RMN C513 Some Neglected Requirements

Yun Bei Fen had needed several hours to get to this point. In fact, just as he thought, even now, he wouldn’t be able to imbue spiritual energy without cracking the bead if the red priest handed him another one. His control over what he had just figured out was simply too shoddy.

Despite that, Yun Bei Fen was happy enough. Any progress was good progress. So with this step in the right direction, he threw himself into practicing the move further.

Behind him, the red priest watched quietly. Originally, he had given up any hope that Yun Bei Fen would be able to use his ability for techniques like this. Now though, he was reconsidering that stance.

This youth clearly didn’t know much when it came to the actual use of spiritual energy. He had apparently only ever taken it in and followed the most basic cultivation technique to raise his level. His understanding was low though. He couldn’t attack, he could barely defend, and even the ability to move using spiritual energy seemed limited. With this kind of basis, how could he match a skill?

Yan Jian Hong narrowed his eyes. In the cultivation world, what they dubbed ‘cultivation’ was a rather large field of different techniques. You could cultivate sword arts or the use of other weapons, spiritual energy, making talismans or arrays … there was a wide range of possibilities and each of them had different requirements of a person.

The Li Ren Sect focused on arrays which had a high requirement in theoretical thinking. If your comprehension ability was low, they weren’t the right sect for you. At the same time, you needed some aptitude when it came to spiritual cultivation as well. After all, energy needed to be imbued for an array to work. This energy could be substituted though. Thus, the only real requirement was the comprehension ability of the disciples.

The Teng Yong Sect was a sect that mostly focused on spiritual cultivation even though there were some weapon enthusiasts like Zhi Guan among them. To do so, you needed the aptitude first and foremost. A high comprehension ability helped but even if it was low, you could make it on this path if you possessed qualities like endurance and simply practiced more. You might not make it to the same heights as others but it was doable to become a decent cultivator.

In contrast, learning sword arts didn’t require the same aptitude in regard to your spiritual field but instead had high demands of the physical body. You could strengthen it through the use of medicine or even just by practicing itself but the fact remained that some people had a higher starting point and a higher place they could reach.

Now, when learning a skill with an ability such as Yun Bei Fen’s … he was afraid there might also be some requirements they previously hadn’t thought about.

Actually, it made sense. They just needed to think of their own abilities to figure this out: Tong Chen could ‘see’ the future but because he was blind he had to rely on his other senses to figure out what was going on. Surely, if this wasn’t the case, there would also be visuals accompanying his ‘visions’.

For Yun Bei Fen, since his understanding of spiritual cultivation was lacking, he couldn’t learn those kinds of techniques in the same way he learned sword arts. He couldn’t just copy what he was missing the basis for. If they wanted him to make full use of his ability, they would need to get him up to par on the basics first.

On the other hand, this problem didn’t exist when it came to sword arts or wielding other weapons. As long as he was able to physically perform the action, he just needed to repeat it and slowly adjust it to his body and skill level.

This also meant that if they wanted to make him get stronger in as short an amount of time as possible, they would need to focus on physical skills while slowly substituting his basic knowledge of cultivation techniques on the side.

The red priest gave a hum and reached out, rubbing the top of Yun Bei Fen’s head. “You continue to figure it out. There is something I need to talk to the other guardians about.”

Yun Bei Fen looked up in surprise but simply nodded. Anyway, he wasn’t ready yet. Whether the red priest watched his every move or not, it didn’t make a difference. Thus, he simply got back to what he had been doing.

Yan Jian Hong waved at Shang Qiang and then went over to stand next to Tong Chen. Lowering his voice, he told the two of them what he had just thought about.

Tong Chen stayed quiet but Shang Qiang hesitantly spoke up. “That … what do you think that would mean for learning arrays? I mean, sure you need a strong comprehension ability to use them effectively and adjust them to every given situation but … he should be able to learn the basic ones without a problem, right? I mean, as long as I show him, he should be able to copy them perfectly without mistakes, right?”

Yan Jian Hong stared at him while Tong Chen finally gave a hum.

“I guess that means we know what to teach him now.” Tong Chen used his spiritual sense to check in on Yun Bei Fen’s progress before turning back to the other two guardians when he saw that he was slowly getting there. “Ah Hong, you continue to teach him about imbuing spiritual energy. This is a skill he absolutely needs to learn to control better.

“As for you …” He turned back to Shang Qiang, his brows slightly furrowing. “You’re not wrong. Sort through the arrays you know and pick a few that are suitable for beginners. Teach those to him first. If it really works, we’ll decide which one to expand on later. It can’t be anything that needs adjustments though. Clearly, his comprehension ability isn’t high enough for that.”

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