OMF V10C56 Toward the Dragon Realm

While Ye Yang had talked with Xia Wei and Lin Shi, the group he had sent out to bring the bodies back to their people had left the palace and put some distance between themselves and that place. Finally, they stopped though, looking at each other.

Among the six of them, there was one god, one half-blood with the blood of the god and dragon race, another half-blood with the blood of the dragon and the demon race, as well as three dragons. In this way, it seemed that only two people would return to the Nine Heavens while four of them would go to the dragon realm.

The god and the half-blood exchanged a glance, both feeling worried. The person they should likely go to was the Heavenly Emperor. After all, this was a big matter. Unfortunately, the Heavenly Emperor was somebody who didn’t seem that approachable, and rumor had it that his temper was irascible.

Just thinking of going there … They really didn’t know if it was such a good idea. Wouldn’t they directly be thrown out? Or maybe thrown into the Court of Justice for betraying their people?

The god couldn’t help but sigh. “How about we go to the dragon realm with you guys first? Let’s see how they will react. Also, the border is closer from here so we can get there faster.”

The half-blood next to him nodded. “Even though he said we were free to go and even gave us such a task, I wouldn’t bet on it.”

The dragons also looked at each other and finally nodded one after the other.

“Sounds like a good idea. I think we should hurry.” The woman who spoke up was the one who had questioned Ye Yang before as well. She could understand the reluctance of those with the blood of the god race to return alone. If it had only been her and one of the others, she might not have dared to go back home either even though, as a dragon, she naturally had one of the best excuses as to why she had originally left for the demon realm.

She furrowed her brows when she thought of that ‘home’ she had long left behind and couldn’t help but feel lost. She hadn’t bound her soul to Jin Ling. Even though she might have wanted to, she hadn’t actually spent that much time with him and she was well aware that he had always kept up his guard. Binding her soul to him never would have worked. But then, that didn’t change that she had loved that man. And now, he was lost to her just as he was lost to the others.

She looked at the two dragons next to her and couldn’t help but reach out, grabbing their shoulders. “Let’s go … home. I am sure they will understand.”

The other two nodded and even the half-blood with some demon blood gave a hum. To be honest, he wasn’t sure how much he was affected by the curse of the dragon race. His reasons for going to the demon realm … they could probably be called more special. He sighed when he thought back to that time but then simply motioned toward the border. “Yes, let’s go. Everyone should be on the lookout. The more we are and the closer we keep together, the easier this should be.”

The others nodded and then, the party of six rushed ahead. The female dragon’s gaze slipped from side to side and finally, she waved at the others and changed forms with a hum.

The god and the two half-bloods exchanged a glance, not sure what she meant.

The other dragons laughed, one of them changing forms as well, while the other turned back to them. “Get on. We will be faster this way and can protect you a little.” He changed his form as well and lowered his body, waiting for all three of them to get on. Then, he chose the spot between the other two dragons and everyone went on their way toward the south again.

Soon, the stretch of water that marked the edge of the border between the demon and the dragon realm could be seen in the distance. The dragons exchanged a glance and rushed out even faster.

There were still several small villages along their path and they could see some demons between the buildings that looked at them with distrust. They were afraid they would be attacked but somehow, nobody came forward. Instead, the demons even seemed to pull back and try to hide from them.

They didn’t know but this spectacle was thanks to their king’s previous rampage. The point where Qiu Ling had entered the demon realm was a little further to the southeast but after causing trouble over there, he had naturally moved further north.

As luck would have it, he wasn’t that far away from the small group that was currently rushing toward the dragon realm and the news of his deeds had long reached the ears of other demons living close to the border. Naturally, they’d rather flee when they saw a dragon at this time instead of trying to attack them. After all, if they accidentally set off the one that had already been on a rampage, could they still escape with their lives?

In this way, the group of six soon reached the edge of the ocean. They flew straight over the bay and finally heaved a sigh of relief when they reached the other side. The dragons landed, changing back into their other form after the god and the two half-bloods got off.

“Alright, we’re officially in the dragon realm now. The next settlement we see will already be one of our people. The capital is much farther to the south but we don’t need to rush as much.”

The others nodded and everyone once again traveled toward the capital, this time simply going slightly slower.

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