RMN C511 Another Attempt

Yun Bei Fen stared at the impact point of his attack. He wasn’t really sure how to go about this whole thing so he was mostly trying things out now. The attempts just now had shown that the impact his spiritual energy would have wouldn’t be that big. In a pinch, it might just work. But then, this was because he simply sucked at attacking so far. In the future, if he became better at it, he couldn’t do it this way any longer.

He pursed his lips and tried to think of what he could do to make this work for his current task. Clearly, he was still a long way off when it came to solving it. But since the red priest believed that he could do this, he either already knew something that would work or it should be so simple that he could figure it out from the little he knew.

His eyes narrowed further and further as if he could find the instructions written in miniature font on the ground. In his mind, he still went through everything he had tried so far. The main problem seemed to be that he couldn’t really move the spiritual energy well outside of his body and couldn’t control the strength. It was a bit easier when he used it attached to something like a sword when trying to fly. But then a sword wasn’t as fragile as the bead or the body of a person so this didn’t seem to help much.

Since he couldn’t figure it out from there, Yun Bei Fen instead thought more closely about what exactly the red priest had said before: Throughout this whole exchange, he had told him to pay attention to the feeling instead of the visuals and to take his time in accomplishing this. He had also asked him whether he believed this was only about strength. Lastly, after Yun Bei Fen mentioned how the biggest problem should be using too much spiritual energy, he had guided him in exuding less of it.

According to what they had talked about, this meant that he was now one step closer to achieving this. But clearly, this also showed that it wasn’t just the amount of energy he used. Yes, there was still the matter of strength. Although then again, when he threw an attack, it clearly wasn’t strong at all. So why did the bead still crack if he tried to imbue spiritual energy?

Yun Bei Fen thought for a bit and then got up from the bench where he was sitting, instead crouching down on the ground.

Next to him, the red priest raised his brows and leaned forward, watching quietly what he was doing. He didn’t interrupt him by asking anything. No, it was good for the child to try matters on his own. If he needed his help for real, he would definitely tell him. As for what he was doing and why … Yan Jian Hong believed that he could figure it out on his own.

Yun Bei Fen didn’t pay attention to what the red priest was doing. He raised his hand and conjured up another small shield, starting a row of experiments. First, he threw the shield with a wave of his hand. Then, he tried it again, this time waving a little less. The so-called ‘attack’ didn’t actually slow down and made the same impact as before, leaving the faintest of shallow scratches in the sand right next to the first one.

Yun Bei Fen stared at it in a daze. He had thought that if he waved less, the impact should be smaller. But now, it seemed that this didn’t make a difference at all? He blinked his eyes in confusion and pondered the issue. Could it be that his waving had nothing to do with it?

He felt like his own experience wasn’t very reliable so he thought back to what he had seen other disciples do. It seemed … none of them bothered to do any exaggerated movements? No, as long as they motioned in the general direction, it seemed that their attacks would go there and make a steady impact.

Yun Bei Fen only felt confused. How come this was the case? Didn’t you need to throw your attack? But then, after thinking for a bit, it seemed that Mei Chao Bing had said that this motion was just to help him guide his attacks. If he was better at this, he might not need it. So this was more of a tool to help him but didn’t have much actual impact. No, the actual reason … was somehow controlling the spiritual energy.

The thought seemed right but Yun Bei Fen felt stumped. He couldn’t even move the shields around that he had made. How was he supposed to move spiritual energy even further away from his body? Also, this didn’t seem to tell him how to make it gentler.

He rubbed his neck, his brows furrowing. Gentle, gentle … was this really not tied to the amount? He raised his hand and conjured up another shield. This time, he made it a bit bigger. Then, he raised his other hand and knocked on it.

Spiritual energy usually couldn’t be seen but if you formed it into a shield or into a ball that you could attack with, then it became visible even to the naked eye. It was somewhat transparent though, not seeming threatening or very durable. When he knocked on the shield made of spiritual energy though, there was a faint sound. The shield didn’t break and instead managed to stay intact with only a slight ripple forming.

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips and made the shield thicker before knocking on it again. This time, the sound seemed duller. Clearly, something had changed. Whether he was any closer to the solution though … he really doubted it.

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