OMF V10C86 Very Suitable

Qiu Ling stared at Tian in a daze. He didn’t know what he might have told Jing Yi. In fact, he hadn’t even been aware that the two of them had seen each other in the first place. Thinking about it, this should have been after Jin Ling kidnapped Jing Yi. Either way … “Those words …”

Tian didn’t do him the favor of telling him. “He’ll remember in time. Now, I believe it is time for you to return.”

Qiu Ling felt anxious thinking that there was something Jing He should remember that would take time to recall. What if the memory was received too late? But then, it didn’t seem like the supreme ruler would tell him even if he asked again. Thus, he could only nod.

Anyway, now that his mind was clear, he also wanted to see Jing He again, and badly at that. If not for the fact that Tian was able to tell him quite a few things that would be beneficial to know for his future with Jing He, he might have tried to leave earlier.

Tian looked at him and then faintly raised his brows. “Would you like some help?”

Qiu Ling stared back, wondering if this guy was being sarcastic or serious. “That …” He couldn’t really decide. Tian’s expression seemed just as solemn as it had at the beginning. Even the slight arch of his brows did nothing to curb that feeling. It seemed to be something he inherently gave off.

Thinking about it for a moment, he felt that being a sarcastic ass to others who hadn’t done anything to him should be beneath the supreme ruler. Anyway, if nothing else, Jing He admired this man and he trusted in his beloved’s judgment. “That would be very much appreciated.” He wasn’t sure how that help would look but he remembered Xiang Yu’s way of traveling. If it was something neat like that, it would indeed be great. Although … “There are two of my people waiting at the foot of the mountain though.”

Tian gave a hum. “I will take care of that as well.” He moved a hand and a portal appeared behind Qiu Ling. “This will lead to a spot not far from the capital city of the Nine Heavens.”

Qiu Ling nodded and turned around, wanting to step through it. At the last moment, he turned back around though, looking at Tian strangely. “In the end … did you manage to find your lover?” He remembered that in the story Jing He told him, the ending had been unknown. His beloved had only told him that Tian went out to search for him. As the supreme ruler, he should probably be able to do so. But then, who knew if fate wasn’t playing cruel jokes even on such a person?

Tian stared at him deeply and finally gave a nod. “I did, although it wasn’t the happy ending you might imagine.”

Qiu Ling lowered his gaze and gave a hum. Sometimes, that might be how things turned out, no matter who you were. “I’m sorry to hear.” He looked back up and felt sorry to have brought it up. Surely, the thought had to hurt.

Tian shook his head. “There is still hope.” He continued to stare at Qiu Ling and then motioned at the portal behind him. “You really should go now.”

Qiu Ling nodded and stepped through the portal, disappearing from the High Heavens at once.

The portal closed at a thought from Tian but the supreme ruler continued to stand in the same spot, looking at the place where Qiu Ling had just vanished. “Yes, there is still hope.” His lips curved up faintly and his body disappeared in a flash as well, reappearing next to the jade coffin in which Xing was resting.

Looking at his sleeping lover, Tian reached out a hand and brushed over the surface of the coffin, his gaze gentle. “I am back. You’ll be pleased to know that what I did was very effective. Now, there should be no problem on his side. Let’s just hope that he will return in time.”

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, his heart that had been agitated for once calming down again. When he cursed the three races, he hadn’t pulled any punches. He had hit them where it would hurt the worst. And yes, he had taken into consideration how those three curses interacted with each other. But then, he hadn’t cared. In fact, he had wanted to inflict as much damage on them as he could to pay them back some of the pain he had felt at losing Xing.

All these years, he had never regretted his decision. He hadn’t softened his stance either. These people had taken his family from him. Why wouldn’t he curse them? But now, he needed to tread carefully.

The current son of the Heavenly Emperor’s bloodline was too suitable a vessel to give up. Thus, he couldn’t let anything happen to him. With how he had mutilated his own soul to ensure his undying love for the current king of the dragon race, this naturally meant keeping his lover from dying.

Of course, there was also the fact that Qiu Ling’s blood was quite suited to his purposes as well. Naturally, he wouldn’t let him die that easily. Anyway, the rules he himself had set, he could naturally circumvent them easily.

He smiled at Xing’s sleeping face and his voice unconsciously lowered to a whisper. “He’s not too bad. Maybe a little weak but that is nothing that couldn’t change with time. There is still some untapped potential there. Either way, you do not need to worry. Soon enough, you can return to me.”

He brushed over the surface of the coffin again but fell silent, his attention on what was now happening in the Nine Heavens. At this junction, he would not dare to be negligent. No, these two, he had to keep a close eye on them until the right day finally arrived.

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