RMN C496 Activating the Magical Box

Mei Chao Bing checked his surroundings a few times to ensure that the vengeful spirit was indeed gone. When he was sure, he kept his sword and studied the array on top of the box instead.

He couldn’t find a difference from how it had looked before. Could it be that the box wasn’t working as intended after all? He felt disappointed thinking of that but then shook his head at himself.

No, he shouldn’t give up just yet. Yan Hong Min had said that he wasn’t sure but that if the magical box was working, it’d be able to store a lot of energy. In that case, it might simply be that the energy he had just managed to take in wasn’t enough to fill up a notable part of the box so it wouldn’t show in the array.

Yes, the longer he thought about it, the more likely that explanation sounded. Anyway, from the little he knew, the chasm had started in the middle and then extended toward the edges. The ones who died further to the middle of the chasm were thus the most unlucky ones that had been killed on the spot because they had either been too weak or because they had been surprised.

Even though those people could turn into vengeful spirits, their resentment wouldn’t be too deep so the energy they contained was likely smaller than that of the spirits further toward the edges of the chasm. If he really wanted to know if the box worked, he’d have to try and take in more of the spirits or catch one of the stronger ones from the edge of the chasm.

Making up his mind, he once again took out his sword, even though he was pretty sure by now that he wouldn’t need it. Clearly, the box was able to take care of that. Come to think of it, even if the box didn’t work as intended, maybe it could be used as a weapon instead. Just imagine imbuing a hint of spiritual energy into a tool and it sucking in your opponent. How simple would that be?

He smiled to himself, his thoughts immediately traveling back to Yun Bei Fen. Even his little bunny might be able to deal with a strong opponent this way. Although then again, Yun Bei Fen could be a bit … air-headed so maybe it wouldn’t be so good to give him a tool this strong. He might just suck himself or his spiritual beast into it and then what?

Mei Chao Bing almost chuckled when he thought of that. Yun Bei Fen would be so distraught if anything happened to Xiao Hui but with how he usually behaved, this could indeed happen. Yes, he really shouldn’t think of handing him something like that. Not for the time being, at the least. In the future, when Yun Bei Fen had learned a bit more, he could revisit that thought. After all, Yun Bei Fen seemed to be making some progress.

Blue butterfly who was trailing behind gave him an odd look. Why was he looking so happy in the middle of the chasm? Don’t tell her he had been invaded by a vengeful spirit and was losing his marbles? Ah, then what should she do?

Before she could make up her mind, Mei Chao Bing turned serious again. Anyway, he also wanted to find out whether the magical box could be used or not and then return to the border region fast. Time was waiting for no one and now, they finally had a plan. He couldn’t tarry and put that plan at risk.

Soon enough, he spotted another vengeful spirit in front of him. He stopped in his tracks and narrowed his eyes, surveying his surroundings to check whether there was more than one. To be honest, he hoped that there were. It might be easier to contend with one of them but he wasn’t sure if the spiritual energy he used as a signal was absorbed by the magical box as well.

If it was, then he should reduce the number of times that he activated it. Otherwise, some of that precious space would be taken up by spiritual energy of the nascent soul level. That might not be too shabby in a regular fight but against his Master, it would really be useless. Rather than that, he’d prefer to fill the magical box up with as much energy from the chasm as possible. Not to mention that reducing the energy output of the chasm was the secondary goal of his visit here.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t spot any further spirits after looking around more. He hesitated and then rushed at the spirit, striking out with his sword. He bypassed it when it counterattacked and rushed further toward the end of the chasm. If he couldn’t find several of them together, then he’d have to drive them closer together so as to be able to make this work.

Blue butterfly’s eyes bulged when she saw him act like this. She wanted to call out and warn him not to get too cocky but with her being in the dreamscape, it was useless. In the end, she could only grit her teeth and stay close by, hoping that she’d be able to pull him out of there if anything really went wrong.

Well, blue butterfly might not have to worry. Mei Chao Bing only attacked a few more spirits before he found a spot that could be considered somewhat safer. He had made sure not to get surrounded so that by this time, all he had to do was to use his spiritual energy to activate the array. Lifting it up, the vengeful spirits that had been rushing toward him were all sucked in, not leaving even a single shred.

This time though, the array didn’t dull immediately after as if it was still trying to take in more energy. Mei Chao Bing furrowed his brows and stared ahead, unsure what was going on. Then, his expression changed into one of horror. Something full of energy he couldn’t see … wasn’t that blue butterfly’s dreamscape?!

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