SML V6C46 I Told You So!

Zhu Yi got home just shortly before Rong Xiang finished making the food. Seeing Li Ming at the table with the laptop and folder at the side, he smiled brightly. “Looks like the two of you managed to finish everything you wanted to.”

He knew that Rong Xiang had laid the groundwork for the course long ago, both in regard to the content and the marketing. Thus, he didn’t think that they would’ve needed more than this evening to decide on the last questions regarding the course.

Also, knowing his girlfriend, she definitely wouldn’t have stopped working if they hadn’t made a lot of progress. At the very least, anything that had still been up in the air should have been discussed until a solution was found. At most, they might have a few minor details left to talk about to finalize the whole project.

Li Ming smiled in response but felt that this wasn’t a conversation he should have with Zhu Yi. Anyway, even though contrary to the practical courses Zhu Yi and he taught, he was now also part of actually shaping the content of the new courses, when it came down to it, he was still just their employee. The final decisions would always be up to them.

Not to mention that Zhu Yi and Rong Xiang were literally a couple. After one of them came home in the evening after a long day at work, the person they wanted to speak to certainly wasn’t a co-worker or even friend but their partner. Naturally, they wouldn’t ignore him but especially on this topic that they had originally started together and now had to somewhat split, it just seemed right to leave the stage to them and pretend to be a background prop.

It was questionable whether Zhu Yi and Rong Xiang saw matters the same way but Rong Xiang still looked over her shoulder when her boyfriend came in, greeting him with a smile. “Well, wasn’t that just as expected? After always hearing about how well the two of you work together, you shouldn’t have a doubt that this would work out.” She laughed and shook her head, clearly just teasing him.

Turning serious again, her eyes were still glittering with satisfaction. “To be honest though, I couldn’t have imagined myself that it would work this well. I can show you later but I have no doubt that if we continue to work like this, we could start with the courses earlier than expected.”

“This awesome!” Zhu Yi leaned down to hug her and give her a kiss before smiling smugly and wriggling his eyebrows. “Well, I knew this was the right decision the moment Ah Ming and I finished the first course together and talked it over afterward.”

Yes, he might have taught the course alone before that and gathered some experience but it was still different doing it with a partner. At that time, the two of them slowly get used to working together, their cooperation getting better each week.

By the time the course had ended and feedback from the participants rolled in, Zhu Yi had sat down with Li Ming to talk it over just the two of them as well. He hadn’t been sure if Li Ming would want this considering that he was technically his boss or how he would behave while doing so but he had been surprised in a positive way. Not only did Li Ming say yes immediately, but he was also very serious about it, stating where he saw their strengths and weaknesses with no fear of trouble arising.

Maybe this was also due to the fact that they had worked well together so Li Ming didn’t feel the difference in their positions as much and instead just met him at eye level. Either way, he had been happy about it. From there, the talk changed from just talking about their cooperation to the content of the course as well.

Zhu Yi had never doubted that the course he and Rong Xiang came up with was good. But, of course, nothing was perfect, and adjusting what you were doing based on the reactions you got and the changing circumstances was important.

By then, he had been working with somebody else so he had naturally needed to make adjustments. And after doing the course with two people teaching for the first time, there naturally were more issues that came to light. Anyway, the important part was that Li Ming had been helpful in the process so Zhu Yi had immediately thought of him when Rong Xiang wanted to start a theory course.

His girlfriend also couldn’t argue with what he was saying. She simply shook her head at him and patted his cheek. “Yeah, you were exactly right! Anyway, we even managed to finalize the detailed content for the info events already. Right now, there are only the details for the course itself pending but I didn’t want to do that today as well. You also have to rest a bit, after all.”

“Sure, you do!” Zhu Yi glanced at the dishes in front of her and smiled brightly. “Seems like you didn’t have much of a break yet though. But that’s a lucky coincidence because neither did I.” He beamed at her and then turned to Li Ming. “You are staying for dinner, right?”

Li Ming nodded. “Yes, Sister Rong already made sure I knew that was expected.”

Zhu Yi gave a hum. “That’s just right. Anyway, from the looks of it, it’s time to get started directly. You two wait a moment. I’ll go and wash my hands first. I’ll be back in a minute!” With those words, he rushed off, really looking as if he would only need one minute to get ready.

Rong Xiang shook her head, turned off the stovetop, and started to carry over the dishes.

Li Ming just opened his mouth to ask if he should help when she already shook her head again.

“Since you’re a guest now, you can continue behaving like one. If not for Ah Yi talking so much just now, this could have been done already.” She chuckled but didn’t seem to be angry. Instead, she just seemed a bit amused about how easily her boyfriend had been distracted.

Seeing her like this, Li Ming also couldn’t say anything and just nodded.

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