RMN C510 A Difficult Skill to Learn

For a while, Yun Bei Fen couldn’t believe what had just happened. He stared at the red priest and then at his hand, feeling that this simply couldn’t be. Was controlling the output of spiritual energy really so easy? Why had he never known?

He stared at his hands in silence and then realized that his previous thought wasn’t quite right. If this had been a few weeks ago, then he simply wouldn’t have been able to do it when the red priest told him to make a shield with his spiritual energy. After all, he wouldn’t have known how!

By now though, things were different. Mei Chao Bing had explained and demonstrated how this skill worked and had also corrected him again and again while he worked hard to learn this. He couldn’t make a perfect shield yet but he could at least make a decent one. So, in the final conclusion, this was all thanks to Mei Chao Bing! This really didn’t surprise him.

Yun Bei Fen’s lips immediately curved up when he thought of this. Just as expected, Mei Chao Bing always made sure that he was well prepared. He had managed to teach him this skill just in time so that he was now able to learn more skills as the situation in the border region became more urgent.

Yun Bei Fen basked in the glow of his realization for a moment. Then, he had another one right after: He wasn’t sure what to do with the first one.

His expression turned blank again and he looked up at the red priest, hoping for further instruction. Unfortunately, Yan Jian Hong didn’t give him the response outright and only stared back at him so Yun Bei Fen had to try and make it clear to him what he wanted. “I think I get how to project a thin piece of spiritual energy now. But how do I use that to imbue the energy into the bead?”

His brows furrowed while he spoke and he tried to think of a solution himself as well. “Senior martial brother Mei said that the shields can be moved around but I haven’t really grasped that. Would I need to do that to imbue this spiritual energy?” It seemed like a good guess to him. He could create a shield, then push the shield until it reached the bead. After that, it would slowly sink in like it had when the red priest did it … right?

Yan Jian Hong slowly raised his brows. “Do you think that is the solution?”

Yun Bei Fen stared right back but inwardly, he started to doubt himself. “Isn’t it?” He thought back to what he had observed earlier when the red priest showed him how to imbue spiritual energy and felt that it really hadn’t looked like that. His shoulders slumped and he sighed. “It seems it really wasn’t like that.”

The red priest didn’t say either way. He simply waited for Yun Bei Fen to think about it on his own. Actually, the youth was pretty close to figuring it out. At the very least, it felt like that. To get involved now would mean shielding him too much. No, he should figure some things out for himself. Otherwise, when he was in a difficult situation later on, he wouldn’t be able to solve it on his own.

Yun Bei Fen didn’t pester him for the right answer either. Even though he often needed more help, he didn’t mind trying to figure it out on his own. He tightly furrowed his brows and thought about everything he had seen and sensed, as well as the techniques he already knew.

Actually, it wasn’t that he couldn’t use his spiritual energy at all. Clearly, he was already able to create a shield and even attack somebody. It was just that the shields were still slightly uneven here and there and the attacks flew crooked. Of course, he could also attach spiritual energy to an object like a sword to make it fly. This was probably the skill that felt the easiest to him because he had done it the most often.

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes and wondered if this might be the solution. Maybe instead of just using a thin piece or thread of spiritual energy, he could instead envelop the bead and then have the spiritual energy sink in? It felt like this would allow him to be especially careful.

Yun Bei Fen thought about it for a while and felt that it should be feasible. He just wanted to ask the red priest about it when he realized that there was a problem though: The bead was just for practice purposes. The real goal was to be able to give spiritual energy to a person. If he ever was in a situation where he had to do that, he couldn’t just envelop the whole person, could he?

On one hand, people were much bigger than the small bead so he’d need a lot more spiritual energy. Then, there was also the problem that a person looked much more complicated and might even move. How would he ever be able to envelop them in spiritual energy?

Yun Bei Fen sighed deeply. After just thinking that he had finally gotten it, his hopes were already dashed again. Learning this skill really wasn’t easy. It slowly made him doubt whether he had any ability at all.

He pursed his lips and just stared at his fingertips. He could make a very small shield with only a small amount of spiritual energy but he couldn’t move it. He knew how to throw an attack though. If he combined both …

Yun Bei Fen carefully raised his index finger, stared at it deeply, and created another mini-shield. Then, he turned to the side and tried to throw it at the ground. This type of thing, he naturally couldn’t use the bead for it. It was clear that it would break at once. As for the mini-shield he had thrown, it wavered through the air and barely made it to the ground before dissipating. You could hardly even see where it had hit.

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