OMF V10C57 A Message for His Majesty

Even though they weren’t rushing as much as before, they still felt a sense of urgency as if only after reaching the capital city of the dragon realm, they would be truly safe from the possible pursuit of the demons. Thus, they naturally flew at a brisk pace.

Soon, the capital city of the dragon realm appeared in front of them. For a moment, their hearts seemed to feel lighter as if a burden had been taken off them. But then, when they got even closer, it was as if their chests were once again restricted.

Seeing the bodies of the demons piled up that had been pulled from the battlefield and watching as the dragons continued to pick up those among their own people who hadn’t made it and carried their bodies toward the nearby cemetery, reminded them that the freedom the few of them had received had been exchanged by the death of Jin Ling, as well as that of many people both in the dragon and demon realm.

The group couldn’t help but slow down and the three dragons exchanged a glance. If times had been peaceful, they could have entered the city and walked up to the gates of the palace, asking to speak to the king or to one of his advisers. But now, a battle had just happened. They couldn’t very well simply walk past the walls. No, they should find somebody to take them in and announce why they had come. It seemed like that would be the right course of action.

The three of them quietly exchanged opinions in a low voice and decided to do so. Of course, finding the right person to take them in might prove difficult. After all, they had long lived in the demon realm ,and even before that, neither of them had been from the capital city. The king and his advisers … they had only heard of them and while some descriptions had been rather vivid, they still wouldn’t dare to make assumptions if they saw a person who looked similar.

“What should we do then? If we tell the wrong person where we came from …” The dragon furrowed his brows, not sure if their plan was really feasible.

The female dragon from before gave a hum but then shook her head. “We can’t plan for every possibility. Since we are here, we should naturally do our best to give the others a chance to rest in peace. Let’s just look for whoever seems to be in charge. We can directly ask for one of the advisers without mentioning where we came from. Let’s just say we have a message for the king.”

The others nodded and then looked around. There were many people around, rushing in all kinds of directions. Some were still piling up the bodies of the demons at one side, others carried the dead dragons toward the cemetery, and there were also those rushing the injured people into the city. In between all of that, you could always find a person who was giving instructions but it was hard to say whether they were in charge of just a specific matter or the whole organization after the battle.

The god that had previously held back tugged at the female dragon’s sleeve and motioned to a place further toward the city. “What about the man over there? The one with the gray hair? He doesn’t seem to be giving commands but he looked like he is overseeing everything. He also has that kind of bearing about him.”

The three dragons turned to look and had to say that they agreed with that description.

One of them couldn’t help but faintly raise his brows. “Adviser Xiang Yong was said to have gray hair like that. Maybe it’s him?”

The female dragon could only sigh. “I’d like to know myself. I can’t believe we’d be that lucky but so far, he seems like the best choice we have. Let’s go over there!” She led the way, making sure to keep some distance from the dragons rushing over the remainder of the battlefield so she wouldn’t get in their way.

The person they were walking up to was indeed nobody else but Xiang Yong. He had been hovering in the air, overlooking the progress of clearing the battlefield and giving commands whenever things got hectic. From his vantage point, he had naturally also seen the small group of people rushing over.

When they stopped in their tracks, he assumed that they may have come from a place that had been made aware of the battle too late so that they were now stunned to see that everything was over. He didn’t intend to pay them more attention when the group finally moved again and even came in his direction.

This time, Xiang Yong felt intrigued. He landed and turned to them, faintly raising his brows. “What is the matter?”

The three dragons exchanged glances and the female dragon finally stepped forward, inclining her head. “Greetings. My name is Ru Shu. We were sent with a message for His Majesty.” She didn’t give further details. First, she wanted to know who exactly this person was and whether they could trust him.

Xiang Yong’s brows climbed even higher. “A message for His Majesty? From whom?” He naturally noticed that she hadn’t said so. In the current situation, this felt rather suspicious.

Ru Shu pressed her lips together. She had known that this wouldn’t be easy but she felt uneasy now that she was in the situation. The next few minutes might decide their fate and yet, there wasn’t much she could do.

She hesitated for a moment but finally smiled politely. “I am sorry but … might I first ask who exactly you are? I am afraid I am not familiar with the people from the capital city.”

Xiang Yong inclined his head. “Xiang Yong, adviser to His Majesty. In fact, His Majesty currently isn’t available so I am afraid if you have a message, you will either need to wait or make do with talking to me or one of his other advisers. Which one shall it be?”

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