OMF V10C90 The Right Impression

Meanwhile, Jing He was trying to find something else to wear just in case but could only stare at his robes in a daze. For seven days, he had picked out a robe he thought he could make a good impression in deliberately. But then, it had only ever been under the assumption that Qiu Ling might come back that day.

Even though he had never left anything to chance, today was still different. After all, he knew that Qiu Ling was out there. It wasn’t a simple possibility any longer but certainty. In this case, he had to make the perfect choice.

His fingertips brushed over the fabric, his brows twisting in worry. He knew what Qiu Ling liked. After all, they had also spent ten years together. Even though Qiu Ling was able to praise him no matter what he wore, he seemed to especially like those light colors that made him seem young and innocent. In that case, maybe a white robe would be a good choice?

He pulled one out but hung it back just as fast. No, this couldn’t be done. He had worn a white robe when he went on his trial. Qiu Ling hadn’t been there when he woke up and several days had even gone by since then. To wear a white robe today, that would seem too deliberate.

Furthermore, he had just lost consciousness. Even though he hadn’t checked his face in the water mirror yet, it was likely he looked somewhat pale. At such a time, a white robe might make him look like a ghost more than anything. He’d be scaring Qiu Ling off with such a look.

Excluding any of the white robes from his range of choice, he picked a peach-colored one next, taking a closer look to consider it. He had worn this one before so he knew he looked good in this. He also knew that Qiu Ling liked to see him in it. For this occasion, it also seemed fitting. It was still light but had a little color. When wearing it, his complexion might seem a bit rosier?

He slowly nodded to himself, feeling that this wasn’t too bad a choice. Next, he really conjured up a water mirror to take a look at his face and hair. As expected, he still looked pale and some strands of hair had gotten tangled. He definitely couldn’t meet Qiu Ling like this.

Carrying the robe, he walked behind the folding screen, hurriedly undressing. He knew he shouldn’t make Qiu Ling wait too long. Even though the other didn’t know that he had already woken up, it just wasn’t right. Not to mention that after a week of not seeing each other, he didn’t want to wait any longer either. If he felt this way, then maybe Qiu Ling was the same? Especially since to him, the time was much longer since there was also the duration of the trial.

Jing He rushed to bathe and wash his hair before using his spiritual energy to dry his body. Putting on the robe, he conjured up another water mirror, taking a close look to see whether his appearance was acceptable. He didn’t want to be hasty, after all.

If there was something that could be done better, he would naturally do it. Don’t mention that he usually only wanted to put his best foot forward when it came to Qiu Ling, after a week of waiting, he felt anxious in his heart. Had Qiu Ling’s feelings waned over the course of his trial? This question had been keeping him awake at night and made him worry the whole day.

No matter how he thought, it seemed to be a possibility. In that case, he absolutely had to make sure he didn’t give him more reason to doubt whether he was the right choice for him. Instead, maybe he could reignite Qiu Ling’s interest instead.

Looking at the surface of the water mirror, Jing He was in a daze. He did look good like this but it didn’t seem to be enough. No, it wasn’t enough by far if Qiu Ling really had doubts now.

He furrowed his brows, recalled the mirror, and went back to have a look at his robes again. He pulled them out one by one, pondering the colors, the embroidery, and even the occasions he had worn them to before. Finally, his fingers stopped at a blue outer robe. He hesitantly pulled it out but in his heart, he seemed to have found his answer.

This robe … he had worn it for his father’s birthday banquet on the day he met Qiu Ling for the first time. Since that day, Qiu Ling had always proclaimed to have fallen in love with him at first sight. So if he really wanted to reignite the feelings that might have turned from a raging inferno to barely glowing ambers, wasn’t this robe perfect?

His heart thumped with his renewed hope and he hastily changed his robe again, finally nodding at himself when he took another look at the water mirror. Yes, this seemed much better. Even though his complexion still looked somewhat pale, maybe this could also arouse some pity. In that case, even if Qiu Ling’s feelings had dulled over the last few weeks, he at least wouldn’t leave him immediately and he’d have more chances to think of what to do.

Jing He smiled to himself and then hastily sat down to comb his hair and style it in the way that Qiu Ling liked. He nodded to himself when he finished and finally pulled out the pendant he had once won at a festival he visited with Qiu Ling. He carefully placed it between the outer and inner robe where it might peek out when he moved. Anyway, it was a sentimental item, and reminding Qiu Ling of the good times they had together couldn’t hurt.

Having done all of that, he finally felt ready to see him. He turned around and looked at his uncle, not sure what to say. His gaze made it obvious what he was thinking in his heart though.

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