OMF V10C88 What Happened?

Outside, Qiu Ling immediately pulled Qiang Wei and Yi Zan over. He didn’t want to disturb Jing He inside so the three of them stood further away just like Qiu Ling and the Heavenly Empress had just now.

“Just what happened?” He looked from one person to the other, his expression solemn. He knew he was the one who was too late but he wouldn’t have thought that this was what he’d return to! Well, actually, it wasn’t like he had been in any state to ponder what he’d find when he returned so most likely, he shouldn’t think about it that way.

Qiang Wei still looked spooked so Yi Zan took over explaining. “We were guarding outside when we heard a suspicious sound from inside. We immediately checked and found His Highness unconscious. The two heavenly guards had rushed in as well and figured out it should be that His Highness was recovering his memories from the trial.”

Next to him, Qiang Wei fervently nodded his head to agree. In fact, when they barged into the palace, what they saw was Jing He collapsed on the ground with a pale face and a broken cup of tea close by. At that moment, his mind had immediately jumped to such things as somebody trying to assassinate their king’s beloved with poisoned tea.

Luckily, he hadn’t been right and it had turned out to be something normal. But then, he also wouldn’t have been able to explain to himself how anyone managed to get past them and the heavenly guards out front.

Yi Zan glanced at him but didn’t pay him any attention when it seemed that Qiang Wei didn’t want to add anything and instead explained the rest. “Seeing as the two of them know more about that, we went to inform the Heavenly Empress and the God of Medicine just in case. She took care of everything else then.”

Qiu Ling nodded. It seemed that he hadn’t actually missed that much. Well, not today, at least. He probably wouldn’t have been able to do much even if he had been there. Of course, he also knew that he was just trying to tell himself that so he could feel better. At the end of the day, he hadn’t been there when his beloved went through something scary like this. What kind of lover was he?

His brows furrowed while he scolded himself inside. Anyway, he couldn’t change it any longer, he could only try to make up for it going forward. As for the first step to that … “What about the last few days? How has he been doing?” With how the empress had said it, it should be a situation Jing He would feel uncomfortable in.

At this, Yi Zan wasn’t sure what to say and glanced at Qiang Wei. This time, his friend didn’t let him down and mentioned a few things that seemed noteworthy enough.

“The last seven days, he didn’t seem uncomfortable. He was surprised when you weren’t there when he woke up but at that time, there was the battle in the dragon realm so he understood after we explained. Later, he would inquire about news. He seemed relieved when the battle finally ended but he was still worried about how Your Majesty was doing.”

Qiu Ling gave a hum. This was just like Jing He. He had always worried a lot, not to mention now that there had even been such a situation where a new battle suddenly started. It was even worse with that battle being right in front of the gate of the dragon realm’s capital city. Naturally, Jing He had worried. “Then me not returning these days … how did he take that?”

Qiang Wei and Yi Zan exchanged a glance. To be honest, they weren’t too sure about that. Qiang Wei didn’t dare to make any guesses and even Yi Zan felt that he should tread carefully with this.

“His Highness didn’t mention anything outright so I can’t say for sure. He did seem very worried at the beginning but we managed to lessen that somewhat. The God of War also helped by talking to him. He did seem very attached to that small beast you brought back from the mortal realm.”

Qiu Ling raised his brows. Actually, he had almost forgotten about that thing. “It’s good if he likes it.”

Qiang Wei nodded again. “He went to read up about it in the Tower of Wisdom. Apparently, it’s a mythical beast. He seemed surprised when he realized this but he hasn’t said much else. Oh, and he named it An Xin!”

“An Xin?” Qiu Ling nodded to himself. Yes, that seemed like the kind of name Jing He would give. “What else?”

“Otherwise …” The two dragons thought for a while but couldn’t really come up with much. They hadn’t had much contact with Jing He before so they had nothing to compare his current behavior to. In the end, they could only roughly describe what they had seen. “His life has been very quiet. He has accompanied the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress most of the time. While here, he would take care of the garden or maybe sit in the study. Actually, there isn’t much happening every day so it’s hard to say.”

Qiu Ling heaved a sigh of relief. Yi Zan and Qiang Wei might not know but he was aware that Jing He’s days had always been like this. That was good. Clearly, even though he had been worried and was going through such a difficult time, he was still doing well overall. After he woke up, he should try and help diffuse the last of his worries.

Qiu Ling nodded to himself and then looked up at the palace. Ah, just how long until his beloved woke up? He had already waited a millennium. Now that they were finally in the same place again, how come his beloved was suddenly unconscious? This really was as if Heaven … Alright, no, that guy wouldn’t play jokes on anyone. Not with that kind of serious face.

Qiu Ling shook himself and tried not to think about it, instead just waiting for the God of War to appear and tell him that he could go in.

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