RMN C481 The Strongest Force

It didn’t take long to collect everything Mei Chao Bing was supposed to take along. Well, part of that was also because not everything had been finished.

Yan Hong Min who had been overseeing the process couldn’t help but grumble incessantly while he handed Mei Chao Bing the spatial bag that had been prepared. “It’s crazy how slow they all are. With some more competent help, I could have achieved a lot more!”

Mei Chao Bing nodded but refrained from commenting. Anyway, Yan Hong Min was familiar with his inventions but these disciples weren’t. They had learned what to do today and had simply followed those instructions. Usually, some trial and error was normal in such a case. The fact that they hadn’t ruined half the materials was already very good.

“No matter what, you did your best. And this alone will give us some advantage at least. Thank you very much, senior martial brother Yan. If we manage to wrest even the narrowest of wins, much of that will be due to your credit.”

Yan Hong Min straightened up. “Well, it’s good people are finally recognizing how important my work is!”

Zhang Guan Yu raised his brows. He had to admit that this was true but … was there a need to brag about it like this? Well, that wasn’t important right now.

He turned to Mei Chao Bing and patted his shoulder. “You’d better go then. Be careful on the way and don’t just rely on the idea that your Master still needs you. You can never know what they’re actually up to so take your own safety seriously.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded. “I will. Thank you, Sect Master.” He nodded at Yan Hong Min as well and then left the building.

Outside, he stopped for a moment, his gaze traveling to where the black warrior’s platform was located. He wondered if he should go there for blue butterfly to pick him up but he finally didn’t go there. It wouldn’t be good if somebody watched that.

Instead, he left the sect through the gate and then still flew on before finally stopping. Blue butterfly was supposed to pick him up. He wasn’t sure how she located people but there had to be some way to do it that wasn’t just looking around. Or, well, at least he hoped so.

He stood there, not moving for a long time. In case blue butterfly didn’t have an easy way to find him, he didn’t want to move too far away. He couldn’t help but wonder though what he should do if she didn’t get there anytime soon. He couldn’t wait forever, right?

In the end, he pushed the thought aside. Even though blue butterfly seemed like the least reliable of the four guardians, she was still a guardian. When it came to the war, she definitely wouldn’t slack off. He just needed to trust her that she would do what she had said she would.

Instead of worrying about that, he pondered what he should do with the magical box Yan Hong Min had given him. A strength great enough to defeat his Master with … where to find something like this?

The first thing he thought of was natural forces. Going to find an active volcano, a stormy ocean, or an icy desert would be a good way to find energy with high destructive energy. Throwing that at somebody unprepared … it could sure catch them off-guard and might even be able to defeat them. But then, he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea.

He couldn’t say what part of this might not work but something in him told him that he should tread carefully. Maybe this was simply his intuition that was warning him that he was about to misstep. If that was the case, he should take some more time to think it through. Anyway, with blue butterfly’s help, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get to such a place even if they decided at the last minute.

Even after twisting the issue this way and that, he still couldn’t come up with a good solution. He didn’t think that there was a way to generate more energy than the forces of nature could. Even if all of them came together and exhausted their spiritual energy, it wouldn’t have as much of an effect. Not to mention that such an approach would leave them vulnerable until the energy had been generated again. In a situation like theirs, it simply couldn’t be done.

Finally, blue butterfly stepped out of thin air in front of him, raising her brows. “Why are you out here?” Actually, she had thought he’d be in his room just like before. It was a coincidence she had seen him here.

Mei Chao Bing smiled faintly. “I didn’t think it would be good for us to be seen together so I left the sect grounds first.”

Blue butterfly gave a hum. “Not bad. Come on then. Also, let’s get Tong Chen.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded and closed his eyes, trying to reach the right state to be pulled into her dreamscape as possible.

Blue butterfly waited around, not bothering him to hurry up. Anyway, she knew from the others that that usually only made it worse. Finally, when she noticed that he had almost done it, she got ready, and then pulled him in.

Not waiting for him to say anything, she waved at him so she could go and get Tong Chen. Thankfully, the black warrior had already prepared so when they arrived, she directly pulled him in as well. “Alright, let’s go back to the border region then!”

Mei Chao Bing hastily cleared his throat. “That … senior blue butterfly, might I request that we get the white jade as well? There is an issue that might require his help.”

Blue butterfly looked at him in confusion but finally nodded. “Sure. Actually, let’s just get everyone. It’ll also be nice if we can all share our worries.” If she was given an excuse to meet up with the others like in the old times, she naturally wouldn’t think twice and just do it.

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