OMF V10C97 An Exemplary Love Story

Jing He still looked at Qiu Ling in a daze. He just … he didn’t know what to think. He had met Tian, the supreme ruler of all immortal realms, the one residing in the High Heavens above. Not just that but this person had also told him words of wisdom that he was sure to remember.

This kind of thing … it seemed too fantastical to be true. But then, he trusted Qiu Ling more than anyone else. He wouldn’t lie to him. If he said that this had happened, then it surely had. He wouldn’t entertain any other possibilities.

Jing He lowered his head, feeling that he should better remember fast. Not only was this what Qiu Ling wanted but if Tian had reminded him that these words had to be considered, then it wouldn’t do to stay ignorant. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t anything he could do to urge his memories to return faster.

Qiu Ling looked at him and his gaze softened. “Don’t worry. Since he mentioned it, I am sure he knows how far past those memories are and that you won’t remember them immediately. There should still be enough time to retrieve them. I just told you today because … well, there is so much and all of it seems important. But this … I guess you also realize how extraordinary it is.”

Jing He nodded. “The supreme ruler …” He looked up at Qiu Ling, his curiosity finally winning over his need to uphold his image. “What is he like?” He knew he would remember but with everything still being shrouded in mystery, this was something he’d rather know immediately.

Qiu Ling pondered. “Rather solemn?” Yes, while talking to him, he didn’t think he had seen Tian smile even once. In fact, he hadn’t seen much of an expression on his face. If it had been anyone else, he might have joked about it but it didn’t seem too appropriate considering his status.

Thinking for a moment longer, Qiu Ling’s lips still quirked up. He leaned further toward Jing He and faintly raised his brows. “You know, I’ve asked a question I know you’ve always wanted an answer to. Can you guess?”

Jing He looked at Qiu Ling in even more of a daze. This time, it wasn’t just the circumstances of what had happened during his trial. No, this time, what made him feel out of sorts was the gaze Qiu Ling was using to look at him. “I …” He retracted his gaze and lowered his head, trying not to lose himself in those eyes. He couldn’t think of what it might be. Right now, it was difficult to think of anything at all.

Qiu Ling gave a hum. “I guess there are a lot of things you’d have liked to know. Questioning him too much didn’t seem appropriate though so I only had time for one question. I asked him whether he found Xing.”

Jing He raised his head at that. “Xing?” Yes, the stories said that Tian had looked for him everywhere. “Then … did he?” This was indeed something he had wondered. To be honest, he felt that it should be the case. No matter where Xing went, Tian was still the supreme ruler of the immortal realms, the one who stood above all. Surely, there was no place in any of the realms that he couldn’t reach. How could he fail to find his lover?

Qiu Ling smiled. “He did. Although …” He hesitated for a moment but looking back at everything that had happened during the trial, he also knew that lying wouldn’t be a good idea. Who knew what Tian had told Jing Yi? Maybe there was something about Xing and their story in there. In that case, he’d rather spare himself the trouble of making Jing He doubt him later. “He did say that it might not have been the happy end one would imagine.”

“I see.” Jing He slightly furrowed his brows. Actually, it wasn’t too strange. After Xing had fallen, he surely wasn’t the same person any longer. A god that fell had their soul shattered. No matter how you looked at it, they were broken goods. A person like that … how could they have a happy end with the one they loved?

Qiu Ling saw his expression and lightly squeezed his hands. “Don’t think too much. He didn’t sound as if it was that bad. I can’t imagine what exactly went down but there should still be some hope or some saving grace. A man like that wouldn’t allow himself to be separated from his lover. I know I wouldn’t and I’m not even close to his position.”

Jing He gave Qiu Ling a careful look and then nodded, his cheeks flushing faintly. Yes, Qiu Ling’s position in the immortal realms might be high but it really couldn’t compare to Tian’s. Nobody could. So if Qiu Ling was this insistent … surely, it could be imagined that the supreme ruler was even more so. The love story of those two had always been circulated widely, being an example of two people who treated each other sincerely without a doubt in sight.

Qiu Ling watched his beloved’s expression change and smiled. It seemed that things were back on track. Then at this point … “Do you want to hear more about your trial before you remember?” He knew that there were some things he had to say ahead of time but if Jing He took the initiative to ask about them, it would be for the best. At the very least, it would be much less awkward.

Jing He hesitated. To be honest, he was a little curious but it didn’t seem right to ask about it. Although then again … “You wanted to tell me some things, didn’t you? I would like to hear about that.”

Qiu Ling gave a hum even though he still wasn’t sure how to broach any of those topics. “If you want to hear, then I will try to tell you in a way that makes sense. As you’ve seen though, your trial was a bit … extraordinary. If it doesn’t make sense, you can always tell me.” Saying this, he pondered, trying to sort out his own memories of the millennium he had spent with Jing Yi. Anyway, there were many things to mention, some easier to bring up than others.

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