OMF V10C21 The Perfect Place to Rest

Jing He went to put down two arrays in the main room, letting the small beast try them out after he finished each one. Then, he returned to his bedroom to create one next to the bed as well. After all, the beast seemed to have been sleeping right next to him while he was on his trial. Most likely, it preferred staying with somebody rather than being alone. And to be honest, he would also like the company.

He looked around to find a suitable spot but then paused in his steps when he found some faint lines on the ground. He looked around and then crouched down, taking a closer look.

This … seemed to be part of an array? Jing He felt confused but he got back up and followed the lines, soon finding more of them all around his bed. He hadn’t noticed when he woke up and after that, he had been distracted by his mother’s visit and finally taking care of the little beast. Now though, he had the time to carefully look around so he naturally realized that there were several arrays layered around his bed.

He stepped back with a smile after he had scrutinized the last one and gently rubbed the beast’s head. “It seems Qiu Ling wasn’t satisfied leaving me with only your protection and that of his advisers. He even put down so many arrays.”

He lowered his gaze but inwardly, he felt pleased. He had been afraid that the trial might be too long and Qiu Ling’s feelings for him would fade when they didn’t see each other regularly. But now, it seemed that he had worried without reason. Clearly, he was still just as important to Qiu Ling as before.

Well, assuming that these arrays were recent, of course. He could have also put them down right after he left for his trial. But then, that didn’t seem likely. Qiu Ling had promised to guard him after all so he would have been here the whole time. What could a few arrays do that he wasn’t able to do himself?

Jing He gave a hum, telling himself that the arrays had likely been created when Qiu Ling had been called away for the battle in the dragon realm. With him gone, he should have been afraid that something would happen and only his advisers would not be able to keep him safe. That was just the type of person Qiu Ling was.

He rubbed the little beast’s head again and sighed. “I hope the battle will soon be over. I truly miss Qiu Ling. Even though I didn’t notice the passing of time while on my trial, just failing to see each other for a few hours makes my heart fill with longing for him.”

He lowered his head, burying it in the soft fur of the little beast. This kind of thing, he wouldn’t dare to tell another person. Not even Qiu Ling himself. But when it came to this little beast, he didn’t feel that there was any reason to hold those words back. While it might understand him, it wasn’t like it could go and tell somebody else, after all, right? Clearly, it wasn’t able to take on another form or it would have long done so.

Jing He took a deep breath before calming down and then raised his head. “Alright, let’s put one more array down so you’ll have a nice, warm spot everywhere in the palace. Where do you want it to be?”

The little beast really wasn’t concerned with Jing He’s feelings for Jing He but it was very interested in choosing the best spot to lie down. It looked here and there and finally pointed one paw at the bed.

Jing He looked over and gave a hum. “That might be difficult. I am also sleeping there, you know?”

The beast nodded. In fact, that was the point. The array would make the spot nice and warm and then it could drag the hair on top to make it soft to boot. It would be the perfect place to rest!”

Jing He thought for a moment and finally gave a hum. “I can’t just put an array on the bed or it’ll be too warm for me. But I might have an idea nonetheless.” He turned away and went to look in his cupboards, finally finding a large box. He looked from it to the beast and back again, finally nodding. “This should be alright for now.”

He went back to the bed, sat down on the edge, and then added the array at the bottom of the box.

The beast curiously watched him before looking up with a questioning gaze. This wasn’t how it had imagined things to go!

Jing He smiled, put down the box, and then went to find a piece of cloth. He carefully rubbed the little beast’s sooty paws, and then put it down on the bed. After that, he took off his white outer robe with the sleeves adorned with paw prints. “This is just for the time being while we can’t leave the palace. Later, we can find something more comfortable for you.” He folded up the robe and put it down in the box, gently patting the top. “Come on, give it a try.”

The beast looked at him with a puzzled gaze still but seeing that Jing He insisted, it climbed into the box. Then, it turned a few rounds and finally laid down. Well, not as nice as the hair but still alright. It could do with this for a while.

Jing He smiled and then went to his wardrobe. “It’s good if you like it. Now, I should put on something else. Who knows when the battle ends? After that, Qiu Ling will certainly return here. At that time, I have to look put together.” In fact, he would have loved to take a bath before but it wouldn’t do for him to look like he was enjoying himself while his fiance was fighting in battle. No, that would have to wait a while.

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