RMN C512 About to Make a Breakthrough

By this time, it was already the middle of the night. Yun Bei Fen had no idea how far Mei Chao Bing and his first senior martial brother had gotten with their respective missions but he felt like his own results were definitely too poor. It didn’t help that he was slowly running out of ideas.

He raised his head and looked over his shoulder, blinking his eyes at the red priest in the hope to get some further hints.

Yan Jian Hong looked back at him curiously. After a moment, he reached out with a small and rubbed his head. “You’re doing great. Don’t give up!”

Yun Bei Fen had some doubts about that. He pursed his lips but didn’t argue, instead turning back to the place he had just thrown his mini-shields at. Well, the red priest could clearly see things that were completely lost on him so if he said that he was doing great, maybe he actually was?

Yun Bei Fen wasn’t sure if he had that kind of intuition that he could coincidentally find the right way but since he had no other idea, he decided to just further think in this direction. If it didn’t work at all, the red priest would definitely speak up!

Calming himself down like this, he got straight back to his tests. Since he didn’t have any new ideas, he first created a few more shields and threw them at the ground. He carefully watched the results, hoping that he would see some difference between the attempts.

At first, everything looked the same. His brows slightly furrowed but since the red priest had just refused to help him, he didn’t try to ask him again. Instead, he quietly continued. Since he had already found out that his movement didn’t do much, he mostly stopped with that and focused on the energy itself instead. He made the shields thicker and thinner, watching as the imprint they left in the ground changed slightly.

After a good dozen tries, he looked up again but didn’t turn to the red priest. Instead, he stared ahead blankly, thinking about what he had found. He mostly seemed to be in a daze but he did manage to figure out that the amount of energy did have an impact. The more energy there was, the weaker the attack. This really wasn’t surprising though.

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips. He thought back to how Mei Chao Bing had explained the attacks to him. It wasn’t that fresh in his mind but he always listened closely when Mei Chao Bing told him something so he managed to recall it after a moment. It seemed that he had said … that you could create different shapes?

He hesitated for a moment but then rubbed over the ground in front of him, smoothing out its appearance. After that, he created a ball and threw it before once again using the thin shape of a shield. He made sure to use roughly the same amount of spiritual energy, wanting to see what difference the actual shape would make without being influenced by the amount of energy.

Looking at the traces in the sand, he wasn’t sure how to interpret them. He stared blankly, then created a random blob of energy that wasn’t formed into a smooth ball and threw that one as well. Afterward, a dice and a small tube followed.

Behind him where he couldn’t see, the red priest’s lips curved. He had to say that this youth’s ideas were quite interesting. He definitely didn’t know how to go about this but after stewing on it for a while, he started to experiment and come up with new ways that might give him some insight. This was definitely the kind of thing he wanted to see from a disciple!

Yun Bei Fen finally stopped after going through a handful of different shapes and looked at the traces carefully. It seemed that the smoother the shape, the less impact there was. Could it be that this was what referred to the energy being ‘gentle’? If that was the case, then which shape was the gentlest?

He looked from one trace to the other, comparing how much impact there had been and trying to think of the differences between the shapes. Clearly, a dice had a heavier impact than the blob while the blob had a heavier impact than the ball. It seemed that corner would make more impact?

Yun Bei Fen felt that this should be the case. Actually, come to think of it, this wasn’t too strange. If you accidentally knocked into something, wouldn’t it hurt most if there were sharp edges? If it was something sharp enough, you might even cut yourself! On the other hand, a smooth surface might injure you but not too much.

Now that he thought about it in these terms, he felt that he had suddenly gained enlightenment. Yes, this didn’t seem too strange! In that case though, what did this mean for his current task? Should he imbue the spiritual energy as a ball?

He pondered for a while but felt that this also wasn’t the case. He had watched the red priest demonstrate it, after all. It hadn’t seemed like a ball but more like … a string?

Yun Bei Fen hesitated but then raised his hand again, stretching out one finger. He released some spiritual energy but instead of just making a thin or thick shield, he continued to pile onto it. The ‘shield’ grew longer and longer, soon turning into a straight line.

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw this. Wasn’t this just like when the red priest had done it?! After his initial excitement, he wilted a bit. Well … it did look similar but not exactly the same. Also, he still wasn’t sure if this would allow him to imbue the spiritual energy.

But then, this still seemed like a major discovery. Now, he just needed to continue in this direction. Ah, just as he had thought, the red priest had been able to see that he had almost made a breakthrough long before it actually happened. No wonder he was the guardian of the Zhen Yan Sect!

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