SML V6C38 Career and Love Advice

Zhu Yi didn’t immediately get back to Li Ming about when and where he wanted to meet up. Instead, he first discussed with Rong Xiang but then had to hurry back to give his next course. Thus, a good hour went by before Li Ming finally received another text.

He didn’t mind and simply looked the place up since he had never gone there before. He was happy about this though. At the very least, it shouldn’t be one of the places Mo Fang also liked to frequent. After all, he felt that he was familiar with those.

In the evening, the three of them finally met up. Li Ming saw Zhu Yi and Rong Xiang almost immediately after entering the door. He still looked through the whole room while walking over.

Zhu Yi raised his brows, feeling that something was odd. “You look like you’re trying to make sure that nobody is following you.”

Rong Xiang next to him chuckled. “You’ve been watching too many movies recently.”

Zhu Yi gave an embarrassed smile but still felt that he wasn’t wrong. He knew Li Ming a lot better now compared to the time they had started working together so he could easily spot something like this.

Li Ming had sat down and was shaking his head. He had probably been asking for this with his behavior but yes, that guess had been a bit odd. Shouldn’t he first guess that he didn’t know the place and wanted to get a good look at it?

Zhu Yi wasn’t about to give up. He leaned forward and gave Li Ming and long look. “Be honest with me, there is something else bothering you, right? Apart from your job?”

Li Ming couldn’t help but laugh. “That sounds odd coming from my boss.”

Zhu Yi coughed and then hurriedly leaned back, realizing that he really shouldn’t have asked like this. He raised his hands and hastily waved them in defense. “I didn’t mean anything by that part. I just wanted to make sure you’re alright.”

Li Ming chuckled again. “Don’t worry. I know. Honestly, it’s nothing much. Just … I ran into my ex the other day. It was … awkward so I just wanted to make sure it won’t happen again.”

Rong Xiang had also met Li Ming a few times and Zhu Yi was the type of person who told his girlfriend everything so she had a rough guess of who this was about. “Is it the gorgeous ex-boyfriend that walked in after your course was over one day?”

Li Ming was stunned when he heard that description but finally nodded. Anyway, ‘gorgeous’ was indeed the first word that most people would think of when seeing Mo Fang. Hadn’t he been the same once? “Yes, that one.”

Rong Xiang gave a hum. “I remember hearing about that. Ah Yi wouldn’t shut up about what a qualified boyfriend he played that day.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but shake his head. Honestly, he had hardly realized it at the time. He had been too stunned from suddenly seeing Mo Fang again that his boss clinging to him and acting catty hadn’t really registered. It was only much, much later that day that he suddenly winced and felt like hiding beneath a rock.

To be in a situation where your boss felt that something like this was necessary … it had been a thought that was hard to take. Now, it seemed that he had thought too much. Zhu Yi had apparently just given himself a thumbs up for his performance and not thought about it any further.

Zhu Yi really hadn’t dwelt on it but hearing his girlfriend’s teasing tone and seeing Li Ming’s expression, he finally felt at least a smidgen of awkwardness. After a moment, he simply coughed though. “Well, it was a really good performance. I’m sure he believed it!” He turned to Li Ming, his expression turning serious again. “He didn’t bother you again after that, did he? I mean, the other day was just an accident, right?”

Li Ming gave a hum. “It should have been. He was already there when I arrived. He is friends with the owner of the place and a couple of mutual friends also go to the same restaurant so it wasn’t a wonder.” He waved, feeling that it wasn’t too big of a deal.

Thinking about that day though, he finally sighed. “Well, I’ve never been to this place and don’t think I’ve ever heard him mention it so it would be a wonder if we ran into each other again. But even if, we managed the other day as well. If it really happens again, we can just nod and say hello and then ignore each other.”

Rong Xiang nodded. “That’s very mature of you.” She coughed, feeling that that may have sounded sarcastic, and hurriedly explained herself. “I really mean that. A lot of people can’t deal with their exes normally. It’s great that you can. Says a lot of good things about your character.”

Li Ming smiled. “Thank you. It’s a pleasure to hear that … especially coming from my boss’s girlfriend.”

Rong Xiang laughed. “Sure, sure! Now, I heard Ah Yi say that you’re looking for career advice, not love advice. So I guess I shouldn’t derail the topic too much.”

Li Ming gave a hum but he didn’t mind talking about other things first. Anyway, just getting together was also nice. “Well, since you’re already asking, I won’t hold back. In fact, I was hoping that you might specifically have some advice for me since you needed to change directions as well.”

Rong Xiang nodded but didn’t respond, just letting Li Ming tell her more details about his problem. When he finally finished explaining his situation, she smiled faintly. “I’m not sure if I can really help but for me, it helped to boil everything down to just one question: What is it that you really want?”

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