SML V6C40 A Workable Idea?

Rong Xiang nodded with a smile. She didn’t know Li Ming that well but she did know him well enough to feel that this wasn’t too surprising.

Zhu Yi next to her couldn’t help but laugh. “That sounds so like you!”

Li Ming only smiled wryly. “I guess it sounds corny. But then, maybe I’m just that type of guy.”

Zhu Yi still chuckled but shook his head. “It’s not corny. Anyway, it’s my good luck you’re being like this.” He shrugged and then turned serious, thinking about the question. “I guess there are a lot of jobs where you could help people. You’d need credentials for a lot of them though so it might be tough to organize.”

Li Ming nodded. “Yes, that is one of the problems I have right now. I mean, I already have a full-time job and I can’t just quit to take a bunch of tests or go to study or whatever else I’d need to do. That really limits it. The main problem is that I’m not even sure where to start.”

Rong Xiang gave a hum. “It’s difficult to start over or change the direction of your life when most of it is established. I got around that since I was completely pushed out of my chosen trajectory by the accident so I don’t think I can help there. It sounds like it’ll need quite some consideration.”

Li Ming nodded again. “Yes, that’s where I’m at right now. I can make some adjustments to cushion the change like moving elsewhere to either save time or money but there is a limit to how flexible I can be. And no matter how I think about it, I can’t come up with anything I’d like where I could make a swift change.”

Zhu Yi and Rong Xiang both gave a hum and thought about it. To be honest, save for some general advice, they also weren’t sure how to help Li Ming. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to but this was his own life. For one, the decision should mostly depend on his own ideas, and two, they didn’t know him well enough to really make any suggestions.

Zhu Yi finally patted his cheek, not sure if he should speak up or not. Li Ming had reminded him earlier: Even though they got along well and he regarded him as a friend, he was still his boss. That did make some things awkward. Right now, he really felt that.

He hesitated for a bit but finally gave himself a push. Either way, friends were friends, even if you employed them. “You know how Ah Xiang has gotten into some charity-related work, right? Wouldn’t that be something for you?”

Rong Xiang glanced at her boyfriend. This wasn’t wrong. In fact … “I think this might be a good fit for you. I could even introduce you but you also know I haven’t worked there for long so my word might not have much weight.”

Li Ming gave a hum. This did indeed sound like something he would like. He wasn’t entirely sure if he would be suitable for it though. After all, when it came to doing the courses with Zhu Yi, he had only agreed because he had a solid background as a security guard. Would this even be possible? “My qualifications …”

Rong Xiang waved. “Don’t think about that! There are a lot of things you can do as long as you have a clean record and are willing to work. You can start from something like that and then get whatever qualifications you might need at the side.”

Zhu Yi nodded. “Right. Think of it this way: Right now, the problem is that you have two jobs but are trying to transition. If you could give up working at the hotel and instead do something you like, you’d be on the right track without losing additional time. Getting qualifications while already working would just speed the process up, wouldn’t it? Plus, you might not even need any.” He shrugged his shoulders, feeling that this was really up for debate.

Rong Xiang gave a hum. “This would really depend on what exactly you want to do. If you generally feel that this would be the right direction, you should do some research first. See what kind of charity work would be the right thing for you and what qualifications you might need.

“Then, we can go from there. As I said, I wouldn’t mind introducing you if that would allow you to get a foot in the door. I actually imagine that you’d do a good job at something like this. You have the kind of patience that is necessary. If my word counts for anything, that might get the ball rolling already.”

Li Ming slowly nodded. “I guess that is the best idea so far.” He still wasn’t sure how exactly it was supposed to work but just the idea of it was appealing.

Zhu Yi looked from one person to another and cleared his throat. “You know, there’s one more thing …”

Li Ming looked up and raised his brows. With how Zhu Yi had said that, it seemed that this was something major.

“Well, I didn’t bring it up when Ah Xiang and I originally talked about it because I wasn’t sure you’d want to think about leaving your job at the hotel. Since you’re considering it now though, I guess you might be interested though.”

Li Ming’s brows climbed even higher. “So, what’s the matter?”

“Basically, while Ah Xiang loves her new job, the courses we do were still her baby as well. So … we’ve been talking about what we can do to let her be a part of it as well. Then recently, we’ve come up with an idea and I think having you be part of that as a second person might work just as well as it did for the original courses. It’s just that it also won’t amount to a full-time job right away so I wasn’t sure if I should mention it outright.”

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