OMF V10C22 News from the Dragon Realm

News from the dragon realm didn’t need much longer to arrive. Even though informing Yi Zan and Qiang Wei wasn’t anyone’s first thought, it was still one of the important matters that needed to be taken care of after the battle.

Looking at Xiang Yong’s serious expression when they answered the transmission, Yi Zan and Qiang Wei had a bad feeling. They exchanged a glance and couldn’t help but gulp. “Is there bad news?”

Xiang Yong hesitated. “The battle is over. The casualties … less than expectant, to be honest. The problem is His Majesty.”

The other two closed their eyes and then conscientiously moved further away from the door. This was something the Son of Heaven better shouldn’t hear.

When they were sure that they were out of earshot, Qiang Wei spoke up again. “What exactly happened?”

“The new demon king somehow managed to grab Zhong Jing Yi, brought him to the battlefield, and killed him. His Majesty saw. He broke down, didn’t move at all for a while, and finally went off to kill whoever got in his way.

“Later, Yong Hai was killed as well and Ye Yang — that demon who was bothering An Bai before — took his place. He ordered the demons to retreat and they did. The reinforcements from the Nine Heavens arrived shortly after that. They helped us with the aftermath and left again just now so news will arrive in the Nine Heavens soon.”

Yi Zan and Qiang Wei exchanged another glance. “Then His Majesty …”

“Ran off somewhere. Leng Jin Yu followed directly and Fu Min and Fu Heng rushed after them as soon as everything here was over. So there is somebody to keep an eye on him but you also know that that doesn’t matter much if the actual issue is seeing Zhong Jing Yi die.”

Yi Zan and Qiang Wei nodded. Indeed, the demons were nothing much to worry about even if their king was on his own. His mental state thought … that was something even surveillance couldn’t change.

“An Bai and the others didn’t make any breakthroughs, did they?”

Xiang Yong shook his head. “Unfortunately not. Well, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. He would have given up his soul voluntarily in just a few days and everything could have gone back to normal. If that was the case, we wouldn’t have needed to worry.

“Now though? I honestly don’t know what to do. Currently, we’re just letting him take his revenge in the demon realm in the hope that it can stave off whatever other reaction he’ll have later on. It’s not perfect but the best we can do.”

Yi Zan furrowed his brows. “Surely, the new demon king won’t be happy with that?”

Xiang Yong sighed deeply. “I’d assume so. But then, he was there and saw everything happen. He actually fought with us so I think his attitude toward us might be better than expected. We’ll have to see if that continues now that he is sitting on the throne and especially if His Majesty continues with this behavior. I don’t see how we could stop it though.”

Qiang Wei looked from Xiang Yong to Yi Zan and back. “Well … what about His Highness? They’re the same person in a sense. If he sees him, maybe he’ll calm down?”

Xiang Yong shrugged his shoulders. “There is a chance but I’m afraid it’s slim. Don’t forget that having Zhong Jing Yi by his side did nothing after the assassination attempt on His Highness.

“It might be different the other way around considering that it was originally His Highness’ soul but I wouldn’t bet on it. Especially not since Zhong Jing Yi is really dead while His Highness was unharmed back then. The curse likely won’t distinguish.”

Qiang Wei sighed. “I guess that would have been too easy …”

Yi Zan gave a hum. “What should we tell His Highness though? He has asked about His Majesty and there was a certain danger so we mentioned the battle. Now that it is over …”

Xiang Yong hesitated and finally sighed again. “I’d say try to play for time. Don’t tell him anything yet. Not until we know more. It would also be best to inform the Heavenly Empress and the God of War. The Heavenly Emperor might be a problem though.”

Yi Zan and Qiang Wei felt a headache. Right. With His Highness awake, they’d have to bother about the Heavenly Emperor again. If he was aware of what was going on with their king, he definitely wouldn’t keep it silent just because they wanted him to. On the contrary, there was a chance he would use the opportunity to try and fracture the relationship between the two of them.

Xiang Yong gave them a sympathetic glance. “It’ll be hard on you. Just try your best for now. We’ll see what we can do about His Majesty and then get back to you. Maybe it’ll not be as bad as we thought.”

Yi Zan and Qiang Wei nodded even though they were doubtful. Finally, they cut the connection and looked at each other.

“I already told him about the battle earlier while you ran off.”

“Getting the Heavenly Empress was important though.”

Yi Zan raised his brows. “It sure was but it was also a lot less complicated. I’d say you should requite the favor now and tell him about the news.”

Qiang Wei winced. “Yi Zan, come on! You also know I’m no good at this kind of task. Just do it for me?”

Yi Zan shook his head though. “I’d let that count if Fu Heng asked me but not if it’s you. You just don’t want to.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest and turned away. He definitely wouldn’t let himself be talked into this.

Qiang Wei pursed his lips. “Alright, alright, I’ll do it. At least come with me though. If I don’t know what to say when he asks something, it’ll be better if you’re there as well. We can’t screw this up.”

Yi Zan clicked his tongue. Unfortunately, this was true. It seemed he could only become a part of this once again.

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