OMF V10C58 No Inherent Need for Suspicion

The dragons exchanged a glance. In the end, it didn’t really matter whether they spoke directly to the king or to one of his advisers instead. Since they had managed to find Xiang Yong, it was better to talk to him directly instead of waiting.

The one to speak up was still Ru Shu. “In that case, we would gladly speak to adviser Xiang Yong. It is just …” She looked around uncomfortably before turning back to him with a tense expression. “Would it be alright to do so somewhere else? What I am about to say is a rather sensitive matter for the few of us.”

Xiang Yong glanced at the five people behind her. He had no idea what this might be about although the timing of their visit was rather curious. This shortly after the battle, he didn’t believe that there was no reason for that.

He gave a hum and then looked around, finally spotting An Bai in the distance. He raised his hand and waited for him to come over before motioning at the six people next to him. “These people came to deliver a message. Can you take over the command for now? Yi Zan should also be back in a moment.”

Yi Zan had arrived from the Nine Heavens earlier but he had first gone to see his family. Ai Hua was currently helping out with the wounded dragons in the city while Lei Jiang was among the soldiers bringing people back there. Seeing as Xiao Dong wasn’t an adult yet, he was with the other young dragons, still waiting until the city was declared safe again.

After making sure that the three of them were alright, Yi Zan would return to the battlefield to report to him, and then, he’d likely have to return to the Nine Heavens. If he wasn’t there at that time, it was best that An Bai knew.

An Bai nodded and glanced at the six people. His gaze couldn’t help but stop on the two in the very back. Even he couldn’t distinguish gods and dragons with complete confidence but especially after working with the gods and the half-bloods day in and day out recently, he had a much better grasp on it. Thus, the two people in the back really stood out to him.

He hesitated for a moment but finally couldn’t help but speak up. “The two of you are from the god race?” He faintly tilted his head, directly looking at them. He definitely hadn’t seen them before so they shouldn’t be among the people of the Court of Justice.

The two exchanged a glance and then nodded. “Yes, we … we are.” They weren’t sure what else to say and could only look at An Bai with some worry.

An Bai gave a hum but didn’t inquire further. He looked at Xiang Yong instead, waiting for him to make the next move.

Xiang Yong nodded and then motioned for the group to follow him further away from the battlefield. He didn’t enter the city. After all, he had no idea who they were or what kind of message they were supposed to bring. Thus, he felt like this was too much of a risk. Although he did have to say that two of them being related to the gods did make him relax his vigilance slightly.

Ru Shu and the others quietly followed him. When he stopped in front and turned around to them, his brows faintly raised, Ru Shu didn’t hesitate to speak up first. “I hope that adviser Xiang Yong will give me time to explain everything. We mean no harm.”

Xiang Yong motioned for her to go ahead, feeling somewhat puzzled. He hadn’t mentioned any suspicions so there had to be something about what she was going to say that should make him more vigilant.

Ru Shu nodded. “I was originally one of the spouses of demon king Jin Ling. I doubt I need to tell you but he went missing a few days ago. Then this morning, some demon named Yong Hai crowned himself king instead and declared war on the dragons again.”

Xiang Yong nodded with a solemn expression. He understood now why Ru Shu had seemed so tense before. Naturally, with the relationship between the three immortal races, nobody liked to see a dragon or god get married to a demon. If they admitted to having been in that position and their spouse even being the previous king, they would naturally meet with suspicion.

But then, for a dragon, how much choice was there really? There had always been cases of demons deliberately approaching dragons. When the latter fell in love, it was already too late. They could either damn themselves to a life of solitude or follow the demon. For many, the latter choice seemed easier even though they knew that they probably wouldn’t be treated well.

If you thought about it that way, somebody wasn’t necessarily up to no good just because their spouse was a demon. Not to mention that Jin Ling was dead and even his successor had already breathed his last. Xiang Yong really didn’t feel that he should get too worried yet.

Ru Shu heaved a faint sigh of relief when his expression hardly changed after this confession and her tone of voice eased while she said the rest. “Yong Hai killed several spouses of Jin Ling’s before he set off to fight. Later, we were suddenly called to the throne room and told that somebody else had taken over again. He had collected the bodies of those from the dragon and god race that were killed and told us to bring them here so they could be reunited with their families.”

At this, Xiang Yong finally raised his brows. After knowing their relationship to the demon realm, he had expected a lot. This had definitely not been among those things though. But then, the new demon king was Ye Yang and that guy clearly was very different from how they knew most demons so maybe he shouldn’t be as surprised.

Xiang Yong shook his head and sighed. “I guess we shouldn’t discuss this out here after all. Let me get An Bai. We’ll go to the palace instead.”

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