’t answer immediately. Of course, the sects could prepare more with an appropriate warning but the problem was that how this kind of warning should be delivered was doubtful.

The existence of the four of them was a curse and a blessing to the sects. Their abilities gave their sects an edge in comparison to other sects in the same way that the physical positions of their sect grounds did. At the same time, both meant that there was danger.

The sects’ positions would always be coveted by others because they were so excellent. At the same time, if their own strength grew too much, the sects would be afraid to be unable to control them. Thus, they’d rather keep them hidden and tied to their platforms in the name of protecting the sect and the array. In reality, it was to stunt their future growth so they wouldn’t become a danger to the sect.

It could be imagined what the Sect Masters and Elders would think if the four guardians now stepped forward to explain the danger lurking in the chasm. Their first question wouldn’t be how to stop this threat but how the four of them had found out about it. The following questions would be uncomfortable at best and at the end of it, he doubted they would have gotten any closer to a solution for the actual problem.

The black warrior’s brows furrowed tightly when he imagined such a time. He himself didn’t need to worry much. The Teng Yong Sect’s current Sect Master was unconventional and had always trusted him wholeheartedly. With his ability, he also wouldn’t have any trouble explaining how he had come into this knowledge. The other three were a different matter though.

Of course, there was the possibility of him telling Zhang Guan Yu about this and then having him send messengers to the other three sects to inform them. But the problem was that the sects weren’t working as closely together as before. Clearly, the brotherhood from all those millennia ago had already broken down. The messengers might meet with distrust and not be believed. Then what?

He sighed after thinking it through and shook his head. “We will be hard-pressed to make the sects believe this.”

The other guardians sighed as well, naturally understanding his thought process.

In the ensuing silence, Mei Chao Bing cleared his throat. “What if … we borrowed the demonic sects’ name to make the sects aware of this?”

The other three guardians turned to look at him while Tong Chen faintly raised his brows and spoke up. “You mean we could pretend that you found this information in the time when you infiltrated them.”

Mei Chao Bing gave a hum. “That or pretend it was Zhi Guan who found out. In fact, the latter should work better. His credibility is much higher than mine.” Anyway, the plan was to pretend that he had defected from the righteous side and become a true disciple of the Wu Yun Sect. Even if the plan worked perfectly and they managed to defeat the demonic sects so his name could be washed clean again, some doubts would likely remain in the heads of the people on the righteous side.

If the situation was as dire as they feared, they didn’t have the luxury to let everyone carefully probe around to assuage their fear of this just being yet another plan laid out by his Master. No, they would need to act as soon as possible. Thus, it was best to spread the news as something Zhi Guan had found out.

In fact, this was a rather plausible explanation as well. After all, Zhi Guan often went out to train and had just recently forged a new weapon for his little junior that he apparently tested in the chasm. Not to mention that the magical box that cleaned up half the chasm had come from his second junior martial brother so it was sensible to assume it had been given to Zhi Guan.

Considering all of this, why shouldn’t Zhi Guan be the one who had found out about the problem in the chasm? Even without mentioning blue butterfly, it was entirely possible that Zhi Guan had traveled to the chasm and done all of this before returning to the border town and warning his Master and Elder Xing so they would spread the message.

Blue butterfly nodded fervently when she heard the suggestion, also thinking of their previous journey to the chasm. “Yes, this would make sense! Also, we can already spread the message while you are still with the demonic sects. This way, we won’t lose as much time and the sects can begin their investigation already.”

Tong Chen nodded but his expression wasn’t as eager. He understood what blue butterfly meant but he didn’t trust that the sects would really be spurred into action that soon. Well, that was one reason more not to wait. “In that case, let’s take care of that as soon as he returns. Before that …” He turned to Shang Qiang and raised his brows. “I believe you had something you wanted to teach Yun Bei Fen? You’d better get to that immediately. We can’t stay here much longer.

“In fact … I believe the two of us should already get into the dreamscape. It wouldn’t do to be accidentally discovered by that other disciple.” With that, he motioned for Yan Jian Hong to get ready. Hiding one person on short notice was still easy but with three, it would be difficult. Thus, they had better prepare early on.

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