OMF V10C87 No Danger Yet

As soon as Qiu Ling stepped out of the portal in the Nine Heavens, he turned around and rushed to his beloved’s palace. Unfortunately, when he arrived, he was met with utter chaos.

Seeing Qiang Wei and Yi Zan hovering by the door to the garden and peering inside while looking tense, he had a foreboding feeling. He flew over straight away, not even bothering to ask the two what had happened this time. He directly bypassed them and entered the palace, finding the Heavenly Emperor, Heavenly Empress, God of War, and God of Medicine inside. Of course, there was also his beloved but he wasn’t awake and was instead lying in bed with a pale face.

Qiu Ling’s expression immediately fell. He had seen Jing He unconscious once before his trial and that hadn’t been an experience he ever wanted to repeat. Now, he wasn’t sure what had happened but it didn’t seem good. “What happened?!”

His voice sounded alarmed even to his own ears and the people inside naturally turned around.

The Heavenly Emperor looked very much as if he would blow his beard as soon as he saw him. He had been happy enough that this guy finally stayed away for once. What was he doing here now?!

The Heavenly Empress glanced from Qiu Ling to her husband before turning back with a sigh. She walked over, grabbed him by the shoulder, and unceremoniously escorted him outside.

It wasn’t that she had a problem with Qiu Ling finally coming by. In fact, she was relieved to see him. After all, with the knowledge of the curse on the dragon race now not being a secret to her any longer and also knowing that Zhong Jing Yi had likely died in battle, she had been well aware that there had been a distinct possibility that Qiu Ling wouldn’t be doing well. Seeing him now did reassure her quite a bit.

No, the reason she pulled him out of the palace was that she knew her son all too well. He had been worried the whole week because he didn’t get to see Qiu Ling. Now, he had collapsed and it just had to be that moment when Qiu Ling appeared. He’d be mortified when he woke up and found Qiu Ling staring at him! Of course, with the current situation, she really didn’t think he needed that kind of shock.

Qiu Ling would have much rather stayed with Jing He but he didn’t put up a fuss when the other person was his beloved’s mother either. He simply stared at her incessantly, waiting for an explanation.

Bai Fen stopped a little further away from the palace and sighed again. Letting go of his shoulder, she looked up at his anxious expression and her own softened slightly. “Don’t worry. It’s nothing serious. In fact, this didn’t come unexpectedly. You also know that after the trial, we don’t remember anything at first. It usually takes a week or two for the first few memories to reappear. He hasn’t woken up yet so we can’t be sure but it is likely that today was that day for Jing He.”

Qiu Ling took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. “So he isn’t in any danger.” This was the most important part to him. He could deal with anything else but not with the thought that he might lose his beloved again or have to watch him suffer.

Bai Fen didn’t directly agree. She thought for a moment and then slowly shook her head. “Not physically, no. But the process can be confusing. On the bright side, we do know the majority of what he went through so it will be easier to accompany him through this.

“Still, when he wakes up and it turns out that he has really regained his first memories from the first trial, he will be shaken up. Don’t forget that the memories he receives first are those from the end of his mortal life. That means in his case, this will be the battle he died in. For Jing He, you can imagine how frightening that must be.”

Bai Fen herself had seen her fair share of trouble over the years. Her brother was even the God of War now. Still, when it came to her son, she had tried to keep him as far away from anything dangerous as she could. To say that he was sheltered wasn’t wrong. How could he suddenly deal with seeing such scenes?

She pondered for a moment and then reached up to pat Qiu Ling’s arm. “Later, I will drag my husband off to go elsewhere. You try and console Jing He, won’t you?”

Qiu Ling naturally nodded. He had missed his beloved. Even though he had loved Jing Yi as well, the thought of Jing He had persisted throughout the years. Now, he finally had him back. Of course, he wouldn’t hesitate to be there for him when the time came. “Don’t worry, mother-in-law, I will definitely do everything I can to make Jing He feel comfortable again.”

Bai Fen gave a hum. “I’d better return then. As for you … be so kind and stay outside for now. I’ll leave my brother in the palace for now. He can tell you when Jing He wakes up and is ready to see you.”

Qiu Ling didn’t really want to wait but seeing as the situation was like this, he also wouldn’t make trouble. “Thank you. I … I’ll talk to Qiang Wei and Yi Zan then.” Anyway, those two should have been there when it happened. They could probably tell him more than the Heavenly Empress just had.

Bai Fen didn’t mind either. She simply nodded and then walked back into the palace, waiting for the God of Medicine’s final analysis of the situation that matched what everyone had already thought: There was no physical damage and Jing He had likely just regained his first memories after the trial. There was no reason to worry.

Hearing this, Bai Fen still heaved a sigh of relief. “We should go then.” She grabbed her husband’s arm and nodded at her brother, her gaze intent. “What he will see is likely that battle in the dragon realm. He’ll feel calmer being able to talk to somebody knowledgeable in that regard.”

Rong Su wanted to disagree but his wife was already starting to drag him out of the palace. Thus, he could only give his poor son a last regretful look before following her out.

As for Qiang Yan, he sighed deeply and then sat down at Jing He’s bedside. Anyway, for now, he could only wait for him to wake up. What happened afterward … it still remained to be seen.

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